January 31, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

I have failed. I did not get to work on the vlog yesterday. I had to go to church, and then I had to go to bed.

I really am questioning my ability to do anything at all on a schedule. I really stink at it. I end up doing things really early or really late. And right now, I really don't feel like doing anything productive.

I have procrastinated all week about my Economics homework. I have no clue why, but if I don't get it done before wednesday, or at least half way done, I really don't feel like doing it. So, I am only abouyt 1/4 of the way through, as of this morning, and the assignment is due on Monday. I really hate homework. And I really really have a bad case of senioritis.

I brought my SMASH book to school today and glued some random stuff in it this morning. Just stuff I found in the pockets of my letterman jacket, like lists, bookmarks, whatever. I feel like when its done, it will be nothing but a book of junk. But, that is okay, because it will be something nice to look back on in order to remember my senior year. I think I will get people to sign it as if it were a yearbook. I won't have an official yearbook for my senior year until the beginning of next year, and some people won't be here to sign it. I figure the SMASH book is close enough.

I just took thirty minutes to type out an extra credit essay for Sociology. I really just sat down and did it, then turned it in. No second guesses, no extra revision. I. Just. Did. It. I made an 80 on the test, and this was a chance at up to 20 points to bring it up. I figure I'll at least get 10 or so. Thats fine with me. I just want to give myself a little extra cushioning on my grades.

I did not get to have coffee this morning, and I now have an excruciating headache. Well, not that bad, but it does hurt a little. I just want to go to lunch, because I am starving.

I am really not sure that I want to read this Stephen King novel. It seems good, but I have had it for several days and I haven't gotten but maybe 30 pages into it. I wish I had another John Green book. Or something like it.

Oh, and I have officially changed locations for my third period class. I am now officially in the library every day during this time. I don't have to go to a classroom anymore, and there is a substitute teacher to watch over students. I think its dumb. I liked my cozy little dark room with all of the computers and only a few people. But, at least I now have easy access to check out books, even if it will take the sub a while to figure out how to work the machine to check them out.

I really just want it to be the summer so I can wear shorts and a tank top all the time and dye my hair red and work on all kinds of videos with my new camera. I really want these things to happen. I also cannot wait to get a new camera. I hope to get a DSLR one, so I can adjust the focus when needed.

Well, I'm off to google different DSLR cameras. DTFBA!

Elizabeth W.

January 30, 2013

Getting Things Straightened Out

Yesterday I got my transcripts and scholarship applications sent off, which is good. They should arrive at their destinations by tomorrow. This is good, because it will be right on time. I also had a relative that was admitted in to the hospital. Please be in prayer for her and the rest of my family.

This morning I taught a lesson in FCA over the fact that God is the greatest artist. It really is an amazing thing to think about, especially being an artist of sorts. God made me and all of creation and he loves me more than is fathomable and even though I am imperfect, I am perfect and Christ has a plan for my life.

Yesterday during drama practice, I sat out in the audience and took notes while the other people performed. While doing so, I also wrote down lists of things that I was worried about, things I needed to do, and things that I had thought about doing but hadn't done yet. I don't know why, but lists help me keep track of my life.

One of the listed items was earning money on my blog and youtube accounts via ads. I know that if I do this, it won't start until this summer, when I officially turn 18, but it is still something that I need to think about. I could earn a teensy bit of money, collect it via paypal, then use it for various little things that I purchase over the internet. I can't really get a job, and I'm kinda forbidden since my parents want me to focus on academics, but I think it might help me out a little.

I want to ask you, the audience, what you think. I have never talked to anyone that has used ads and made money. My mom thinks its just a waste of time. I think it might be worth something in the long run though. If you have been successful at making money via ads, PLEASE leave a comment telling me how it worked out for you. I really do not know anyone to talk to about this, so I am relying on you.

Another item on the list was a vlog/blog schedule. Right now, I blog every day and vlog about once every two weeks or so. I want to remedy this problem. Also, when the summer comes I will have less time to blog but more time to vlog. (I know, its complicated) Then, when I go to college, I want to have certain days for certain things so that I keep track well and I can also do a back-and-forth vlog with my brother. (Speaking of which, I think that he might agree to it, since he is a kind-of nerdfighter himself. He is not as deticated as I am, but he is still a nerdfighter.)

So, I was thinking that I could do blogs every day for right now, and vlogs on wednesdays and other vides stuff on saturdays. Saturdays and wednesdays are my off days right now. Then, in the summer I could do vlogs on wednesdays, and blogs on fridays and mondays. I think then I'll have plenty of time to plan for stuff and still keep up ye olde blog and spend other days just doing other stuff and my other video stuff. I really think it could work.

So, if I don't have too much homework I will edit and post a vlog tonight. If not, then on saturday. I am really scared to be telling you this, because according to Meekakitty (yes, I am a fan of her too) if you tell someone that you will do something, you are less likely to do it, since you get the satisfaction that you need from just telling other people. I hope that isn't the case here.

I have started making a list of possible future vlog topics too. Many times I just turn on the camera and say whatever pops into my head, whether it is relevant or not. This really makes for some crappy vlogs, in my opinion. So, I think that planning them out will help me. If you have any vlog ideas, you can leave them in the comments also. Contrary to possible belief, I actually do read all comments on the blog and on youtube. And I try to respond to most of them.

Well, I have run out of things to say and I still have to google stuff and then read a chapter in my economics book before the test next period, so... DFTBA!

Elizabeth W.

January 29, 2013

Happy Post Of The Day!

Okay, so I woke up this morning to one of my friends posting on facebook that he is going to prom as the 11th doctor, complete with bowtie and fez. He isn't my date, but I am now ten times more excited about prom, nonetheless.

I am posting this from my fifth period class, since I don't feel like reading a book right now. I am trying to type quiety so that I will not draw attention to myself. I have already finished the assignment. Actually, I finished it yesterday. I just don't want to get in trouble for being on the internet or whatever.

Today I have to go to the post office immediately after school. I have to mail off a scholarship application along with some transcripts. I hope my mom doesn't make me drive to town. It will be really hectic due to traffic, not to mention I have never driven in town before.

I am significantly more relaxed today since I know that the transcripts and stuff will be taken care of. I am also very tired  since I stayed up late last night working on stuff and I drove to school this morning and didn't get to drink all of my coffee.

I hope to get to edit my vlogs and stuff on wednesday and get them uploaded. It is hard for me to make more vlogs without uploading the others first, because then the others become useless and outdated.

There is a chance that I might get a new camera for graduation. I hope so. I was told to basically look up which one I want. The thing is, I don't know which one I want. I would love a DSLR camera. Something with a good FPS would be nice. Then I could do some of the slow-motion things that I have planned but haven't gotten to film yet.

I checked out a new book from the library yesterday, "Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King. I have never read any of his books, but I figured this one looked good. I hope it is. If not, I will have to return in and find something more interesting.

I really want to read John Green's other books. An Abundance of Katherines. The Fault in Our Stars. The problem is my lack of money and ability to go to a book store, and the school library's lack of more interesting and more recently published books. My friend's older brother has all of the books, and she said she would ask him to bring them back from college so we could read them. But who knows how long that will take. Dah-vEEd, if you are reading this, which I doubt you are, you should somehow get all of your John Green books to Ellen ASAP and then tell her to give one to me to read.

I loved Paper Towns, I just felt that the ending was a bit of a let down. The person who seemed to matter most really didn't matter that much in the scheme of things. People part ways and it just bothers me that the ending is so sad and realistic. Then, so is life.

But the best thing about Paper Towns is that it makes me want to do something that will keep me memorable, even when I leave my town. I have already made some legacy with the blog and YouTube, but I still feel like I could do more. And I really have the need to do it before I leave high school, and to do it with my friends. Like, pull an all nighter doing things like Quentin and Margo did. Not mean things like revenge, but fun random things like going to the mall dressed in random costumes and spending a night in the woods in a treehouse and stuff that we will never get a chance to do again.

If you have any idea of things like this that I could do with my friends or a story of your own, leave it in the comments.

Elizabeth W.


The time when we are closest to God is when we are broken.
When we have give up all other hope
Exhausted all resources
Lost our way
When the world has broken our hearts
Taken away what we love
Left us with nothing but scars
Piled too much on our shoulders
We are closest to God in those moments when
We cry out to him
"Lord, save me!"
We recognize that these hurts

These trials
This flesh
Is only temporary
Can be healed
By none other than God.
He takes the mess that is our lives
The broken pieces of our hearts
And mends them
Heals them
Saves them.
When life has just been going on too long
And we feel like we just can't make it any further
He carries us
Until we can walk.

Today is a very sad day. Today there is a funeral for a person that God has taken to live in his kindgom, even though it seems to early through the eyes of man. A two month old child has gone to live with her father in heaven, while her earthly parents are left to grieve and their friends attempt to console them at the funeral.

Many people that I know have gone through similar things. It is hard to lose a child no matter what age they are. It always seems too early. But the important thing to think about is that you will get to see them again someday. And when the days feel like they weigh you down too much, the best thing is just to cry out to Jesus, the healer and comforter.

I know that the couple will have a hard time. I have not lost a child, but I lost my uncle when I was a child. Very few days go by without the thought that he is up in heaven, watching over me, but he seems so far away. I know that the pain is real and no one will ever seem to know exactly how it feels. But God knows. And he can help you through.

Crystal and Dylan, I know that God has great plans for you and that everything happens for a reason. I know that the pain is great now, and that it always will be. But life can't be lived only for the past. Ecclesiastes 3:4 states, there is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. I know that it may seem hopeless right now, but I guarantee that there is a bright future for you two. Though the sorrows may last for the night, the joy comes with the morning. I hope that you two keep going and rely on the Lord to help you through.

As to anyone else who might be going through something similar, I give you the same advice and push you to keep going, no matter how hard it gets. When you find yourself face down on the floor cryiing out, the Lord will be there to pick you up and hold you until the storm passes, or at least slows to a drizzle.

Anyone else, I encourage you to keep these people in your prayers and I will post something more joyful tomorrow. Have a beautiful day, and DFTBA.

Elizabeth W.

January 28, 2013


Once the next few days are over, I will be glad. Heck, once January is over I will be glad.

So, today (actually, in a few minutes) I have to go talk to the counselor, who was not at school on friday but should be here today, and hopefully pick up my transcripts. If I can't get to her this period, I have to wait until lunch, which will no doubt be very bad and I probably won't find her.

As far as my college classes, I took a test yesterday and made an 80, even with only about 10 minutes of studying. I am working on getting my group together and I hope to be able to have a 4 way online chat/webcam thingy. I found this site that lets you have such a conference for free, I just hope the other people have webcams. I don't want to be the only one.

I have a test in spanish today which I probably won't study much for, but I will probably make a 90 or so nonetheless. Then, I have a composition rough draft due tomorrow.

Sometimes when I blog during this class, I wonder if the teacher ever questions what I am doing. I type a lot and very fast, so I think he might be confused sometimes, though he has never questioned me.

I have to get some college stuff done soon. I have to finish sending off stuff to complete applications and whatnot, hence the transcripts and the trip to the devil's office. I need to do so like, today.

I have to finish picking out pictures for my senior page, so I have to do that when I get home.

I also have drama practice every day this week but wednesday and saturday.

I can't wait until things slow down again. Oh, and there is another vlog and music video coming. I already filmed it, I just have to edit it. Don't forget to be awesome!

Elizabeth W.

Okay, I went to the counselor's office. I got the transcripts. But, I have to go back at lunch to see the counselor. Apparently they've been "swamped". Hmmm... Maybe because they're NEVER HERE?!?!?!?!?!? So, I have to go back at lunch and hope that she is in the office. Many times, she is not. If I can't find her then, I 'll have to stay after school, which is something that I dread. WHY!!!!!????

Elizabeth W.

January 26, 2013


January 25, 2013

If I could skip the next 45 minutes of my life... Wait, the next two hours...

I am really dreading what I am about to go do.

I am going to talk to the counselor.


Okay, so I really shouldn't be that worried, but I really hate confrontation. I hate talking to people who have authority over me. And I really don't care for the counselor lady anyway, since she has been nothing but mean toward me ever since I've known her and she is the least helpful person that I know, even though she should be the most helpful.

I have to go to her office and request 3 official transcripts (that is a really large number in my opinion) and get her to sign a scholarship application. WAIT! I just checked and realized that I really need 4 transcripts. I think I can just fill out a form to request trandscripts, but I have to actually talk to her to get the scholarship form signed. Ugh. I'm about to go. Wish me luck. Hopefully she doesn't eat me.

Elizabeth W.


Okay, I just got back. I was down there less than 5 minutes. I requested the transcripts. That was the easy part. But the actual counselor wasn't there. Only her secretary. That means I have to go back in there during lunch to see if I can get the form signed. Maybe they'll have the transcripts ready by then.

I'm scared that they won't have them ready in time though. The person who had requested transcripts before me requested them yesterday and they hadn't been marked off the list yet. Hopefully the secretary can get on the ball and get them done by the end of today. I would love to have all of this scholarship stuff and college complications taken care of before the end of January.

I got new glasses yesterday. They were some that I had ordered online, and they arrived yesterday. All I can say is that if you want to get glasses for cheap, online is the way to go. I'm still not completely adjusted to them though. Occasionally, I get dizzy or my vision seems skewwed. I think that should go away within a day or two though. It scares me when I am walking up and down stairs though, because I feel like I might fall down.

If I can get all of my homework done, I might do a Vlog this weekend. Or maybe a music video. I am really in the mood for a music video. I haven't done one in a while. I will be babysitting my little brothers on saturday, so I might make a video with them. They have never been in any of my music videos that I have uploaded to youtube.

I think I may do both. I just need to find a program to edit with. I want to use PowerDirector again, but I don't have the money :(. 

Oh, and I found out the other day that there is a tardis emoticon for on facebook and stuff.


I wonder if it works here. Probably not. Whatever.

Love (again),
Elizabeth W.

January 24, 2013

Paper Towns

This morning, after three trips to the school library, I checked out the book "Paper Towns" by JOHN GREEN! I started reading it in seond period, so I am only on page 21, but I already love it. It is written really well and the plot is interesting and I cannot predict what will happen next.

My friend, Ellen, said that this was a really good book to read before "going away" from a place you have been your whole life to a new place. In that case, I really should technically be reading it this summer or in the last month or so of school, but this is close enough. I can see to some extent why, since the book starts off with the main character being a senior in high school and talking about prom and stuff. But, other than that, I am still unsure why.

I think that John Green, and Hank too for that matter, are really cool people. There are some things that they say and do that I don't particularly agree with, but you will find that with most any person. They are very civilized in their speaking and thinking, and they are very creative and nerdy. How else would they have thought to communicate with eachother via YouTube.

Speaking of which, I uploaded another YouTube video last night, and while I was editing it I discovered that yesterday was the last day of my PowerDirector free trial. BOOO! This means that I have to find a new editing software, hopefully one that is free. I downloaded a free trial of Sony Vegas, but the whole setup confuses me. It seems to complicated, at least for right now.

BOOM! Idea! When I have coffee, I talk and type very fast, and I can think faster too, or at least that is what it seems like. So, in order to have my vlogs be more fast paced and talk more fluently like the Green brothers (wow that sounds like they are brothers that painted themselves green), though I am not sure that fluently is the right word, I will simply drink coffee right before I vlog. PROBLEM  SOLVED!

Anyway, I hope to someday have a channel that I share with my brothers in order to communicate in the same manner as John and Hank. Hank and John. Ehh. Whatever. The thing is, I  would love to start this when I go off to college, but I do not know if my oldest younger brother (that will always sound weird, won't it), James, will be willing to do so. He does do some YouTube stuff (he is part of a group-owned channel called "Classy Sauce", so feel free to look him up), but I don't know how great he will be at vlogging and/or editing videos.

I could do it with my youngest brother, John, but he is currently too young to operate a camera and/or computer by himself. I could have them both do it, but I don't know how well that will work. I know that there will be some Skyping (it has just occured to me how strange it is that 'skyping' is now a verb) going on, especially when James needs help with his math homework. I really hope that he agrees to do a vlog-style communication thingy with me.

Oh, and I have tried to start planning out what I will do in my 365nerds nerdfigghter video on my birthday, but I really have no clue. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment with them or message me on facebook, youtube, google plus, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, whatever.

Yesterday when I was uploading the video to YouTube, a thing popped up that asked me if I wanted my channel name to be changed to my google+ name. I didn't see any harm in it and I was really annoyed that it kept popping up, so I said yes. Now I have no clue how to get to my inbox for youtube or anything like that. STUPID GOOGLE! Actually, google is very smart, but the things that they do with youtube really annoys me.

Elizabeth W.

January 23, 2013

Its RED and GOLD! And PURPLE too...

I have did not post yesterday, for I was away from the computer. I apologize, but I assume that you have something else to occupy your time, even if I don't post on the blog.

Today, in drama class, I got to lead part of daily warm-ups. It was a type of "I say it, you repeat it" thing. Its called "Princess Pat". Apparently, it is something done in girlscouts a lot. I wouldn't know. I was never in girlscouts. But my friends informed me of this, for they were in girlscouts.

Anyway, it involves a lot of jumping around an yelling and it is really fun. I might someday post a video of it for you all to see, but you can easily look it up on youtube, for that is where our class learned it from.

O, the Princess Pat
She lived in a tree
She sailed across
The seven seas!
She sailed across
The channel too!
She brought with her
Now what is that?
It's something made
By the Princess Pat!
Its red and gold!
And purple too...
Thats why its called
Now Captain Jack
Had a mighty fine crew.
He sailed across
The channel too!
But his ship sank
And yours will too,
If you don't bring
Now what is that?

It's something made
By the Princess Pat!
Its red and gold!
And purple too...
Thats why its called

The thing is, when we say "and purple too", we say it quietly, and in a way that makes you think that purple is a code word or an inuendo of some sort. It is rather fun an hilarious and I hope to be able to lead it again soon.

Today is Wednesday, which means that I do NOT have one act practice today, and I may go home like a normal person and do things that I want to do and need to do. Like, wash dishes (GRRRRR) and work on economics homework and check my e-mail and work on dual credit work(grrr) and work on youtube videos that I have not gotten the chance to edit yet. I really no longer have any time for fun things except on saturdays and wednesdays. But even then I have things that interrupt me and waste my time.

By the end of the week, I should get my new glasses and my meekakitty and mindgeek bracelets in the mail. I am excited about this. I have waited more than a month for the bracelets and almost two weeks for the glasses. I really really want the glasses to arrive because they are my doctor who-ish glasses. Like the ones that David Tennant wears.

I really hate not being able to do youtube stuff like I normally do. I want so badly to just sit down and film and edit and whatever. But I never have the time. And my camera is dead so I have to use my mom's. And I think my free trial of powerdirector is almost over. And Doctor Who is distracting. And I have to do chores. And teachers think that I need homework. And my sociology teacher hates highschool students, AKA ME.

But its red and gold... And purple too.

I think I might incorporate that into an actual song or video someday. I just like the way that it is random and fun.

Elizabeth W.

January 21, 2013

Les Miserables

So, this weekend I watched Les Miserables, the 25th anniversary version with Nick Jonas, all the way through. The plot was so sad, and I felt like it ended really abrupty. Practically everybody dies. Everyone but Marius and Cosette, and Marius came close to dying. I find it weird that Marius and Cosette play rather minor roles compared to Jean Valjean and Javert, but they are the ones who survive the whole tragedy. Either way, I look foreward to seeing the movie version sometime, even if I have to wait until its on DVD, though I really want to see it in the theaters.

I really don't have much to talk about.

Second period, in aquatic science, we got to make fish out of play-doh in order to learn about fish morphology. We did a little bit of learning, but mainly we talked and played with play-doh. I taught everyone that a few drops of water can help bring play-doh that is drying out back to its original consistency. I thought everybody knew that.

All weekend I was distracted by the thought of a certian boy. I got to see and talk to him today, and I cannot wait until fifth period so that I can see him again. I really enjoy spending time with him, but I only have two classes with him. I can see him before and after school though.

I started writing another children's book. This one is more of a fairytale. There is an actual plot and whatnot, but I don't think it is very fantastic. I just felt like doing something yesterday, so that is what I did.

This weekend, I made a TARDIS locker cover. The only problem is that I made is out of posterboard and when I put it on my locker, it was about six inches too short. I guess I'll just have to find something to stick on the bottom. It still looks cool and makes my locker different than everyone else's.

Elizabeth W.

January 18, 2013

Off Balance

Something has happened to throw my life off balance. I'm not sure what it is.

I'm reading more than I have in a while. I drink coffee more often. I do more thinking than ever before. I have a crush on a boy for the first time in ages. I think that is part of it. I cannot get the work done that I plan to get done. Everything keeps getting put off. I have little or no time to myself. I have begun drawing and doodleing again. I visited the library two seperate times yesterday and checked out a book, something that I rarely do. I'm being a lot more talkative. I'm getting things done that I though to do years ago, butnot the things to do right now.

This is just wierd. My life has simply gone all topsy turvy. Maybe I'm just going crazy. Maybe I'm in love. I really don't know anymore.

Oh, and the internet at the school is being crappy and frustrating, so I am sorry that this post is short.

Oh, and right now I am reading another fantastic book:

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Elizabeth W.

January 17, 2013

Another Delicious Book

Sorry that I didn't post  yesterday. The school's computers were being stupid and wouldn't let me get on blogger for some reason. But I did get on Tumblr when I go home, and I'm slowly figuring out how it works...

Anyway, right now I am addicted to a book. I have had it for a while, but never read it. It was in a box of books donated to the school. It was in the wrong age range, along with a bunch of others, so I got to take it. Its called "Tithe" and the author is Holly Black.

I was really unsure about it at first. I just really wanted something to read, so I picked it off my shelf. The first few chapters are really boring. However, once you get past that, you can't set the book down. Its about a girl who is a "modern nomad", as stated by the back cover. She has these friends that are fairies, and then she finds out that she is one and it leads to a really complicated adventure mixed with several love stories and a bunch of odd characters throw in the mix.

I am on page 209, and I see myself finishing it by the end of tomorrow. I think it would probably make a great movie, but it would require a lot of special effects. Apparently it is the first book of a series, so I plan on getting the other two books as soon as I can. There is a little cussing and some inuendos, so I don't reccomend this for a young child. I would say anyone from ages 13 and up would really enjoy the book. It is an easy read, and really interesting.

I really have nothing else to talk about right now.

I have some "forbidden knowledge". I overheard a conversation and found out some stuff. But it was second-hand and some of the information I had to draw conclusions in order to guestimate what it means. Still, no one else knows about the fact that I know, so I feel special.

But knowing this almost-fact makes me curious about some things and makes me anxious about others. Grf.

I am really hungry right now though, and there is a whole hour almost until lunch.

I didn't have drama practice yesterday, so I was excited about going home and doing stuff that I wanted to do. Then, my dad had a bunch of papers to grade. A BUNCH. So, I worked for an hour and a half to finish all of my economics homework for the week and work a little more on some scholarship applications. Then, I went and helped him grade papers. I am a really fast grader becauseI memorize most of the rubric, and within 30 miniutes the gradin was finished. We got home a little after 6:00, so I only had time to watch one episode of doctor who, do the dishes, eat, and check my e-mail before taking a shower and going to bed. And I have drama practice for two hours today and four hours tomorrow. But I get saturday off.

It is really hard for me to blog today because of the fact that this book is so good. I start a paragraph, then after I finish it, I sit and read a few more pages. This book is so delicious. Wait. Can you say that about a book? It is so delicious to read? Well, it makes sense in my head. Whatever.


Elizabeth W.

January 15, 2013

F is for Frustration... and Fish.

I am sooooo frustrated right now. How hard could it be to find a decent picture of myself via the internet? I need to post to my college course, but the professor says I need to post a recent photo of myself. Well, if I weren't posting from a school computer, that would be easy.

School computers are not only dinosaurs, but they have restricted internet access. Therefore, I cannot get on facebook or instagram to retrieve a picture of myself. I would have done this yesterday at home, but I was only home for an hour before I had to go to drama practice and I didn't have time to do anything once I got back. I have figured out that if I search "lizardbreathwalker" on google, I can find tons of pictures from my instagram and the videos I have posted and my blog and stuff. However, I cannot find a certain picture of myself that I am looking for. I posted it on instagram a while back, and I think it is probably the most recent and most decent picture I have of myself. So... I have to wait until after drama practice today to do any work on my college stuff.

I am in aquatic science this year (yep, I'm being a lazy senior) and our class just recently ogt fish for our aquarium. They're little blue gouramis or something like that. They're rather distracting and interesting to watch. I am really interested in fish right now because I found out that I can have a fish as a pet when I go to college, which is totally going to happen. I'm not sure what type I want though. Definately not a beta fish. I hate those things. Maybe just a goldfish or something.

I really want to put more lifescouts badges up, but I can't understand how to re-blog things on tumblr and I can't upload images from the school computer for some reason. I want to find new badges thtat I have stories about too, but only one new one is posted per day. I think I might make it a competition with my brother. I'll have to wait until there are more badges though. Otherwise, he'll just declare it stupid and declare me stupid for participating.

Oh, I think I just figured out a way to upload through Picasa web albums. WHOoO!!!

There are some badges that I plan on being able to get within the next six months or so. Like, I'm supposed to go to an art museum sometime soon (Mona Lisa Badge) and I will be getting my drivers liscense this summer or something (Driving Badge). I'm wondering if I can put the guitar badge up since I know how to play the ukulele. It is basically a mini guitar. And I tried to learn to play the guitar once. There are no official rules or anything, so I guess I could.

WELL, I'm really hungry and I want to go look at the lifescouts stuff, so BYE!

Elizabeth W.

January 14, 2013

Life Scouts and Sociology

So, before I forget, I want to inform all of you that I now have a tumblr. I really didn't plan on having a tumblr at any point in time, but yesterday I was on Youtube, watching one of Alex Day's videos. He started this thing called "Life Scouts". Basically, it is a bunch of badges that you can collect when you do something significant that relates to it. Then, you re-blog the badges on your tumblr with a description of what exactly happened. Then, if you want, you can actually order physical versions of the badges online that you can have in real life to show others. Its like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, but there are less rules and qualifications, and you can be any age. I just feel like it will get me to be unafraid to do things. And, when I do things like that, I can have something as a reward for it. Like if they made a rollercoaster badge, I might actually go out and ride a rollercoaster. Anyway, the badges are on tumblr at lifescouts.com. Then, you can buy the actual badges at another website that I cannot remember now. My tumblr, which I may or may not ever get on is lizardbreathwalker.tumblr.com.

I think that I may begin posting my lifescouts badges here also. A new badge comes out every day, so I hope to get one posted soon. I'll probably put it on tumblr, and maybe on the blog. I'm actually kind of excited about this. I think it would be cool if he would let people submit badge ideas. That way there could be a badge for each instrument you play, instead of just the guitar badge. Or there could be a badge for being in a play, and it could have drama masks on it. There could be a badge for being in or making a movie and it could have a camera or a clapboard on it. I might take and have a count of how many badges I have on my Youtube channel or on here or something.

I think I'll probably mention the lifebadges in my 365 nerds video. If you haven't heard already, a group of Nerdfighters are starting this 365 Nerd project where 365 nerds will all post vlogs, on on each day of the year for 2013. I signed up and so did several of my friends. There are still some spots open, just search them on facebook or youtube to get links to the project. My video will be posted on the 29th of July, AKA my birthday. I've already started planning what I will do, but it is still some ways away.

My online sociology class started today, and I am super scared about it. The instructor seems very strict and serious, and on our introductory discussion post, we have to have a picture of ourselves, which seems rather wierd. I'm not sure that I want all of these random college people knowing what I look like... There is also supposed to be a group project and stuff, which I am scared about also, since the only means of communication is over the internet. And, when people do group projects, there are generally a few people who sit there and don't do anything while the others (like me) pick up the slack. Grrrr...

I have been working on several scholarship applications lately, and procrastinating about writing the essays for them, but I sat down and wrote like three of them this morning (100 word essays) and I feel pretty confident that they will work. I will probably get my mom (a reading teacher) to look at them before putting my official stamp of approval on them, but I'm glad that I am almost finished with the applications.

I did film a vlog this weekend as promised, but I appologize for not uploading it. I was lazy and didn't start editing it until last night. I will probably put it up sometime this week or maybe this weekend. I have drama practice almost every day, along with Economics homework and other stuff, so video making is at the bottom of the priorities list.

Well, goodbye for today. I'm going to go try to get on tumblr from the school's computer, which probably won't work.

Elizabeth W.

January 11, 2013

Random Facts About Me

So... I had this idea yesterday that I would make this blog post about random things that not many people know about me. None of them are super embarrassing. They might have been at one time, but I have since come to accept them as a part of who I am. I don't know why I'm doing this, I just felt like it would be an interesting idea. So... Here we go!

1. I am socially awkward and really quiet, unless I know you really well.
This makes me kind of scared. I was always a very quiet and shy child, but I am not as bad as I once was. Things like Drama and Choir have helped me to some extent. It scares me because I am striving to become someone that is well known and that you would recognize on the street. I just don't know how I will deal with meeting people, since I am really terrible at making conversation. I also am a very good listener, and listen even when I shouldn't so I have the tendency to randomly contribute bits to conversations that I am not a part of. Sometimes I don't even think about how wierd it must be for other people when I butt in. If I know you really well or have an interest in talking about something we have in common, I probably will be able to talk to you a little better. If I was sent on an errand or dread what our conversation might lead to, don't expect me to say much and don't expect me to be very loud. This is why I hate talking to school officials and such.

2. I don't know how to read time very well.
Seriously. I feel like such a dunce when it comes to this. It is like the fact that genius and retardation are so close to eachother on the smartness scale. I literally have come to dread reading time off of a normal clock. All of the clocks in my house are digital and I tend to buy watches that are digital. I never ask people what time it is, I just ask them how much time until whatever event I am concerned about. "How much time of lunch do we have left?" I use that one all the time. I just never got the hang of reading clocks when I was a child because we never went over it much when I was in school. I remember having maybe two lessons about it. So whenever I absolutely have to read a clock, I have to go through the mental process of "the big hand is the... minute hand because the word minute is longer than hour... It is in between these two numbers so this is the hour... The minute is this because... five, ten, fifteen, twenty... So the time all together is this!" When I used to wear a normal watch, people would ask me what time it was and I would just show them my wrist because otherwise it would take me at least 45 seconds, if not longer to figure it out and tell them. Okay, that was a little embarassing.

3. I don't go to libraries but I read a crazy amount of books.
This started a couple years ago because I turned a book in to the library drop box on the day it was due. Then, nobody checked the drop box for a couple of days, so I got charged a late fee of like 50 cents. I was outraged because I had technically turned it in on time, they were just lazy. So, I stopped checking books out from libraries. I simply buy the books or ask for them for my birthday or christmas. If I know someone has a copy of the book, I will just borrow it from them. I refused to do the same thing again and be charged another late fee. Not to mention, I never know what book to look  for in a library so half the time I check out a book and only get a few chapters into it before realizing it was rubbish or I had read it before and was just wasting my time. At our school we have to go to the library on our own time too, so I have to sacrifice my precious lunch time to go. We only have 30 minutes for lunch, so its not worth it.

4. I live in the corner of the living room in my house.
We have a really small house right now, and there is only one bedroom. My living area is a corner of the living room. I have my bed, which is exactly in the corner. Then I have a shelf with my books and various tube where I keep things that I don't use everyday. Then I have posters and memorobilia covering the two wall sections around me. This is where I keep basically every thing of mine except for clothing. Therefore, in my house there is no "Go to your room" because I lack a room. I'm actually kind of lucky though, because I will be used to living in a cramped space when I go to college, and the dorm I plan to be in is actually bigger than my current living space and the sleeping/personal space has a door that seperates you from the rest of the living area. Whoooo college!

5. I am the jack of all trades when it comes to crafts.
I have been a craft fanatic since I was a small child. I have always loved to paint and draw and color and make things. I started scrapbooking when I was about ten. I have been making things from clay since I was in kindergarten. I know how to make my own paper, not that I do, but I know how. I know some origami. I got into ducttape creating about a year ago, so I have quite a duct tape collection. I know how to sew something with or without a pattern and make it work. I can make my own jewelry, and have sold it on occasion. I modify my own t-shirts. I can screen print shirts and such. I watercolor paint cartoons and other artsy stuff. I made a paper mache piggy bank once, but someone fell on it and it caved in. I learn new stuff all the time, so there really is nothing I can't do.

6. I am and have always been (mostly) an A student.
It was never something that was forced or anything, it just happened. I started school making good grades and I held myself to a high standard of keeping those grades high. My parents never really punished me if I made a B or anything, I just felt like I had failed and tried to do better. I have never failed a class and I don't plan to. For me, a B feels like being mediocre and a C feels like failing. This might change when I go to college, but not much.

7. I am a speed reader.
I read books and things really fast. I can read a page in a minute that would take a normal person five minutes or more. I just can gather in the information really quickly. If the text is something that I really don't care about, the meaning seems to slip away rather quickly, or I might have to read it multiple times to fully absorb it. But, if its a novel that I am reading or an interesting story, I can read it and retain the information really fast.

Well, that is about all I can think of for right now. I might do this again later when I think of more things to say that are interesting. Oh, and I plan on making a video this weekend if I get the chance. Hopefully I get the chance.

K. Love ya. Bye.

Elizabeth W.

January 10, 2013

Strange Happenings

So... Today has been kind of strange so far, and will most likely continue to be strange.

In first period I had to ask my teacher to write a reccomendation letter for a scholarship application. I've never done that before. I didn't know if there was a proper way or if you just ask. But, I just asked and she said okay. I just said I needed it by sometime next week or so. I didn't want to be forceful or make her rush. I have to do the same in seventh period.

When I got into third period (the period I am currently in as I am typing this) I sat down at my computer and it felt different. The keyboard and the mouse are the same. The computer monitor and CPU seem to be the same ones. But it is almost as if it has been reset. The internet icon was missing from the desktop. The background was different. The internet history was cleared. There are no documents. It was perfectly normal yesterday, but today everything is wonky. Our tech ladies (AKA: "The Sisters") probably came in and did something to it. *Involuntary Shivering*

I will leave school early today. My mom is supposed to pick me up around 3 or so in order to take me to an optometrist appointment. I am going to get my eyes checked and then possibly go to get new glasses if there is time. I hope there is time. I want new glasses. I hope to get some similar to the ones I have already, but slightly different. I want what I call "David Tennant" or "Doctor Who" glasses. Basically, black framed glasses that are rectangular shaped. The pair that I have been using is very similar, but the frames are wire instead of plastic and they are slightly rounded. I just hope such glasses fit my face well.

I am super talkative again today. I really don't want to stop typing. I had Green Mountain brand caramel vanilla coffee today. It was so delicious. When you go to brew it in the Keurig machine, it smells like caramel corn.

Yesterday, I worked on my economics homework at school, then spent all of my time at home watching Les Miserables. I hadn't seem it before, so one of my friends is letting me borrow the DVD of like the 25th anniversary performance or whatever. Nick Jonas plays one of the main characters. It is like a three hour show, so I only watched an hour of it yesterday before deciding to stop and continue it later. I got to the intermission. But the story is soooooooooooooooooooo good and very sad. My friends don't really like the part being played by Nick Jonas because he does not act and sing the same as the other people on stage. He lacks the foreign accent and sings in more of a popstar voice than an operetic voice. I like it, even though it is different and takes a couple of minutes to get used to.

I realized yesterday that Nick Jonas is only three years older than me. When I was younger and a really big fan of the Jonas Brothers, I thought that they were all so much older than me. Kevin and Joe are, but Nick really isn't that far off. Technically if we were both normal people, we could meet at college, fall in love, and get married and it be appropriate. NOT that I have daydreams of that sort of thing. I just think about ages and stuff and how old is too old when you are looking at a future spouse. I think having a few years in between you is okay, but any more than 6 or 7 is a little out there.

Then again, I have never actually had a for-real boyfriend or gone on a for-real date. I have never been in for-real love and I was the one with guts who asked a guy to prom last year.

Single. Forever. I'm. Hopeless.

I still have no clue what I will do for prom this year. If no one asks me, which is a very likely thing, I'll probably tag along with my best friends. However, they both have boyfriends who have graduated, so they can either go without a date or have their boyfriends do a background check and bring them anyway. If the second option becomes a reality, I will totally be a third wheel... Well, a fifth one.

I can think of about three guys that I would go to prom with. Maybe five now that I think harder. None of them have girlfriends. However, I doubt any of them would consider asking me. SEE? THIS IS WHY I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SO UNAFRAID, because guys are too dumb to consider me. They seem me as just a friend and okay being alone. Ugh.

I just hope things change when I go to college. There has to be someone that I look appealing to once I go to college. I have been told before by a guy that I looked pretty, but that when you spend all of your school years associating with someone, you don't seem to be attracted to them in that way.

GREAT. Now I've depressed myself.

I'll just wait anxiously for college and go to prom by myself and keep reminding myself that God has someone out there for me. Whatever.

Elizabeth W.

January 9, 2013

Having a Good Day...

Today has been rather amazing so far.

First, I got to fix coffee this morning in our Keurig maker and then got to drink it all before I got to school. We had an awesome lesson in FCA, taught by the lovely Shelby, and I got to eat a donut that was still warm. I have only done fun work so far in my classes. I found out yesterday that the dual credit problem was merely a glitch. I don't have drama practice today, and I will get to do whatever I want when I get home. Economics isn't as hard and scary as I thought it would be, its just thinking through problems with a little bit of math thrown in, but we haven't gotten to the math yet. I e-mailed a group of nerdfighters and I am going to be part of the 365 nerds project. I worked a little more on the children's book that I am writing. I think today has just been a wonderful day and I hope it will continue to be one. Oh, and tomorrow I get to leave school early to get my eyes checked and get new glasses.

I know that was a lot to put in one paragraph, but I didn't feel like seperating it. I just feel really talkative due to the coffee that I had this morning. Coffee doesn't make me hyper, in fact, I'm still tired. It simply makes me want to talk a lot. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, but a lot of the time it is really fun.

I really am beginning to wonder what exactly my freaking-out fits are. Is it just overreaction? Is there a name for it? I mean, it doesn't stop me from functioning, since I can normally find a way to hide it, but I think it would be cool if I knew the name for it, since it would make it more official. I wonder if it is a hereditary thing, because my grandma on my dad's side does something very similar.

Yesterday I found the youtube channel of my best friend. It was kinda cool to watch the two videos her and her brother put up. They did something similar to the vlogbrothers, but didn't get very far with it. The thing about being a Nerdfighter is that sometimes I'm not sure if I really am. I mean, I enjoy the videos that John and Hank make, I just don't agree with a few of their beliefs. That doesn't stop me from watching and enjoying their videos though. I am a rather open-minded person, but I stand firm in my beliefs.

I was looking up stuff in another tab while I was typing this and I came across something called "Histrionic Personality Disorder". I looked at the treatment and symptoms and whatnot, and I feel like I really fit the bill. There are some things that are different, so if I have it, it is probably only a mild form. But is says that these people are often high-functioning. Oh, well. I need to stop being a hypocondriac.

Some of my friends are in this band called "The States Seem Smaller" and they got to go to a recording studio here recently. They are really excited about the people they get to work with and the fact that they are going to have their own EP. I never really get excited about this sort of thing, but I think it will probably be good, and I can't wait to get a copy of it. I could use some new music to listen to.

Okay, I just took a personality disorder quiz, and here are my results. The first number on each one is me and the second number is everyone else's average. Its strange because I look at the results and think about what they mean (I had to look some words up) and I realize that these things are rather true. I'm rather un-paranoid I guess. I trust people mostly. I am definately Schizotypal - I know that I am wierd. I'm not so sure about narcisistic. My brother is the more narcissistic one. I never thought of myself as being obsessive-compulsive, then I realized how much I change when I make a mistake or something that I don't like on a blog post. I ever did it in making the previous sentence. I almost worded it differently, but I misspelled something and changed the wording when I went back to fix it. And it does show me being rather histrionic. I always knew I was a bit crazy and I feel like this proves it.

Paranoid ---26% ---50%
Schizoid ---18% ---40%
Schizotypal ---74% ---56%
Antisocial ---46% ---46%
Borderline ---38% ---45%
Histrionic ---50% ---35%
Narcissistic ---70% ---40%
Avoidant ---46% ---48%
Dependent ---46% ---44%
Obsessive-Compulsive ---58% ---45%

I like taking strange little quizzes like that when I am bored, but I rarely believe the results. I want to take an IQ test someday, but I don't know which one to take or where and how to take it. My economic teacher offered to give one to the whole class once, but everyone was against it for some reason. I don't really care what it is, I just want to know.

Well, this was a very very strange post. I should probably shut up now. Talk to you all tomorrow or something.

Elizabeth W.

January 8, 2013

Freaking Out!

Okay, so first, I want you to know that I do not do well in stressful or seemingly crisis situations. Whenever something goes wrong and I don't know how to fix it or who to ask about it and especially when it interferes with my daily activities, I FREAK OUT!

I can't really explain why this happens, it has just always been the way that I am. Most likely, I will cry if I don't have someone there to help me figure things out. And I have almost cried today because of such an event.

I got to my class during which I am allowed to work on my dual credit online college course. Then, even though I know the class won't start for another week, I logged on to the website in order to check and make sure that everything was okay. But when I got to the website, it didn't show me being enrolled in any classes.

It had done something like that before, so I figured it was just a glitch and went ot investigate further. However, it showed that I had dropped my sociology class for this semester. I searched through all the web pages to find why but I couldn't figure it out.

So, now I am sitting here with my heart racing, telling myself not to freak out, but that is exactly what I am doing. You probably couldn't tell by looking at me, but its definately happening.

I have thought about going to the counselor to ask her about it. However, I have this innate hatred toward our school counselor because she sucks (and I don't use that work lightly... or ever) at getting things done and is not a very people-oriented person. I feel like all she'll do if I go down to her office is just insult me or call me stupid because she doesn't want to deal with me. Then she'll look something up and say that I can't take the class for some strange reason and give me a crazy other option and I won't have the ability to talk to my mom about it before making a decision and really if I had just talked to the people at the college they would have just said it was a glitch and they would fix it right away.

I'm really also scared that if I don't go down to talk to her that my mom will make me talk to her tomorrow and I'll go all day today and tomorrow worrying about it. Now I feel all sick inside.

I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that whoever I go to will basicallly just say that I'm stupid or I did something wrong and I won't be able to fix it.

And the books that I had to order for the online class have already been bought and shipped and I'm just scared.




I have drama practice today from 4 to 6 so I'll just call my mom before practice starts and ask her what I should do. I'm just afraid that if I start talking to someone about it I'll start crying. That generally happens when I try to talk things like this out with somebody. The counselor is dealing with schedule problems anyway with it being the first day back at school. She probably will be hateful and "not have time to deal with" me anyway.

I wrote down the problem on my top slip of paper on my clipboard, that way I won't forget it. I generally do that or write things on my hand/wrist when I need to remember them.

Now I just need something to distract myself.

I started writing a book yesterday. A children's book. I want very much to finish this one.

I did something different though. I started with the pictures instead of the story. The pictures were sketches that I lightly colored with watercolor colored pencils, then took water and went over to smudge the color around.

I haven't done them all yet. Only about four. I have them hanging on a piece of string strung diagonally from wall to wall above my bed. I wanted to use clothes pins to hang them when they were drying, but I only had paperclips. It still looks cool anyway.

My little brother got a comic book making kit for Christmas. It had paper and three binding things and a couple of cover pages. He also decided the other day that he wants to be an author when he grows up. I had to watch him yesterday for most of the day, so we got it out and started writing books. He still gets upset when things aren't perfect or he can't think of anything though, so he took quite a few breaks for cartoon watching.

I have calmed down significantly now. I'm still anxious and nervous and scared, but I can deal with it.

Elizabeth W.

January 6, 2013

An Awesome book

Okay, so I have found a cause more worthy of sharing than myself. Just go to www.veryawesomeworld.com and read the book online with someone you love. Then buy the book or share it with other people.


I know that the time that my blog will be flooded with posts is almost upon us. (Seriously, I go back to school the day after tomorrow!) This means that more people will be looking at the blog than have been here recently. I would like to challenge you all to a quest.

Here's the deal. I have worked really hard on the videos that I have uploaded to youtube. All of them are rather entertaining and I would love for you all to go and watch them. But don't just watch them, then go on with your life! Do something with them!

I challenge you to share at least one of my videos to Facebook or Twitter or your blog or whatever. Whichever on you like. Pick your favorite...

Then, for those of you who have YouTube channels, I request that you be so kind as to subscribe. I have been on YouTube for almost four years now. That is crazy. Crazy for me to think about. Crazy for you to know. I have posted over 100 videos. I have gotten better and better since the beginning. And I plan to get better and better as the days go by.

However, I only have 9 subscribers at the moment. I love those 9 subscribers to death, but I know that I have more fans out there. I just think it would be nice to know who they are. If you like, I can subscribe back or look at some of your videos in return. Just ask.

I don't mean to sound fame-obsessed or uncaring, I just think it would be nice. Its your life, do what you want.

Love always,
Elizabeth W.

January 3, 2013

Stuff for the New Year

I am currently working on a bunch of stuff for the New Year. Tons of videos and music videos and skits and whatnot. All floating around in my head.

I have an issue though. Yesterday, I went to make a Vlog. And my camera died when I tried to turn it on. I have had the camera for two years or more, mind you, but I am still saddened. I used my mom's camera to film the vlog, and it should be uploaded soon.

However, this leaves me without a camera,and unable to film with my own camera on my own terms.

My mom says we can find another camera rather cheap. I don't know how cheap is cheap enough. I have literally no money at all right now. Okay, I have a five dollar bill. But thats it!

Anyway, my video editing program is just a trial version. I have only twenty days left to use it. I hope to get the actual full version sometime soon.

At the moment, life is rather boring. I make videos and upload them. Uploading takes about two hours because YouTube is stupid. I watch Doctor Who and drink coffee. I stalk people on facebook, instagram, etc. In my spare time I play the ukulele. Life is just okay.

School starts back next week. Not looking forward to that. I can't do anything about it though.

Elizabeth W.