January 24, 2013

Paper Towns

This morning, after three trips to the school library, I checked out the book "Paper Towns" by JOHN GREEN! I started reading it in seond period, so I am only on page 21, but I already love it. It is written really well and the plot is interesting and I cannot predict what will happen next.

My friend, Ellen, said that this was a really good book to read before "going away" from a place you have been your whole life to a new place. In that case, I really should technically be reading it this summer or in the last month or so of school, but this is close enough. I can see to some extent why, since the book starts off with the main character being a senior in high school and talking about prom and stuff. But, other than that, I am still unsure why.

I think that John Green, and Hank too for that matter, are really cool people. There are some things that they say and do that I don't particularly agree with, but you will find that with most any person. They are very civilized in their speaking and thinking, and they are very creative and nerdy. How else would they have thought to communicate with eachother via YouTube.

Speaking of which, I uploaded another YouTube video last night, and while I was editing it I discovered that yesterday was the last day of my PowerDirector free trial. BOOO! This means that I have to find a new editing software, hopefully one that is free. I downloaded a free trial of Sony Vegas, but the whole setup confuses me. It seems to complicated, at least for right now.

BOOM! Idea! When I have coffee, I talk and type very fast, and I can think faster too, or at least that is what it seems like. So, in order to have my vlogs be more fast paced and talk more fluently like the Green brothers (wow that sounds like they are brothers that painted themselves green), though I am not sure that fluently is the right word, I will simply drink coffee right before I vlog. PROBLEM  SOLVED!

Anyway, I hope to someday have a channel that I share with my brothers in order to communicate in the same manner as John and Hank. Hank and John. Ehh. Whatever. The thing is, I  would love to start this when I go off to college, but I do not know if my oldest younger brother (that will always sound weird, won't it), James, will be willing to do so. He does do some YouTube stuff (he is part of a group-owned channel called "Classy Sauce", so feel free to look him up), but I don't know how great he will be at vlogging and/or editing videos.

I could do it with my youngest brother, John, but he is currently too young to operate a camera and/or computer by himself. I could have them both do it, but I don't know how well that will work. I know that there will be some Skyping (it has just occured to me how strange it is that 'skyping' is now a verb) going on, especially when James needs help with his math homework. I really hope that he agrees to do a vlog-style communication thingy with me.

Oh, and I have tried to start planning out what I will do in my 365nerds nerdfigghter video on my birthday, but I really have no clue. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment with them or message me on facebook, youtube, google plus, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, whatever.

Yesterday when I was uploading the video to YouTube, a thing popped up that asked me if I wanted my channel name to be changed to my google+ name. I didn't see any harm in it and I was really annoyed that it kept popping up, so I said yes. Now I have no clue how to get to my inbox for youtube or anything like that. STUPID GOOGLE! Actually, google is very smart, but the things that they do with youtube really annoys me.

Elizabeth W.