February 28, 2014

Donuts, Chai Tea, and 1520 Words

Actually, I've been reporting my word counts for the day before. I haven't typed anything today yet, but I got 1520 WORDS YESTERDAY!!!!!!! That's like almost nanowrimo level. This morning, my dad had to go to the store before school (he said walmart is actually not very crowded at 6 in the morning) and he brought home glazed donuts, so I got to have one of them for breakfast. And I decided to repeat a drink recipe that I've done exactly two times before, which is the homemade vanilla chai tea latte. Its Vanilla Chai Tea with milk and sugar. I like it, but its not as good as coffee. Either way, I barely have any coffee left, so its kinda necessary.

I really like this new writing program that I got. It allows you to skip around and label things and come back to them later. If you're just used to using a normal word processor like I was, it takes a bit to get used to how it set up, but once you get the hang of it, its great. Its called yWriter5, and I am so glad that I found it and started using it. I can't imagine why I would go back to writing with just pen and paper. I am putting quite a lot of faith in my computer though, so I might make a duplicate copy on a thumb drive. NUMBER 1 RULE WITH THIS PROGRAM: create a specific file to store all of the files for a story in, then create a new file each time you start a new story. I learned that one the hard way and ended up having to rearrange my files a bit to fix this.

My whole word count is up to 2978, and I've only been working on it for three days. I plan to shoot for 2000 words today, but I do have some homework to do and a dog mess to clean up (yep, Puddin' is still sick). I think first, I'm going to make a playlist of songs I really like to play while I'm writing and working. I like playlists. Like, right now there are a ton of songs that I like, but so far this morning I've been loving "Piano" by Ariana Grande and "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash.

Oh, and I added a new product the other day. I'm  not sure if I told anyone here about it, so here's a link to the store. With writing and stuff and lack of a pattern, I haven't been crocheting much lately, but I'm sure that I'll be back at it by Monday. http://lizardbreath.storenvy.com

I'm also thinking of doing a cover of "Can't Hold Us" with my brothers. With a music video and everything. We might try and do that at the end of spring break. I've been working on getting the lyrics down and I'm almost there. I'm even getting better at the rapping.

Oh, and this time next week I'll be in Florida. DISNEY BABY! I'm super excited and I'm pretty sure that I will be blogging and vlogging most everything. I never want to forget my first trip to Disney.


February 27, 2014

Tamagotchi and Word Counts

I watched a new video posted by Tessa Violet on her youtube channel and in the video, she mentioned that there is now a free Tamagotchi app! Apparently its because of the 16th birthday of the fun little toys of the late 90's. Anyway, I went and downloaded it on my phone this morning. I feel like a 7 year old again. I loved my tamagotchi, but I was never really that concerned with it. I always got bored with it and ended up putting a little slip of paper in the slot in the back to turn it off. Needless to say, I never raised my tamagotchi all the way.

I really like the app though. You can play it on what looks like the actual tamagotchi keychain player or you can just play it in app form. And you can turn on notifications that tell you when your tamagotchi needs you, which is really nice. Otherwise mine would already be dead.

I was talking with my mom yesterday about the book that I started writing Tuesday. I said I want to make it about 50,000 words, which is the length of a novella. We talked about nanowrimo and how you would have to write almost 2000 words a day to make it. I've been averaging about 800 words a day. We figure that I might be able to finish it in two months or so if I write more on some days. And spring break won't be a problem because I'll be bringing my laptop anyway. I'm so excited. I still have a lot to decide about the plot and the characters. But I think its going pretty well anyway. I plan to write some more after I finish my homework today. History. Blech.

The dog is still sick, which means I still have to clean up after her. And as soon as I finish cleaning up one mess, there is another, which I find unfair.

I wonder if I should name my tamagotchi. Any name ideas?


February 26, 2014

Lights Out

I woke up this morning when my parents were getting my brothers ready to go to school. Why? The electricity was out, so they had to go through the difficulties of getting ready in the dark with limited water for things like brushing teeth, washing faces, toilet flushing, etc. My only prayer throughout the whole ordeal? That the lights came back on before lunchtime.

Honestly, I was worried about my homework that I have due today for English. Well, that and the coffee that I am used to having in the morning.

I got out of bed about an hour after they left, as usual. I got dressed and spent a while crocheting and listening to a "whodunnit?" audiobook on my Kindle that I was smart enough to download a couple weeks ago. Then I pulled out my laptop and started typing on a zombie apocalypse novel that I got the idea for yesterday while walking my dog (kinda a good environment for writing about the zombie apocalypse).

Speaking of my dog, she is still sick. Which means that I am still cleaning up her messes (gag) and she is still refusing to use the bathroom outside like she normally does. Ick. Not sure how long I can stand this.

Anyway, I have to go find some food and probably drink some coffee and definitely do my homework, so goodbye for now.


February 25, 2014

Not a Great Day

I woke up this morning to the sounds of my dog making a mess due to an upset stomach. I'll let you guess what that sounds like. After taking a shower, I cleaned up said mess and then took her out for a walk. I'm pretty sure that she is plotting against me.

I watched 2 movies today: Kiki's Delivery Service and The Artist. Actually, I'm in the first few minutes of the artist right now. Every time I watch it it makes me want to make a silent short film. Or even just a short film.

I also washed dishes and clothes today. I'm about to work on a bit of homework with hopes of getting a bit ahead.

I started crocheting a hat today, but I didn't have the right size crochet hook so it wasnt the right size and I ended up pulling out all of the stitches.

Dispite my day not being that good, I do feel a bit more optimistic and less stressed than yesterday. Yesterday I ended up doing several weeks of history homework in just a couple of hours. Oh, and my music class has reached a level that my brother can no longer help me. Whoo.


February 24, 2014


I started making my first Amigurumi crochet project yesterday. Amigurumi is a Japanese (I think) form of crochet that basically involves tight stitching and cuteness. I started making one a few months ago, but I stopped because I didn't have the right stuff to do it. This one is almost done, I just have to find my embroidery floss in order to make the eyes, eyelashes, and cutie mark. Thats right. This is a MLP:FiM character. The thing is, I adapted this from a pattern for a pony, so its not perfect and I'm not sure how to make wings. But its still cute even though its imperfect and incomplete!

I started watching Vampire Diaries again the other day. Its almost depressing in most episodes and reminds me of a soap opera. But I was lacking a series to watch, so whatever.

I have totally procrastinated on my homework today, so I have to get started on that.


February 21, 2014

You should know, Sunshine, you brighten my day...

It was super nice and sunshiney for several days in a row. And yesterday it rained. The sun came back today, but its kinda chilly, which makes the shorts and tanktop that I'm wearing today rather inconvenient. I miss the warmth.

I made a mesh shopping bag yesterday. Its pretty freaking adorable and I plan to put it up in the store today. I took someone else's pattern and modified it because I hated the way the strap was and the bag was too small. But this is the perfect size. I want to make more in different colors, but I need to get more cotton yarn. I think I might just order more online. I like the kind that comes in a spool because its easy to work with and doesn't get tangled. I got this spool that I'm using from my grandma, who gave it to me because she was teaching me how to make dish cloths.I love cotton yarn, but its more expensive than the acrylic stuff, which sucks.

The day before yesterday I was kinda depressed and upset about some stuff. But Andrew and I talked about it and I feel a lot better. Something that I like about Andrew is that we can talk about anything. And when we're done talking I always feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. He makes me smile. He is my sunshine when the darkness comes. I'm not sure that I've truly been able to say that about anyone else except maybe my youngest brother.

I've been procrastinating on doing my homework today. I didn't get ahead like I wanted. I'm terrible at this. I lack motivation.

I finished typing up my manuscript of the hamster book. I just need to print it. I'm not sure how I should format it though. Like, should I put the paragraphs on seperate pages and put the pictures in between? Should I put the pictures at the end and make notes in parentheses where the pictures go? Nothing that I have found can tell me. I need help.

Anyway, check on storenvy today and I will put the bag up for sale shortly.


February 19, 2014

It Feels Like Summer

Besides the fact that its only 65* and not super sunshiney, today feels like summer. I've started wearing shorts and tank tops and I'm loving it. Going barefoot and looking awesome thanks to my barefoot sandals too. I know that its still the end of winter. According to google, spring won't begin until March. But I feel like its summer, and I love it.

I had several days earlier on to get ahead on my homework. Did I? Nope. I'm a loser. So that means I'm going to try and get ahead today. I want to try and do two English assignments today. We'll see if that happens.

I'm currently listening to one of the many pop music stations on Pandora. Gotta love it. I also found out this morning that I am going to be reading my book at Tarkington Community Library on June 13th of this year. Part of the summer reading program that they do for kids. Pretty cool. My mom is mailing the first order from my online site today. And I made business cards and discount cards yesterday. Also, I will be at the craft fair thingy this Saturday at the Premiere Dance Centre in Cleveland as MERIDA! Whoo! Come on down and take a picture.

Gosh, I love iced coffee. I love coffee in general. It fuels my blog posts. And gives me a way to be awake in the morning with a functioning brain.

Oh, and only a little more than two weeks until the Disney Trip! WHOOOOO! I still haven't gone shopping, but hoping to this weekend or the next. Whoo. Thrift Shop!

I read a book yesterday that my best friend (one of the three, since I've now decided that Andrew fits in that category) gave me for Christmas. Its a really short book and it only took me about an hour to read it, but the story is lovely. Its about a boy who had an abusive father and a girl whose mom was a druggie and a hooker. They fall in love, but there's a lot more to the story than that. And, although we're in different situations, I feel like that mirrors Andrew and I a bit. But I'm not supposed to like Andrew as anything more than a friend. So I guess we're not like the book characters at all. Anyway, the book is called Sophie and Carter and its by Chelsea Fine. Its a nice little read if you are interested.

Also, I put the colorful barefoot sandals up in the store last night. Whoooo. Go check them out at the store by clicking the picture to open in the link.


Gosh, where has my sunshine gone lately. I'm a freaking debbie downer. blech.


February 18, 2014


I made my first online sale yesterday. It was a friend of mine, but I still am excited about it. It was a pair of barefoot sandals. I hadn't made any in the size that she wanted yet, but I made them this morning. I'm also making some business cards today with a discount code and a qr code on them. I plan to send them out with all the orders. I'm also going to make some plain ones to give out and send one of those too just so that I can get the word out. Surely somebody wants to know about the store.

I have also started looking through storenvy and ebay for cheap disney themed clothes to wear during spring break at disney. Not much luck so far.

These are the barefoot sandals. And my ridiculous pale feet. They're on the store now and I'm trying to get some more colors made up. The thing is, in order to take pictures of the others, I have to make a pair for myself., which I won't sell. I'm not particularly fond of other people's foot germs, and I assume that no one else does either. The ones that people will get are brand new and untouched by anything other than my hands and the package they come in.


February 17, 2014

Springtime Transitions

I'm currently in limbo with my crochet stuff. Its about time to start making things for springtime and putting them in the store. I made some baby barefoot sandals, but I need to try them on the foot of a baby to take pictures and make sure that they are the right size. I'm also working on some adult sized barefoot sandals. What fun. And I'm also thinking about doing a transition sale to get rid of some of the winter stock.

Today is President's Day, so everyone didn't have school. My grandparents got in a car wreck the day before valentines day. My grandma has been out of the hospital for a few days, but today my mom and dad are going to pick my grandpa up from the hospital. This isn't so bad, except that I am at home with the boys.

I have music homework and English homework to do today. But not only did I get up late, but the boys are driving me insane. John isn't doing bad, he's just playing video games. But James has hijacked my Pandora station to the christian comedy station and is sitting across from me at the kitchen table. he either sits there or begins circling the table like a shark, and I don't do circling. It drives me bonkers.

So, I need to know if a sale would make you want to buy the stuff in my store. Or maybe just a discount code? You would have to be a Facebook fan to get that.



February 13, 2014

Blathering About Nothing...

Good morning lovelies!

I really could have slept through my alarm this morning, but I actually woke up and turned it off. Its really quiet, peaceful music, so its really easy to ignore. But I can't stand it repeating, so I generally turn it off.

Anyway, I decided to wear my corset from my Ariel costume today because my back has been killing me. Even laying in bed last night, I was in quite a bit of pain. Its either my mattress or my posture due to the chairs at our kitchen table - where I spend a lot of the day. In spite of the discomfort that they cause sometimes, I actually do like corsets.

So, now I'm watching Raising Hope on Netflix (while sitting on the couch instead of at the kitchen table) and thinking about what I'm going to do today. I think I might work on the manuscript that I keep puttng off. And I have a couple videos to edit and upload to YouTube. Maybe I'll paint my nails today. That would be fun. Gah, I'm so boring today.

I think I might spend time on pinterest and then make something. No clue what. I spent a lot of time on pinterest yesterday, mostly pinning cosplay stuff. I want to cosplay sooooooo badly right now. I have to wait until the 22nd of this month though.

This show just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Well, I'm off to waste another day. I'm also multitasking and its not working for me this morning, so I need to stop doing at least one thing, and blogging is the easiest. Wish me luck on the manuscript and look for a video on Sibling Vloggery today. John and I have started taking on the LifeScouts badges one at a time.


February 12, 2014

Irish Folk Songs and Sadness

I've done nothing with my morning. I spend an extra hour in bed. Watched some netflix. Drank a cup of coffee. Sang some irish folk songs and pondered if it was worth it to make a cover and put it up on youtube. I should have been doing chores and homework.

I used to sing stuff that had a similar style and sound when I was in choir in middle school. Only they were canadian and english instead of irish. Of course, we did learn the song version of "irish blessing" if that counts. I really don't feel like using proper capitalization today.

I woke up feeling terribly lonely and depressed, so I think thats what the deal is.

Freaking emotions.

Good news is that we have less than a month until the disney trip though, so I keep telling myself to be looking forward to that. Andrew and I had a discussion last night about the idea of me meeting some awesome guy when I go to disney. Ha. Fat chance. I think up situations like that all of the time and, guess what? They NEVER happen.

I have no clue where my optimism has gone. Maybe its the fact that valentines day is looming over me like this giant depressing pink monster thing. I am bad with words today.


February 11, 2014

Ridiculous Old Fan Fiction

I was encouraged by a friend of mine to type up the old POTC fan fic that I wrote in high school. Its unfinished, but its still rather extensive. I had to stop after a couple of pages because it was so ridiculous. I sent him a link so that he could read it, but I'm rather embarrassed that it even exists.

I have this horrible habit of putting myself into a story and making the fictional world mimic real life in an escapism type way. This is a huge part of that fan fic.

I'm really hungry so I should probably eat something. I'm not really doing anything interesting today. Just texting andrew and typing and spending time on tumblr.


February 10, 2014

Unfair Wake Up Call

I fell asleep and started dreaming almost as soon as my family left the house this morning. Its kinda hard to stay asleep while they're moving around and getting ready to go. Normally, I get out of bed an hour after they leave. I even have an alarm set for 8:00. But not today. No. My grandmother on my dad's side called at 7:30 on the dot to ask if I could go with her to take sewing machine lessons. So I was interrupted from a pleasant dream, and I had to crawl out of the top bunk, half blind because my contacts werent in the right place in my eyes and make my way through the maze that is my house to my parents bedroom to answer the phone. And after a 60 second conversation, I crawled back in bed and pretended that I was sleeping for another 30 minutes until I convinced myself to get up. *whimpers because of lost sleep*

I was dreaming about an adventure where I was floating across a lake with a friend of mine on a giant beanbag chair. It was really cool and I would have loved to know how it was going to end.

In other news, yesterday was wierd. We went to my grandparents church instead of our home church because my dad's childhood friend was visiting. I like their church and I like their sermons, I just don't like people coming up to shake my hand and talk to me and stuff. I swear I shook 25 hands yesterday at least. *shivers in disgust* Then we went out to eat with them at this really horrible Chinese  buffet in town, at which I didn't really eat much because most of the food was too hot or cold and tasted funny. I did get to test out my book on a new audience though. The childhood friend that was visiting had two adopted kids. I got to read my book to one of them who seemed to enjoy it and was asking if I could read it again.

Then there was this crazy racist old man that came up and told off the parents for something really miniscule that one of the kids was doing (crushing ice that fell on the floor). The guy was literally across the room from the kid, so there was no way he could have been bothered by it. Plus, the kid had done that about 5 minutes before the guy even came up and said something. And it wasn't in his place to say anything. But the two adopted kids were black (not going to use a specific label because I'm not sure where they were from exactly, not because of racism, just lack of the proper word) and the parents were white. Freaking racist son of a gun. And as we left the restaurant shortly afterward, his daughter apologized to us, saying that he was crazy. Maybe people should start keeping their crazy relatives on a leash or something (said sarcastically, not meaning to hurt feelings or be mean).

I have homework due today. Ick.

But good news, we have less than a month until the Disney trip, and I bought a new backpack purse and some tank tops that were on sale yesterday while we were out. And my mom is against me getting an Instamatic camera for the trip. Dang it. But she seems to be okay with the idea of the FF5 concert later on in March though.


February 7, 2014

Harry Potter and Audiobooks

Something that not many people know about me is that I get carsick kind of easily. It used to be really bad when I was younger, and I would puke because I got too hot or we were on winding roads or I was reading or playing video games or anything. I'm grown out of it a bit, but I still have problems on long trips.

Something everyone knows about me is that I love to read, I always have. I came home from my first day of kindergarten upset because I wanted to learn how to read already (I've always been impatient too!). I started reading chapter books as soon as my teachers would allow and I consumed them like crazy. I was one of the few people that the librarian in middle school, who was mean to everyone, liked because I was in there almost every other day checking out a new book. And these were huge novels. I have a kindle (finally) and I have three shelves overflowing with books. And my youngest brother loves reading too. He's only in second grade and he's reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid already!

I love that I finally have someone in my family that shares the same love of reading that I do. My mom and dad like reading, but not as much as I do. And my other brother (the middle child) isn't that into reading because its difficult to find books that he likes. I have recommended tons of books to him, but he hasn't read any of them. I'm not into picking favourites, but I love my youngest brother quite a lot, and his love of reading and nerdiness is part of it.

Anyway, I love audiobooks for this reason. I can't really read books on road trips, even though I would love to, and it bothers me. I would really love to get my brother into harry potter. My mom says he's too young, but I don't know if I can wait. I mean, would it be so wrong to show him the movies at least? And maybe start reading the books to him? I'll reassure him that he can't go jumping off of tables with a broom thinking he can fly and that wizard magic" isn't real (*sob*).

Starting today, I am going to be re-reading the harry potter series. Currently, I only have books 1, 5, and 7, so I will have to buy some of them, but I want to read them all before spring break. During spring break, our family is going to Disney in Florida, and (i think) one of the places we are going to visit is Universal Studios, which is where the Harry Potter rides and shops are. I want to go to Olivander's wand shop sooooooooooooo badly.

I also plan on making a playlist on a cd for the road trip there and back, and getting some audiobooks to listen to on the trip. I really want to get harry potter because I know that will be entertaining to everyone. I'm not sure what else my parents will enjoy as well as being appropriate for my youngest brother. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments, because I'm rather desperate.

I also implemented the alarm system on my phone and I've been following the schedule and being productive for most of the day. WHOOO! Lets keep it up! Now off to listen to an audiobook of the reading for English class (it helps me focus better, plus I can multitask) and do some homework and chores.


February 6, 2014

African Flowers and Schedule Issues

I finally figured out how to crochet African Flowers today, so I spent a lot of today making them. They look like the ones on this bag. I hope to make mine into a bag that looks similar. Mine is pink and white and purple.

I also started watching Lost today on netflix. Its okay. It reminds me of Lord of the Flies, a book I had to read in middle school and I really enjoyed. You should read it if you haven't because its great.

I have a scheduling problem. One that only I can fix. I think about my day the night before it happens. And I plan out all of the stuff that I need to do so that I get an idea of what I'm going to do the next day. I'm always more optimistic the night before, because I rarely follow that plan. I thought about planning out an actual schedule or setting alarms on my phone. I might do the alarm thing, but I still am not sure if it will work.

I've become rather lazy and reluctant to do things. I hate it so much, but I don't feel like doing the things that I need to do, almost in a depression-like way, and that is exactly what I need to avoid. I can understand some of the things that prevent me from being productive. I often wake up really tired and I can't get motivation. And some days, like today, I feel sick. I spent most of this morning trying not to puke.

And some tasks just seem like they are too daunting to tackle. Like the dishes that need to be washed (we don't have a dishwasher) and the clothes that need to be folded. I also need to work on my homework so that I can get ahead. And I should be making more crochet stuff and putting it up in the store. And my website needs to be updated. And filling out scholarship applications is a good thing that I should be doing too. And I need to see about getting my manuscript ready so that when we get more ink in the printer I can print it out and send it to a publisher for consideration. And working on writing my novel. But that little voice in my head that normally makes me motivated and helps me do all of these things is apparently on holiday. And no one I know can help either. AAAAAAAH!

I'll start off with the alarms on my phone first. And I'll see about updating my website today and working on my homework a bit. Do you have any tips for not getting overwhelmed and convincing yourself to do things? Because I'm up for trying anything.


February 5, 2014

The Day I Was Very FRUSTRATED!

I am just so angry and frustrated at everything today for absolutely no reason. GAH!!!!!

This morning I woke up and laid in bed for about an hour watching adventure time. I finally got up and got dressed and sat crocheting a hat and watching the rest of the episodes of adventure time on netflix. Then I had almost finished the hat when I got frustrated to the point that I gave up and put some clothes on to wash. Then I took the dog out for a walk. She didn't want to come back inside for some reason, so I chased her around the yard for an extra ten minutes or so. I did manage to shoot a short test video on my dad's new action cam though. I'm looking forward to how it turns out. Then I got on the computer and I should probably be working on my homework.


I'm also on my kindle looking up recipes on pinterest to find out what my lunch is going to be. I think I might have fries of some sort. I'm craving fries.

They have a half day at school today, but teachers have to stay all day, so nobody will be back until 4:00. I just want to fast forward my day so that I'm done with homework. I have a discussion due over "The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane. I found the audiobook on youtube, so I get to listen to someone read to me for an hour before I do any actual work.

Last night, I had planned to be productive today, but I'm not sure that that is going to happen. I also might get in trouble for my attitude. I'm not trying to be angry, I just feel needlessly angry, which often gets me yelled at and sometimes I cry.


February 4, 2014

The Day That James Had Energy and I Wanted to Go ADVENTURING!

So, James stayed home today also, but he has felt a lot better. Like, he actually got out of bed and we had some crazy random conversations. I started watching Adventure Time because I have never watched it and I wanted to know what it was about. This put us both in the mood to watch Chowder, one of our favourite shows to watch together when we were little, so right now that's what we're doing.

I really want to go adventuring, and I don't have the ability to. If James wasn't sick and it wasn't raining, we might, but that is not the situation. My version of adventuring is something that I haven't done in a while. Since last summer at least. Basically, its packing up snacks and flashlights and wearing rubber boots and heading out into the woods or down a road until you find something interesting. I went in an abandoned house once, and I've been blackberry picking in a neighbor's cow pasture and almost gotten into poison ivy. I've followed a little stream into the woods and found some old jars and bottles. I've gotten in trouble with a crazy neighbor for being in the woods near his property (but not on the property, mind you) with some old boards and a ditch, trying to build a bridge. I've run over a tree on a four wheeler in the woods and gotten stuck. I've heard people on a nearby piece of property and spun around, flinging rocks james-bond-style on a four wheeler. I freaking love that stuff. I have a few friends that enjoy doing that stuff with me.

I am totally craving an adventure right now. And with my new-found love of cameras and video, I totally want to video some of it. I think the only well-known person that I can relate this to is the adventures of this author, who does this type of thing in research for his books. I'm not as great at adventuring or as brave as he is though.
So, yes. If any of my friends wants to go adventuring some time soon, I am totally up for it. If not, maybe I'll just go out one weekend soon and adventure on my own, though its better when you can do it with company. Maybe I can convince James to come along. John still gets scared.


February 3, 2014

The Day James Got Sick

James has maintained his status of "healthy" over the past little while, whilst the rest of the family took turns being sick. However, last night he got a stomach bug of some kind, and is home sick today. So far, I can say that I am pretty sure he has a fever, and I gave him some ice water to drink. Its days like this that I feel like an old-timey nurse maid. You know, the ladies who would spend like 90% of the time taking care of the children of rich families as a job?

Right now I'm watching TED talks and drinking coffee while he sleeps. I feel bad for him, because when James gets sick, he's really sick, not barely sick like JT. John Thomas has energy and is playing video games and making jokes within a couple hours of being sick (most of the time anyway). I don't feel that great either, but I'm praying and trying to convince my immune system for me to not be sick.

I went to see Frozen with Sarah yesterday (finally) and it was awesome. At times I was fighting back tears, but other times I was smiling and laughing. I loved it and I can't wait to get the cosplay stuff so that I can dress as Anna. I have to wait until later on this year though. Right now, I'm saving money for the Disney trip.

I plan on buying a polaroid-type camerato bring with me, along with plenty of film, so that means $100. Then I need to get some more clothes and comfy shoes, so thats a bit more. And I only have one princess gig between now and then. I'm praying for another, and also some more later on this year. I haven't sold anything from my online store yet, but I'm making more crochet items constantly, hoping that someone will find something that they want. I haven't even sold the valentines hat.

I did get the facebook page for my store up though, and it would be great if you all could go like it, regardless of where you live ( https://www.facebook.com/lizzieslux). Just a reminder, I don't have a physical store, I make and ship the items from my house. I also plan on shipping any orders as quick as possible, like, within 24 hours of getting the order. And please check out my store if you haven't already (http://lizardbreath.storenvy.com)

I have three seperate assignments due today, so I gotta go.