February 24, 2014


I started making my first Amigurumi crochet project yesterday. Amigurumi is a Japanese (I think) form of crochet that basically involves tight stitching and cuteness. I started making one a few months ago, but I stopped because I didn't have the right stuff to do it. This one is almost done, I just have to find my embroidery floss in order to make the eyes, eyelashes, and cutie mark. Thats right. This is a MLP:FiM character. The thing is, I adapted this from a pattern for a pony, so its not perfect and I'm not sure how to make wings. But its still cute even though its imperfect and incomplete!

I started watching Vampire Diaries again the other day. Its almost depressing in most episodes and reminds me of a soap opera. But I was lacking a series to watch, so whatever.

I have totally procrastinated on my homework today, so I have to get started on that.