February 26, 2014

Lights Out

I woke up this morning when my parents were getting my brothers ready to go to school. Why? The electricity was out, so they had to go through the difficulties of getting ready in the dark with limited water for things like brushing teeth, washing faces, toilet flushing, etc. My only prayer throughout the whole ordeal? That the lights came back on before lunchtime.

Honestly, I was worried about my homework that I have due today for English. Well, that and the coffee that I am used to having in the morning.

I got out of bed about an hour after they left, as usual. I got dressed and spent a while crocheting and listening to a "whodunnit?" audiobook on my Kindle that I was smart enough to download a couple weeks ago. Then I pulled out my laptop and started typing on a zombie apocalypse novel that I got the idea for yesterday while walking my dog (kinda a good environment for writing about the zombie apocalypse).

Speaking of my dog, she is still sick. Which means that I am still cleaning up her messes (gag) and she is still refusing to use the bathroom outside like she normally does. Ick. Not sure how long I can stand this.

Anyway, I have to go find some food and probably drink some coffee and definitely do my homework, so goodbye for now.