February 13, 2014

Blathering About Nothing...

Good morning lovelies!

I really could have slept through my alarm this morning, but I actually woke up and turned it off. Its really quiet, peaceful music, so its really easy to ignore. But I can't stand it repeating, so I generally turn it off.

Anyway, I decided to wear my corset from my Ariel costume today because my back has been killing me. Even laying in bed last night, I was in quite a bit of pain. Its either my mattress or my posture due to the chairs at our kitchen table - where I spend a lot of the day. In spite of the discomfort that they cause sometimes, I actually do like corsets.

So, now I'm watching Raising Hope on Netflix (while sitting on the couch instead of at the kitchen table) and thinking about what I'm going to do today. I think I might work on the manuscript that I keep puttng off. And I have a couple videos to edit and upload to YouTube. Maybe I'll paint my nails today. That would be fun. Gah, I'm so boring today.

I think I might spend time on pinterest and then make something. No clue what. I spent a lot of time on pinterest yesterday, mostly pinning cosplay stuff. I want to cosplay sooooooo badly right now. I have to wait until the 22nd of this month though.

This show just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Well, I'm off to waste another day. I'm also multitasking and its not working for me this morning, so I need to stop doing at least one thing, and blogging is the easiest. Wish me luck on the manuscript and look for a video on Sibling Vloggery today. John and I have started taking on the LifeScouts badges one at a time.