May 28, 2013

Back from the Long Weekend...

This weekend (friday evening through monday) was really amazing. First of all, I ordered my new camera and it should be in thursday or friday. I'm really looking foreward to it. I found a lens online that I will probably buy soon. It only costs like $13 and it is a wide angle lens that can double as a fisheye lens. I'm super excited. Saturday, I worked on the pinterest craft (see the previous post) and then went on a date with my dearest, which, thanks to a gift won from a lottery done by the 27 dresses project, ended up costing us nothing. Sunday, I went to church and recieved some money in cards from church friends and whatnot. We had the senior recognition ceremony sunday too, so I got a card and a gift card from the church. After church, we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse, then went and bought a suit for my brother. They had a buy one, get one free deal at Men's Warehouse, so my dad got a suit too. On the way home, my mom dropped me off at my dearest's house and we spent about five hours watching movies (okay, we ate too, but not much else). Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning house with my grandmother because we are having my graduation party there. I also managed to finish the aforementioned pinterest projects by painting quotes on them.

This weekend was rather fantastic and surprisingly relaxing.

This morning, I was stressing about the monologue that I had to perform in Drama class, which I finished writing monday night. Seniors had to write their own monologues instead of memorizing one from a play. I did rather fantastic, and I only had to start again once. I think I'll add it to the "Stories and Poems" page after I finish writing this.

Today is actually my last full day at school. I only have to be here for one period tomorrow, check in the next day, and graduation practice and graduation on friday. It doesn't feel real, really. I feel like I'm going to be attending THS for the rest of my life, but I'm not.

I am very much looking forward to this summer though, because I will be able to work with my new camera.

UGH. People are annoying. A girl walking by looked at my screen and exclaimed "Oh My Gosh. Typing a book?!". Imbeciles. One of the reasons I am glad to leave THS behind though.

Elizabeth W.

May 25, 2013

A Messy Pinterest Success!

So, I saw this thing on Pinterest the other day, and it was a craft idea using colored bubbles. I did it today and it worked! Now, I just have to finish it and I can give it as a gift.

The idea was to take bubbles and put food coloring in the bubble soap. Then, you blow the bubbles onto a piece of paper and make art with the bubble pop circles.

This was a really simple concept that the source recommended for kindergarteners. I tried it, and ended up modifying it a little. However, I would recommend this for such young children only if you are prepared to clean up a HUGE MESS. I don't really know what that person was thinking. I mean, I'm a senior in high school, and look how much I got on me! I had it all over my hands too.

So, I started out with some food coloring and bubble soap. I poured the bubble soap into several containers, then added a different dye to each container. You have to mix it around a little bit to get the color even. Then, I took the canvas and blew bubbles onto it. However, it wasn't that simple. I had to try really hard to get the bubbles on the canvas due to wind and such. I recommend doing this in a studio or at a time when you have a lot of patience and very little wind.

After about an hour, I came back to check it, but the "paint" designs created by the bubbles had almost completely disappeared. So, I came up with a new plan, thanks to the advice of my boyfriend's mother.

I hunted down some Crayola "washable" colored bubbles, which you can find at any toy store or whatever. They have really dark, vibrant colors. I used them, and it got rather messy, but they turned out really great. I'm planning to paint quotes on these in black, then attach a ribbon to them to hand them. It was a really fun craft and rather easy, just be ready to get messy if you do this. Here's a picture of the finished project (minus the words). I think it would have been better if the pink had showed up more and if I had had more colors of bubbles. It's also best to wait a couple of minutes between colors to prevent crazy color mixing.

Elizabeth W.

May 24, 2013

Summer Lists

Well, today I am technically supposed to have my semester exam for this period. However, I have already finished my dual credit class, so there is nothing special about it. There is no exam to take. I have to take fifth and seventh period exams also, but I exempted the exams for those two classes, so I will be in the commons for those parts of the day. Next week, I only have to come to school and check in on Thursday, and I have first period only on wednesday. Friday we have graduation practice, then graduation. Monday we have off because of memorial day.

Nearly every summer, I have this list of songs that I want to make videos for, books that I want to read, and things that I want to do. This year, I haven't made them yet, so I decided to make them into part of the blog post. Let's go!

Summer Songs
  • Summer's Not Hot by Selena Gomez
  • Come and Get it by Selena Gomez
  • Deathbed by Relient K
  • Candlelight by Relient K
  • A World Without Danger from Code Lyoko
  • It's Time by Imagine Dragons
  • Mamacita by Family Force Five
  • Tank Top by Family Force Five
  • Down at the Twist and Shout by Mary Carpenter

Summer Reading
  • An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Catch 22
  • The One That Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Doctor Who/Star Trek (A crossover series that I will have to buy online)
  • Some kind of manga series that I haven't determined yet... possible fma or something. I really wish there was a Doctor Who manga series...

Not-Bummer Summer List
  • Go to the beach
  • Get my drivers liscense
  • Make music videos
  • Read books
  • Make a green screen video
  • Cover more songs on the ukulele
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Make skit/sketch videos
  • Have a party
  • Dye my hair red
  • Spend time with Taylor
  • Pre-order This Star Won't Go Out
  • Watch Les Miserables (the newest movie)
  • Buy one of those "50 movies for $8" sets from walmart and watch all the old, cheesy movies
  • Make a short film
  • Learn ASL
  • Get a new SMASH book and finish the old one
  • Watch both the old and new versions of The Great Gatsby
  • Get books from Half Price Books
  • Screen print more shirts, possibly some with the lizardbreathwalker logo on them
  • Paint things
  • Sew things
  • Get mini business cards from
  • Get another Snow White gig
  • Blog more
  • Post 365 nerds vlog (on my birthday, July 29th!)
  • Start a bank account
  • Start actually getting payed for ads and monetized videos
  • Go swimming
  • Go adventuring with my friend, Sarah
  • Vlog more
  • Get a WIDE ANGLE LENSE (maybe)
  • Modify tshirts
  • Go shopping at a thrift store and modify the clothes I buy
  • Make a pikachu hat (or buy one)
  • Get in shape by playing Just Dance on the xbox 360
  • Work on videos for the Knowledge days channel, and be ready to release them when school starts
  • Get a better intro video for my youtube channel that represents what the channel is about
  • Go to some sort of concert (I would go to boomin' by the bay, but it is no longer by the bay, but in houston, and I only know about one of the artists that will be there, and I don't even care for him that much)

There are probably more things that I can't currently remember but will put here eventually. I feel like some of these won't happen and some of them are bound to happen no matter what. I think I might post an update about half way through summer about how far I have gotten. I am also not going to blog as often during the summer (sorry!). I haven't figured out the schedule yet, but I'm thinking about once a week. I will be posting videos more often though, so that might be helpful. Oh, and if you have anything that you think that I should do or whatever or if you are doing something interesting this summer, feel free to leave it in the comments. Book reccomendations are highly appreciated also.

Elizabeth W.

May 23, 2013

Stuff To Do...

Yesterday, I spent from 6:00 to 10:30 editing a telenovela. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a spanish soap opera, and also one of the most stressful projects that I have ever been in charge of. It is due on friday, and I have the editing done as of last night. However, I went to burn it to a disk, and the program I had to use was a free trial, so it was very glitchy AND it put a watermark on the whole video. So, I have to burn the dvd again tonight using some other program.

My graduation speech is also due tomorrow, and I am almost done. I just need to type it up (which I plan to do within this class period) and edit it before sending it to the counselor. I don't know how long it is though, which worries me. Hopefullyy, I can have a fantastic speech within the time limit of five minutes.

I have to write a monologue for drama class. I've never written a monologue before, so this is kind of difficult. I also have to perform it on tuesday. I wrote one copy of it, but I hated it because it was very Edgar Allen Poe-ish. I guess I'll have to write another one. Many of my works end up Edgar Allen Poe-ish, for some reason, which is kind of scary (for proof, go to my stories and poems page and look at the poem "Little Moth Of Mine").

My brother has a band concert today at like 6:30, which is going to be a problem with the amount of work that I have to do, but I will somehow make it through. I can hardly believe that graduation is just a little more than a week away!

Elizabeth W.

May 21, 2013


Yesterday was the last monday of my senior year in high school since we have next monday off for memorial day. This is my next to last tuesday.

Yesterday, we managed to finish filming the telenovela, which means that I have a few days to put it all together. However, I also have to finish my speech for graduation and send it to the counselor by friday, so I have two major projects going at the same time. I won't have time to work on it today because I have an award banquet type thing to go to at 6:30, but I also have to get ready for it and I may not be getting home until like 5 or so beforehand. I hope to be able to work on it quite a bit tomorrow. Like, that is the only thing I plan on doing after school on wednesday.

My grandparents on my mom's side gave me my graduation gift yesterday, $500 to help me buy a new camera. After shopping around, I found one for $700 from sams club, but I have to buy it online. It is going to take most of my graduation money, which saddens me, but hopefully there will be more. I hope to order it sometime before the end of the week so that I can use it on the day of and the day after graduation. It is 24 megapixels, which is rather amazing, and it comes with a memory card thats like 16 GB. Its a DSLR camera also, and it comes with two lenses and a carrying case. Its a Nikon, so its a rather fantastic camera. All of the reviews were great.

I bought a book from the dollar store the other day because I needed something to read. Its called "Like Dandelion Dust" and it has been made into a movie. It seems like a pretty good book so far, and it only cost me $3. I'm thinking about making my personal library into a kind of lending library or something or starting a book trade thing with my friends. Because my friends and I have so many books, we borrow from eachother anyway, but this way we could have them at college and send them to eachother via requests on facebook or email. I think it would be cool. Or maybe there could be a whole facebook group. That way, we can read books without having to hunt them down and buy them.

I cannot wait until after graduation, because I want to dye my hair already. I like it blonde, but I really want the change. And its not like its forever, but it will be fun anyway.


May 20, 2013

Last Week That Counts...

This is the next to last week of senior year, and therefore one of the most stressful and craziest. First of all, I had to come to school today (senior skip day) and be in two plays this morning that we performed for the middle school. I wasn't supposed to be in the second one, but one of the main actresses (who was also supposed to be the sound technician for the other play) decided not to show up. So, I went onstage and performed with a script in my hand.

Today we were supposed to film the rest of the telenovela this morning and today after school, however, we will be attempting to film it all after school so that I will have the ability to edit everything before friday. Personally, I am about ready for this to be over with because I am ready to kill all of them.

We have the senior awards ceremony thing tomorrow at like 6:30, so that should be interesting. I hope I get more scholarships than the two that I know about.

I looked online and found the camera that I want yesterday. I should be buying that online within the next week, and then it will be shipped before graduation probably. I cannot wait to get it.

I am sick and tired of doing things for high school, and I would love to get away from all of the underclassmen.

Yesterday, I filmed a green screen test for the telenovela and also helped install a new air conditioner in my living room. Its kind of a must have for southern summers (the ac, not the green screen). I posted the green screen test as a video on youtube, just because I was bored.

I cannot wait to have time to do things that I want to do, like make videos and whatnot. I won't have to worry about high school stuff anymore. It has been a fun time and I've made a bunch of memories and learned stuff, but it has gone on long enough.

Elizabeth W.

May 17, 2013

Senior trip

Hello fellow insomniacs! Jk. I'm up early because I'm about to get ready to go on senior trip. I think the first thing I'll do when I get on rhe bus is sleep. 4:30 is too early to leave the school.

Elizabeth w.

May 15, 2013

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...

Yesterday, I got called to the counselor's office during 5th period. They made me come inside the room and sit down. Across the desk was the counselor and in the chair beside me was the principal. And, they told me my class rank. I am officially number 3. I am historian, which means that I get to make a speech about the history of the class. I am also the top ranked girl in my class, which is awesome also. I am really excited, but it also means that I have to think back about the things that have happened while I was in school. I'll probably start outlining that today.

Today, I taught a lesson in FCA based on a book I read called "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy. It is basically the young adult's guide to how God wants us to have relationships. I feel like because I gave my testimony about the subject, I really touched other people. I am also going to read the book again. Out of the hundreds and thousands of books I have read, this is probably one of the most life-changing books that I have read so far, and I really wish I would have read it sooner. I think that every kid should read it when they get into high school.

Tomorrow, I have to take another AP exam. Economics. Well, technically macroeconomics, which is the easier of the two economics tests. I really think that I can make a 3 on it because I can reason it out. The government one was difficult because it was based on facts. You had to know the facts to understand and answer the questions. Economics is based on math and logic, though, two areas that I am rather skilled in.

Friday is senior trip. I bought a phone charger yesterday that is a solar powered one, thinking that I would be able to use it to keep my phone alive all day. Sadly, it was missing a cable AND lacked the ability to connect to my phone. I searched the house to see if I could find a cord that would work with it, but I was unsuccessful. I guess I'll just return it and look for a battery powered one or something. I still have a million other things to do to get ready for senior trip, but I'm ready for the day to be here.

Yesterday, I worked on editing the telenovela. I think that it will be much easier this year, since all of the scenes are one-take type things. We film again today and tomorrow. Its all coming together. I managed to find some great theme music to go with it, so I think it will work out nicely.

Elizabeth W.

May 14, 2013

AP Government

Today, I took the AP government exam. I would tell you about it, but A) I can't, and B) I don't feel like it. I just hope that I got a 3 or better so that I can have college credit for it. This is also the reason that I didn't get to blog at my usual time today. I was in the middle of the test at that point, so it was impossible.

The up side to this is that now we basically won't do anything in Government/Economic class for the rest of the semester. Not that we were really doing anything anyway, but its a nice thought.

Friday is senior trip, whic should be fun. We're going to six flags in Dallas, but I really don't care about the rides. I don't really do rollercoasters since I'm kind of scared of heights and get car sick easily. I do hope to bring along my camera and maybe make a music video out of the whole thing, or at least get clips that I  can use to make my senior year music video. Gah. I can't type very well today.

I am really braindead right now. Its just something about taking a three hour test that is exhausting to the mind.

Last night, before I went to bed, my mom posted a thing on my wall on facebook about a song writing type contest. I think I might enter it. I have no clue what the prize is for winning, or even how to enter, but I will find out, and I will attempt to win.

I think I might go look up that contest now, since I don't feel like blogging right now.

Elizabeth W.

May 13, 2013

Being Snow White

On Saturday, I dressed up as Snow White for the birthday party of a little girl named Bailey (I'm not sure about the spelling). She was turning two years old and she was absolutely adorable. I spent quite a bit of time carrying her around. We would play with toys and make faces at eachother and take pictures together. It was really fun for both of us. I would sit down with her because someone wanted to take pictures and they would put an infant in my lap also. When they had finished taking the picture and took the baby away, Bailey would fuss, as if to say "That's my baby, bring it back!". Bailey is a child that has been fostered by a woman who is not her biological mother since she was 6 weeks old. Now, her foster mother is going through the final steps of the adoption process so that she will have a forever home. It was so sweet of her mother to throw a special birthday party for her to celebrate it.

I suprised my boyfriend's little sister by showing up at her house as Snow White also. She always comes and looks out the glass in the door to see who has arrived, and when she did that on saturday, I could hear her say "It's Snow White!". For the first few minutes, she didn't really know how to react. She was also not quite sure if it was really Snow White or if it was me, dressed as snow white. She became kind of shy, just sitting there with her hands over her mouth, staring at me for about five minutes. Finally, she showed me her birthday cake (it was her birthday party on the same day as Bailey's, but she was turning 4 intstead of 2) and the swingset that she got. I loved her reaction.

This whole experience has been really fun, and I would love to do this again, whether I do it for a little kid's birthday party or on halloween or if I visit a kindergarten class or if I visit a children's hospital. It just makes me feel good to make little kids happy, and give them something to believe in.

I do plan on posting pictures of Bailey's birthday party and my costume, I just haven't gotten around to putting the pictures on my computer yet. I do have one picture on my Instagram, if you can't wait. I was on my computer last night, but I was working on a spanish project and printing out address labels for graduation invitations and putting them on envelopes. Hopefully, I will get some time to do things like this after school today. We are going to film a telenovela scene after school, then I will get to go home. I should be home by around 4:30 or earlier, since my parents have a teacher thing to do today after school.

Elizabeth W.

May 10, 2013

Wrap It Up, People!

The year is neatly wrapping up. My grade for Sociology has been finalized, which means that I get to request my transcript from the college to be sent to my school, which will even further prove my status of distinguished. I will be going to the local eastern star chapter today for a ceremony in which I will recieve my scholarship from them. I will be addressing envelopes this weekend for my graduation invitations, and hopefully sending them out early next week. I can feel that summer is almost here.

Senior trip is next week, so I am rather excited about that. On Friday, I will have to be up at the school by 4:30 in the morning. We will all load up into three charter buses and go to an amusement park (and stop at buc-ee's on the way there). I will get to spend the day with my friends (I hope to bring my camera and make a music video out of it or something like that). I really don't ride rollercoasters, since I am scared of heights, but I'll figure something out. Then, we'll head home (and stop at Buc-ee's again) and get back to the school around midnight or so.

I have this idea that I want to make a music video using our senior class song, which is "Its Time" by Imagine Dragons. I really like the song, and I have some ideas in my head, but I also want to use video clips of fun and memorable things from senior year. Things that have my friends in it hopefully. I think I may use some of the video that I take on senior trip and the night of graduation. I'll post it on YouTube and Facebook when I'm finished, that way more people will see it. I will probably post it here also. I just think it would be a nice way to say goodbye to all of those years with my friends.

Oh, dear. A large number of people just came into the library. No me gusta. I don't enjoy when people come into the library when  I'm working because I feel like they're judging me, and some of them are really annoying too. It breaks the silence that I've been enjoying for the past 15 minutes.

The snow white birthday party is tomorrow. I've been asked if I could sing disney songs, and I said that I could, and they said that it would be awesome if I could sing "Beauty and the Beast". I hope they mean the Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast song. I really don't know all of the lyrics to that one, but I will try. I think it will be a little out of character, but whatever they want is what they'll get.

By the way, if you have a little kid's birthday party and need either snow white or tinkerbell or ariel (in the summer) or a person who plays the ukulele or something similar, I can totally do that. My current charge is $50, but it can be negociated if necessary. Just contact me somehow and I'll get back to you.

Last night, I was looking up disney songs and their chords on the Ukulele. I really hope that I can bring my ukulele to this gig and maybe use that to play some songs for the kids there. I have internet on my phone, so I can look up lyrics and chords to basically any song that they request. I do think that I will look up a few and print them out tonight or tomorrow morning though, just to have some ready.

I have a whole binder deticated to music. It used to be just for lyrics, but since I started playing the ukulele, I started keeping chord charts and chord sheets in there also. It needs to be organized again, but I think that it works great even then. I try to keep the lyrics-only sheets seperate from chord-and-lyrics sheets with a divider in the middle of the binder's rings. It makes it really convenient to have everything in one place though, that way I can just start playing whatever song that I want to without having to look it up on my phone.

By the way, I have two songs up on the bandcamp website now. They're both covers, but I hope to figure out the instrumentals to some of the original songs that I have written and post those, along with some publilc domain song covers. They're at lizardbreathwalker.bandcamp,com, so check out the FREE downloads.

Elizabeth W.

May 9, 2013

Its a Beautiful Day

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Won't you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?

Ah, Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Good times. Or, I could spin it the other way...

Its a beautiful day outside
Everything is okay and alright
Your smile is a vast contrast from the things we said last night.
(Oh, last night)

Gosh, I love HeyHiHello. Its like the Relient K of the secular music world, even though Relient K is kind of secular. Even though I just keep quoting songs, its because they illustrate how I feel today.

Yesterday ended rather pleasantly. I got home and found several things waiting for me. A) news that I have won two scholarships (FINALLY!) and B) my graduation invitations, which I ordered monday night, had arrived. I also took my final exam for sociology last night, and I made a 77, which means that I am making a B+ for the class for the semster, which means I get both college and highschool credit! Needless to say, I was rather happy. I also ended up cleaning out my room-ish area in the corner of our living room and organizing it so that I felt rather refreshed at the change.

Then, this morning my mom and I discussed the graduation gift that I would be getting from my grandparents (on my mom's side), which is a new camera. I've had the same camera throughout highschool, and I would really like a new one since I will be working on more professional things. I'm looking at a Nikon DSLR camera that is like 24 megapixels (if I remember correctly) and takes HD video. Plus, you can change the lenses, which means that I can find a WIDE ANGLE LENSE that will allow me to take up the whole box on my youtube videos. Whoo! I hope to be getting that within the next month or so, it just depends on how it all works out.

Then, when I got to school this morning, we went to the library and filmed two commercials for the telenovela. I think we have them done now. We have two more commercials and four scenes to film, but I can at least begin editing stuff now. I'm the director, editor, and sometimes the camera person. One of the commercials is a green screen car commercials, so we'll see how that works out.

Overall, I'm just really happy and today has been a really good day. I just hope that it doesn't start going downhill.

Elizabeth W.

May 8, 2013

Exam Day

Today, I have my sociology exam for my dual credit class. All of the other tests in the class have been on weekends, and they have been available for two or three days. However, this final exam is only available to be taken today from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. This means that I have to take it as soon as I get home. Its worth 200 points, and I need at least 100, so I plan to take my time on it. It covers every chapter in the textbook, pretty much, so I plan to go through the book during the school day and mark important things.

I began writing the second chapter of the story this morning. I think its going pretty well. I really like how its turning out. I've been thinking. Maybe, if I can finish the story this summer, I can send it to a publishing company during the school year or whatever you have to do to get a book edited and published. Then, they can start selling it in january or so of 2014 and I can have some money to pay for college with by the next school year. I just hope I can write it fast enough. That way, even if I can't go to SHSU this year, I can go to it the next year. Of course, I have no clue how much it takes to get a book published, nor how much you generally make from a published book. I'll have to reasearch that. I do think it would be cool to be paying for college with money from something that I made, though.

The concept of the book is similar to The Hunger Games, The Giver Series, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and things like that. I don't want to give too much away, but I do think it will be a great read. Its kind of funny, because the book came from an idea that popped up during a random conversation when we went as a OAP group to eat at denny's at midnight. I hope to get somewhere with it, and I will definately be crediting people who helped me with it and have given comments on the rough draft.

I guess I should go work on marking things in my textbook, even though I really don't want to.

Elizabeth W.

May 7, 2013

Fangirl Morning

This morning, I was fangirling (yes, its a verb now) over the email that I got from youtube. Youtube sends me emails all the time, particularly about comments on my videos. The other day, a contest was held on a vlogbrothers video that had something to do with submitting a video response and possibly getting to vlog on the channel or something like that. So, I submitted my Zombie music video. This morning, I got an email (my email comes to my phone) from youtube about a comment on my video. It was made by a person who works with the vlogbrothers and was through the vlogbrothers channel, saying that the video was great and that the person loved zombies. I was uber excited, and I keep thinking that maybe since the person works with John and Hank, one or both of them saw it also.

I was going through an old unofficial smash book the other day, and I found some stories, poems, and songs that were incomplete. I think I may start typing them up today. I am also working on another story (I can't remember whether I've told you of this one) and I made it to chapter two. I'm actually outlining this one, so I hope to finish it within a year or so. Hopefully sooner.

I keep thinking about how much I want summer to be here. Yesterday my mom and I sat down and ordered graduation invitations, which should be arriving before the end of the week, and started collecting addresses. BTW, if you are a relative or family friend of mine, send me your address so that I can send one to you. Comment for my email address.

I want to dye my hair red because I'm ready for a change. It kind of will be like a transformation and the starting of a new life as an adult. I also cannot wait to get a new camera, a bank account, a paypal account, and an activated adsense account. Hopefully that will help me out a little bit in the area of money. By the way, I have a friend, Lisa, who has a blog that she posts on (Apostolic Girl) that you should read also. I feel that she will be very good at blogging since she can take things with meaning and talk about them, rather than just random stuff like I post about.

Elizabeth W.

May 6, 2013

The After-Prom

So, yesterday was the day after prom, and today is the day that my after-prom madness begins. Prom itself was really fun, even though the DJ was TERRIBLE! It was the same guy as last year, but this year he was even worse. I had a fun time regardless, spending time with the people I love to be around.

Note to self, fake nails are not meant for typing. It kind of becomes like an annoying disability that prevents typing from being as fast and effective. Grrr.

I am still super tired. I got back home after prom and prom-related activities at about 2:30 AM and I didn't get to sleep until about 3 in the morning. Then, I went to church the next morning (the only high school girl to do so) and spent the day working on a spanish project.

This morning, we were supposed to film one of the commercials for the telenovela. I got to the library and two of my actors were there out of three. We went and searched for the third one (whom I had reminded via text message and email that we were filming) and could not find her, even though I saw her walk into the building. SO, I took over her part and we fillmed it in one take. We may have to do it over again though, because two of the lines were missed. GAH. Being a director and a senior in high school is a difficult thing to try and juggle.

I have qualified to apply to be in the honors college at the college that I plan on going to. I started filling out the application yesterday and I have to send it in before the end of the month. I really hope it helps me because the classes will be smaller and more serious and the dorms are seperate and better. There is also a quiet room for studying and such. I would love to do this, so I really hope that I get some scholarships so I can pay to go.

Elizabeth W.

May 3, 2013

Friday... Finally.

Today is Friday, May 3, the day before prom, 2013. I'm really excited about tomorrow, and I would love to be out of school today, doing things to get ready like many of the other girls, but I don't have the time or money to do so. I'm not getting my hair or nails professionally done because it takes too long AND costs way too much.

I only decided last night how I want to do my hair for prom, and I'm still clueless about my nails (although french tips are tempting). I made reservations for dinner before prom yesterday after school. We're eating chinese food at one of my favourite places... Jade Palace. Its a chinses food place in Humble that has some really good food at decent prices and some really sweet oriental people run the place. One of the waitresses, Sylvia, is kind of like my adoptive grandmother. Not many people go there for anything fancy, but I knew that they could seat us on such short notice. Things like Italiano's, Zio's, Olive Garden, etc. were either way too expensive or bound to be booked.

I think that tomorrow will be a really long but a really fun day. I love dancing, which makes prom really fun for me. I enjoy dressing up, but thats not really a major thing for me. I will get up early in the morning to start getting ready, take pictures, then meet everyone at a friend's house. We'll leave there and go eat, then go to prom. After prom, we'll go back to the same friend's house and stay up all night playing videogames and boardgames and talking. Fun. Nerdy fun, nonetheless, but fun.

Many people are going out and partying or drinking after prom. Personally, I think that's a really terrible idea. You don't have to be drunk or otherwise intoxicated to have a good time. Keep all of the kids from our school in your prayers, in hopes that we'll all be back at school on monday, safe and sound.

In other news, I'm currently reading a book called "Girl In Translation", by Jean Kwok. Its about a girl who comes with her mother to America from China. Its about how she had to adapt to the American school system and way of life. She and her mother work in a garment factory and live in a broken down apartment building that is due to be demolished at any date. Its a really good book that gives insight into what immigrants go through and feel like in their coming to America.

Elizabeth W.

May 2, 2013


Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom. We left the house at about 5:00 or so, and we didn't get back until 10:30 or so, so I didn't get to bed until roughly 11:00 or later. Needless to say, I am really tired. I almost fell asleep during a lecture in aquatic science AND while I was reading a book in economics.

The first thing that my mom and I did was go and order a boutineer. I really don't care if thats spelled wrong. My hands don't want to type today anyway. We went to one flower shop, but before we pulled into the parking lot they closed. So, we went to the other florist in town, and got there 30 minutes before closing. It ended up being the place that my date had ordered the corsage from, so they looked up his order and made sure that the color was right, and we got them to make the two items match.

The second thing that we did was go to a place called Sam Moon. Its almost like an outlet for jewelry and purses and such. I got my purse for prom. Its a really tiny silver one with sparkles all over it. I already have jewelry for prom, so I didn't have to worry about that. I did manage to get a wig for my Snow White costume though. It isn't a typical snow white hairdo, but a black wig with a bob-style hair. I bought a red bow to wear with it also, but they didn't sell just single bows, so I ended up buying a pack with like ten bows in it. I now feel obligated to wear a bow at least once a week. we looked for shoes there too (they had a shop next door with shoes) but we didn't find anything the right size that would match my dress. My mom doesn't exactly believe that my bobs match the dress perfectly. Its a floor length dress, so it doesn't matter that much.

We went to party city next. We managed to get the last snow white costume they had. The only thing was that its really short, so we bought some fabric at walmart that we are going to use to make a longer skirt. I was rather suprised that they were still selling costumes at this time of the year.

My mother and I then ate at Casa Ole in the mall before heading to walmart. There were some stops in between there, but nothing important. Most of the stores were closing up.

I am about to fall asleep while typing. Blech.

Elizabeth W.

May 1, 2013

Steel Magnolias

The other day, I watched the movie Steel Magnolias. Its about this girl who gets married, but she is diabetic. She is told she shouldn't have a kid, but does anyway. Then, her kidneys start to give out so she gets a transplant, but ends up dying anyway. Trust me , though, there is a lot more to the movie than that.

The whole moral of the story is that women are the Steel Magnolias. We're pretty like flowers, and we're supposed to be delicate. That's the way everyone thinks of us. But in times of trouble, we're the ones who are made of steel. We stand strong and keep others from falling when times get tough. As women, we are made of steel. We can stick around when the guys can't. In times of sadness especially.

Personally, I consider myself very much a steel magnolia. I have this ability to, when needed, basically turn off my emotions so that I can hold up in the situation. The thing about this is that I also have to break down sometime later, as the girl's mother did in the movie. And I think that, as women, it is important to have this trait and pass it on to other girls who are younger, so that they can stand strong when the time comes.

Today there was a car crash re-enactment at our school. I knew about it, but I was not looking forward to it because I cannot stand sad things like that. However, myself and many other girls got through it without shedding a single tear. Yes, it was sad. Yes, there is a guy dressed as the grim reaper walking around, taking kids out of class. Yes, it has had an impact on many of us. But just because we are told "you should cry", doesn't mean that we can't stand tall and... take it like a man.

Now I want to go home and watch steel magnolias again. The original one, not the new, lifetime movie one. It is such a good, and emotional movie. It was made in, like, the 80's. I have a friend named Shelby, who was named after the main character in the movie. If you haven't seen it, I suggest watching it.

Elizabeth W.