May 14, 2013

AP Government

Today, I took the AP government exam. I would tell you about it, but A) I can't, and B) I don't feel like it. I just hope that I got a 3 or better so that I can have college credit for it. This is also the reason that I didn't get to blog at my usual time today. I was in the middle of the test at that point, so it was impossible.

The up side to this is that now we basically won't do anything in Government/Economic class for the rest of the semester. Not that we were really doing anything anyway, but its a nice thought.

Friday is senior trip, whic should be fun. We're going to six flags in Dallas, but I really don't care about the rides. I don't really do rollercoasters since I'm kind of scared of heights and get car sick easily. I do hope to bring along my camera and maybe make a music video out of the whole thing, or at least get clips that I  can use to make my senior year music video. Gah. I can't type very well today.

I am really braindead right now. Its just something about taking a three hour test that is exhausting to the mind.

Last night, before I went to bed, my mom posted a thing on my wall on facebook about a song writing type contest. I think I might enter it. I have no clue what the prize is for winning, or even how to enter, but I will find out, and I will attempt to win.

I think I might go look up that contest now, since I don't feel like blogging right now.

Elizabeth W.