March 19, 2015


Directing a play takes a lot more time and energy than I'm used to putting into theatre stuff. Particularly since I've had rehearsal from 9 to 10 each evening since Monday. And I get to do the same thing next week. And the week after that. And so on. I've been wondering if maybe this was a mistake. Oh well. Too late to turn back now.

It is going well though, as far as the play is concerned. There will be a lot of sign language in it, which makes me happy.

Today is a very rainy, dreary day. I feel like sleeping. But I can't since I'm at school. Instead, I've been sitting in the cafe above the library for the last hour and a half working on homework that is due tomorrow. I plan on working on it a little more later today and finishing it tomorrow. The rain makes me want to listen to Ed Sheeran music though, so that's what I'm currently doing. And its not helping my mood any more than the rain is. Such sad. Such tired. Andrew won't text me. Blah.

I'm super bored though.

Oh, and my bento box lunch sucked today. Plus, I couldn't finish it since I forgot a fork. So I bought a chicken salad sandwich from the cafe and I plan on getting something to drink from the vending machine in a bit.

Sorry I have been kind of missing from the internet lately. I'm just lacking inspiration for blogs and videos, plus I've been rather busy. I'll be back on track next semester if nothing else.


March 3, 2015

Auditions: Day One

Today is the first day that I get to watch people audition for the play that I am directing. I'm looking to cast one female and two people of either gender. Either both male or one female and one male.

I got to college early because of class today. I was here before 11:00. But my scene partner for theatre class didn't show up and probably isn't going to show up next time either. I have no clue what I'm supposed to do about that. I guess I'll memorize a monologue from the play or something between now and Thursday. This sucks.

Anyway, this means that I technically could have skipped class and it wouldn't have mattered. I could have stayed home and gotten things done. Not that I won't be getting things done at school, but just different things. At least its kinda nice outside today. Its not freezing cold like it has been. I'm sitting outside the library while I blog and brainstorm ideas for the play and eventually edit a vlog and upload it to the keeyss channel. I'm kinda tired of doing the tuesday vlogs to be honest, particularly since no one else ever posts videos anymore. But I suppose I'll do them at least every other week until summer. Then maybe everyone will get back on track. If not, we had a good run.

I'm thinking about possibly doing a series of short vlogs on my main channel while I direct this play. I wanted to do that with the other play, but we were too busy. This time, I'll  kinda be in charge of it, so there will be time for it.

I'm only going to have three people on my cast at the most, and one at the least, and only one character has lines. A monologue to be exact. Should be interesting.

Auditions are at 6, so wish me luck in entertaining myself until then.

Also, this morning I found out that someone is majorly encroaching on my princess business. And for a higher price and less acting and less fun stuff and less time. She doesn't even sing. I'm not very happy about this. Anyway, this means that I need to step up my princess game and blow everyone out of the water. I'm thinking that on Thursday I'm going to dress up as either Ariel or Merida (although I'm unsure about driving while wearing a corset) when I come to school, hang around campus for dead hour and take pictures with people, hand out business cards, and then see about walking around Walmart, Walgreens, etc. a little later on. Good idea or bad idea? Idk, it just sounds fun.