April 30, 2013


Today, I am simply waiting.

Waiting for lunch, so I can request a transcript and get a new library book.
Waiting for school to be over for the day so I can eat and go to practice and perform The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds one LAST time.
Waiting for prom.
Waiting for my first kiss.
Waiting to dress up as Snow White for $50 and the happiness of a two year old.
Waiting for senior trip.
Waiting for graduation.
Waiting to get money from relatives.
Waiting for scholarships, scholarships, and more scholarships.
Waiting for summer.
Waiting for red hair, short shorts, and tank tops every day.
Waiting for a new camera and some awesome new videos.
Waiting to get new, decent editing software.
Waiting to make money through the internet.
Waiting to become famous.
Waiting to go to college.
Waiting to direct my first movie.
Waiting for someone to ask for my autograph.
Waiting for someone to recognize me on the street.
Waiting to record my first album.
Waiting to move out of my parents' house.
Waiting to get married.

I really can't think of anything to blog about today, but at least I got that out in the open. I'm obiously waiting for many things, but with good reason. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes, with all of the things I'm waiting and hoping for. I have to just take a step back and go on with the little bit of the plan that takes place today.

If you haven't noticed already, the very last showing of The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds by our One Act Play group is tonight. Its a pretty good show, even if we only got alternate at region. Admission is like $3 I think, and all of the procedes go to the family of the kids in the advancing 1A One act play that got killed in a car crash right after their district contest.

The only thing that I don't like about theatre is having to wear stage makeup. It is really gross and it makes me break out. I had to wear it yesterday for pictures, and I'll have to wear it again today. Why does my face have to go through this right before prom?!

I don't have anything to say, but I want to keep typing. I guess I'll put something new on the lifescouts page. Bleh.

Elizabeth W.

April 29, 2013


Prom is this weekend, and I am very excited.

I bought my dress about a month or two ago at this thing called the 27 dresses project. A bunch of people donated their old prom dresses and then they were sold to people like me/given away to people who needed them but couldn't pay for a prom dress. My dress was the first one you saw when you went into the little building where the shop was set up. I looked through all of the dresses, but I couldn't find anything that I really liked. I had my eye on this dress the whole time though. My mom convinced me to try it on and it fit almost perfectly. They said that a bunch of different people had tried the dress on and it didn't fit any of them. I felt like a princess when I was wearing it.

While we were in San Marcos, my mother and I visited the outlet mall and ended up going to icing. We found some jewelry and hairthings that were silver and we got them for me to wear with my dress. Dangly earrings, a choker-style necklace, and bobby pins with flowers on them.

I had been talking with my mom about getting TOMS to wear to prom (silver sparkly ones) with my dress. I showed her some online but she didn't think they would go. Yesterday we went to academy to buy some new shoes for my brother and dad. I had forgotten that they sold BOBS, the sketchers equivalent of toms that were very similar and half the price. I ended up getting some white ones that were the typical canvas shoe style, but they have this lace pattern on them. Last night I tried them on with my dress, and they look perfect. I'm looking foreward to the fact that I don't have to bring shoes to change into. I can just dance in my bobs. The cool thing about Bobs is that they donate a pair of shoes to kids in need just like toms does. Not to mention, you get a sticker and a bracelet with every pair you buy.

I'm also excited because I actually have a real date to the prom this year. Last year, I actually ended up asking the guy myself. Now I have a wonderful boyfriend that I am going with. Not to mention, we are riding to prom with my best friend, Ellen, and her date. She's dressing as the TARDIS (She found a dress online) and he's going as the doctor. I'm excited to see what this ends up looking like.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I finished the last season on netfilx this weekend. I was rather sad, but I ended up finding a place online where I can watch season 7. I still haven't gotten to the part where Clara comes in. I have a sticky note on my computer that I am using to keep track of what episode I am on and how far into the episode I am. Currently, I am in the 25th minute of season 7 episode 2. Something about dinosaurs.

My dearest spent this weekend watching Japanese anime, so we spent quite a bit of time this weekend talking about it. He says I would like Full Metal Alchemist. I may begin watching it sometime soon. I'm kind of cautious when it comes to anime because I don't know much about it and I haven't ever really watched any, unless pokemon counts as anime.

GAH! I keep obsessing over prom. Every thought seems to come back to it. I really cannot wait for it, and once its here, I will still be obsessing over it for at least a month afterwards.

I am also really looking foreward to the summer. I want to be free of this madness called "school". I also want to be able to spend more time with my dearest and working on youtube videos. I want to be able to wear shorts that are out of school dress code and spaghetti strap tops. I want graduation to be over so that I can dye my hair red and have the money to get a new camera. I want to be 18 so that I can get a paypal account and begin making money via adsense and bandcamp and whatnot.

By the way, I started a bandcamp page for my music. Right now there is only one song up, but there should be more sometime soon. I've been playing around with music recording programs and whatnot. The one on there already is one that I recorded with my phone. My bandcamp adress is lizardbreathwalker.bandcamp.com ,just so you know.

Elizabeth W.

April 26, 2013

Talent show tonight!

I wish I could say that everything was going as planned. At the beginning of the year, I thought, "I'll apply for a bunch of scholarships, win them all, and not have to pay for college". Instead, I spend my mornings writing essays for scholarships and have no money whatsoever so far. Its almost May and I still have no way to pay for college. GAH.

I started a new workout/diet plan thing yesterday. Its is basically just until prom, but I hope I can stick to it until then.

Step 1: Drink water.
I am going to try and drink nothing but water from now until prom. I may have a little bit of tea here and there, and apple juice every once in a while, but I want to avoid coffee and soft drinks. This way, I can help cleanse my system a little bit.

Step 2: Exercise.
I exercised for roughly 30 minutes yesterday. Runinng, walking, step-ups, crunches, push-ups, crab steps, and some other random things I found on pinterest. I expected to wake up today and feel like I couldn't move, but I'm perfectly fine. I do need to try and do some stuff every day though. I plan to do 30 mins or more each day that I have time, and at least some stretching and crunches on days that I don't.

Thats about all I have so far. I hope that this self-engineered plan does something.

Today is the talent show. I really haven't practiced a whole lot, so I hope it goes well. I hope I remember the words and chord orders. If you get a chance, you should come. 7:00 PM tonight. Admission is like 5 or 7 dollars per person I think, and we're raising money for a new spotlight in the theatre.

Acts to look foreward to:
Me (playing the ukulele and singing)
Harlie (singing)
Ellen (Arial Silk Acrobatics)
Jackson and Nick from Forever the Fierce (Playing piano and singing)
Jack and Jefferson (Playing ocarinas)

There are a bunch of other people too, these are just the ones I could remember.

I have to get to typing up an essay for a scholarship now, so I guess I'll leave.

Elizabeth W.

April 25, 2013

Books! Glorious Books!

Today, I have spent about two hours in the library. Part of it for a class project that was already finished and the other part for Dual Credit, in which I had nothing to do.

The good thing about being in the library is a) I got to hang out with my boyfriend and talk for an hour b) I got to return a book that I found uninteresting and check out two others and begin reading them. I really enjoy being in the library, but two hours is a really long time, hence the blogging.

Yesterday, I started rough-recording some songs with my laptop and a wii microphone. The good thing about the wii mic is that I have two of them, and they are USB mics. I was thinking about starting to use them as like a boom mic for video too, but they are a one-direction sound recording device, so that might not work too well. I also looked for some public domain songs that I might be able to cover and put up downloads of. There is a website that lets you put up your recordings and sell them for a donation of however much your fans want. I think I might start doing that sometime soon.

I also thought of another music video/cover idea yesterday at talent show practice. The song is kind of a slow one, but a good one, so it would be in black and white. I think I might use a karaoke track for that though, because it would sound better.

I started recording some of the songs that I wrote also, but its kind of difficult. I don't know many chord progressions, so instrumentals are limited. Some of the vocals vary each time I record also, so that is something that I have to work on.

I finally found out who the person was that is having the birthday party for the little girl that is turning two. They're a customer of a fmily friend. I cannot wait for this. My drama teacher says that we may have a snow white costume in the drama costumes and stuff, and that she'll know by tomorrow if its there. I hope it is, because that would maximize my profit. I will be payed $50 for this gig, but if I do well, I might end up getting others. Not to mention, this counts as experience that I can put on scholarship applications and job applications.

I am also almost an official member of the International Thespian Society. I just have to return the RSVP to my drama teacher along with the $23 membership fee. YAY! I have been waiting all senior year for this. It kind of makes me an official professional as far as acting goes, and I can put it on scholarship applications and stuff.

Elizabeth W.

April 24, 2013

Snow White

Today I have talent show practice after school. I have no idea what time it starts, but I figure I'll just show up at about 4 and see what happens. The other practices started at four, so I assume that this one does as well. The performance is on Friday at 7, so be there to see it. I brought my ukulele to school today because of this, but I don't feel like I'm getting as much attention for it now as I was the first few times.  I never thought that people would get used to something like that, but, whatever.

I spent some time yesterday looking on amazon to try and find a decently priced Snow White costume (dress and wig). My drama teacher posted on our one act play facebook page about a chance to dress up as Snow White for a little kid's birthday party. The girl is like 2 or 3 years old, so it isn't something that has to look exactly like snow white, but it has to be recognizable. I talked with my mom about it and she said that I could do it, as long as I was payed enough for my time and costume. I think the costume will cost me about 30 or 40 dollars. However, my drama teacher said that she thought that there was one in our theatre props and stuff, so I need to find time to look for that. If I can get away with mainly making a small profit that I can put toward college or a new camera, I will.

I really want to do this because I enjoy being around little kids and I enjoy dressing up. I think its kind of part of being a drama kid, and the part of not wanting to fully grow up. I figure that I am way too far from Florida or California to work as a character at Disney, as I have contemplated before. However, I can make this little kid's birthday by dressing up as her favourite princess. And, maybe I'll get lucky and there will be other moms there who will hire me to dress up for their kids' birthday parties over the summer. I think it would be a really cool summer job. Not to mention, I could do with some money to put away for college. I have applied for what seems like hundreds of scholarships and gotten nothing so far. A job like this could be just what I need. The only thing I would have to pay for is costumes and gas to get there, which are likely to be covered by the money I earn. At least, I hope so.

Then, when my YouTube stuff picks up a little more and I get my adsense account fully set up, I can make a little money that way too. Right now money is something that I am really concerned about. Welcome to the world of being an almost-adult. Blech.

My brother was making fun of me yesterday about this Snow White gig would be the first time I had actually made money, which is a total lie. I've mowed lawns before, and I've cleaned. I've just never been payed a whole lot. And none of those jobs were really things that I enjoyed.

Elizabeth W.

April 23, 2013


Yesterday, I had my first real run-in with some haters. Cyberbullies. Whatever you want to call them. All they really are are some jerks who like to go around wasting their time by telling people to die. Don't they know that they can't command people what to do over the internet. I went to look at their channels and discovered that basically they were a couple of middle school boys who liked to curse and play Call of Duty. I'm pretty sure that they have no right to threaten anyone, and that they probably would burst into tears if I told their mommies about what they had been doing, not to mention they would be grounded from videogames and computers for a month. Poor little crybabies.

One of the kids seemed really stupid in particular. He sat there commenting negative things about how I should go die and how God wasn't real, then went to two other videos and commented saying that I was "hot" and "cute". When you can't even use correct grammar and go without contradicting yourself, you REALLY don't seem intimidating.

The whole ordeal shook me up a little bit, to think that someone is mean enough to comment things like that, but too shy and dumb to say it to my face. But, I got over it.

I think that I might do a few more ukulele covers soon, like one of Hey Soul Sister by Train, and maybe one of Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd. The second one being like a reply to those comments.

You can't stop shouting at me

Calling at me

Be what I be

You can't stop looking at me

So get up out my way!

You can't stop YouTube-ing me

On repeat

Runnin' this beat

You can't stop

It's funny to me

I'm laughing all the way!

I just really feel like it illustrates that situation nicely. Plus, I kind of really like the song.

Elizabeth W.
Hi, hater... Kiss, kiss, I'll see you later...

April 22, 2013


On Friday, at region contest for One Act Play, we performed our hearts out. Literally, that was the BEST performance we have ever done. At least, from my perspective it was. We did not advance, which we were sad about at first, but we did get alternate play. This means that if one of the other plays cannot make it to state for competition, we get to go. Almost like an understudy. However, we are technically within the top twelve plays in the state of Texas, so we are rather awesome nonetheless. I got Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, which isn't the best award, but its an award. I could have not gotten anything. I think I'm happy with this for my senior year. I spent the equivalent of a whole semester working on this play, and I had a good time. We will have one more performance at our home theatre, then we will be done unless they call us back to go to state due to someone else not being able to go. I'm happy that we got this far, but also happy that we don't have to practice EVERY DAY from now until the time of state contest. I get to actually go home today and do things. I won't know how to spend my time now. I can actually go places and make videos and socialize.

I have to go work on my spanish project now. I started typing it up last night. The telenovela script. I think that this one will be rather amazing, that is if people can get their stuff together and let me combine all the scripts. They were supposed to email it to me by last night, and only one girl did. Oh, well, I'll find a way for us to finish it up.

Elizabeth W.

April 18, 2013

Nerves and Coffee


I am super excited and scared and nervous and I want for us to advance. Please, keep our whole team in your prayers today, tomorrow, and saturday. We will be very nervous and anxious. This is the second time (I think) that THS has ever gone to region in One Act, so we all feel pretty special. We have been working every day almost since the last contest. We will be leaving our school at about 7 in the morning, and we perform at about 4 in the afternoon. We will be staying the night at a hotel near there. At least pray for us to do well and have safe travels.

I had coffee this morning for, like, the first time in a week, so I am really jittery and the anxiety of contest being tomorrow just kind of makes it worse. AAAAH!

I have to make sure that I check for any make-up work today, so that I won't be bombarded on monday, AND so that the teachers won't be upset about it. I already have my bags mostly packed for tomorrow, but even then I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off tonight, trying to get everything ready and double-checking what I have to pack.

Yesterday, one act practice only lasted about an hour, so I thought I was going to have extra time to do stuff. I really didn't. Immediately after practice, we went over to my grandparents' place and worked on washing some of the dishes that were in their china cabinets in the fire. The cabinets were wood, but they were in the part of the house that didn't really burn. They are covered in soot and stuff, but they are salvagable. The cabinets are not worth anything though, because the smoke and heat has damaged the wood. Yesterday we washed the set of dishes that my mom and I chose to inherit (my grandparents had 4 boys). They are a cream color with gold-ish edges and green leaves and pink flowers on them. there are cups and plates and bowls and all kinds of things. There are at least three other sets that need to be washed, and some women from the church that my grandparents go to are supposed to come over today and work on them, because they want to help. I am amazed at how well Simple Green, which is a de-greaser, works to get the gross-ness off.

My Gold Key came in the mail the other day. Its a little gold pin that looks like a key with a circle on it that says "The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards". I put it on the collar of my letterman so that I can wear it and show it off all the time. I kind of wish that it was a necklace instead, but its still cool that I can wear it.

I'm going to go try and finish reading my book, because it just got really good. Its called "Stolen" and its by Lucy Christopher. Its about a girl who is kidnapped in England and taken to Australia. Its really good.

Elizabeth W.

April 17, 2013

Random Facts and Ponderings

If you haven't already heard, I am giving up VEDA this year. Too many things came up and I just didn't have the chance to make anymore videos. Plus, I'm super tired and I need some rest.

The next three days are going to be super busy for me. Today I have to see abou7t working on the telenovela for spanish. I wrote my part of the script, but it was too short, so I had to start over, adding in more lines and details as I went. Then, I have region contest on Friday. I hope that we make it to state. It would make my year. We're leaving really early in the morning to go to Blinn college, and the contest is later on in the day. We'll stay the night at a hotel, then come home the next morning. Saturday I also have to take a test for my online class. I cannot miss it. I just want that class to be over. I think it is just too much for me at the moment, and too easy to forget. I have drama practice tonight and tomorrow night also, and I have a scholarship that I have to finish and turn in before friday. GAH.

You know when you sit there wondering about random things, then it starts bothering you what things you can't figure out, and things that are impossible. That happened to me the other day. I was thinking about the fact that we cannot tell eachother what colors are like. My green could easily be your yellow. We call them the same thing because that is what we have been taught to calll them, but there is no guarantee that they look the same. Gosh, I wish there was some way to fix that.

Did you know that the female anglerfish is the big one? The male is simply a sperm-producing parasite that sticks to her side. So, on things like finding nemo, the anglerfish they encounter is actually a female anglerfish.

I wonder which theory of time and space is the true one. Is it the one that coincides with the grandfather paradox? If I go back in time and kill my grandfather, will it not be possible for me to kill my grandfather? Or maybe its more of a doctor who thing, where small things can change, but the situation must always have the same overall outcome. If your grandfather died on a certain date, he will still somehow die on that date, even if you go back and save him from getting hit by a car, because the world works that way.

Elizabeth W.

April 16, 2013

Out of these ashes, beauty will rise...

It was the day the world went wrong
I screamed until my voice was gone
And watched through the tears as everything came crashing down
Slowly panic turns to pain
As we awake to what remains
And sift through the ashes that are left behind
But buried deep beneath all our broken dreams
We have this hope

Out of these ashes beauty will rise
And we will dance upon the ruins
We will see it with our own eyes
Out of this darkness new light will shine
For we know that joy is coming in the morning
In the morning
Beauty will rise...

This song is basically what my soul has been singing ever since about 3:35 yesterday. I feel like its a prayer from me and at the same time a promise from God that everything has a purpose.

Yesterday, my grandparents' house caught fire and burned. Half of it is nothing but ashes. Less than a week ago, I stood in their living room, and yesterday I looked at the charred remains and was amazed at how unrecognizable it was.

God has blessed us because my grandparents (they were on my dad's side, just so you know) were not home when it happened. They were on vacation. They rushed home, a 12 hour drive, when they found out, and they managed to make it here safe. My grandpa is also a preacher, so they have the church parsonage to stay in, which they have clothes and food and whatnot in. They also have a travel trailer that they can stay in, if need be. I guess, even though God let something happen that wasn't so great, he knew that we were the most prepared for something like this. It could have been much worse. They could have lost everything, and we could have lost them.

We don't know exactly how the fire started, we just know that it happened and that we must rebuild. I guess that is how it is with everything in life. When it falls apart we have no choice but to rebuild. Yes, there is a time of mourning and grief, but there is a time for planting, and a time for harvest, and a time for rejoicing afterwards. Out of these ashes, beauty will rise.

I guess I'm just tired. I'm also in shock, because it doesn't seem real. I guess the only time it has seemed real, that it has really hit me, was this morning and last night. Last night, we ate dinner at my great aunt's house, because people had already been bringing food. I just sat there and stared at my soup, trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened. And when my great aunt hugged me, I felt like crying like a baby, because she is one of those old ladies that can hold you as if you are an infant, even if you are almost grown up and about a foot taller than her. This morning in first period, I had to tell my  drama teacher what had happened. She is like a second mom to me. And I broke down crying because it hit me that it was really real. This had all happened. I just needed a hug. And I managed to recover quickly, and convince myself to stop crying and make it through the rest of the day.

Elizabeth W.

April 15, 2013

Give It Up To God

So, today was going perfectly fine until this period. I was a little stressed, since I haven't gotten much time to work on the telenovela for spanish, but I was not freaking out. Everything just fell apart.

It turns out I only made 35 out of a possible 50 points on the five page essay for my psychology class. I was like, well, thats not good, but at least it was kind of passing. Then I realized I was supposed to have done a discussion by this weekend. I was away this weekend and did not get to do so. And, of course, professors on college classes are WAY less forgiving. So, I missed 10 points out of a possible 50 for my discussion grades. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid and forgetful right now. And I have to take a test this weekend over the chapter, right after we have one act play contest. Everything is building up and I can't keep up anymore.

I think this is one of those times where I just have to take a deep breath and give it all up to God, which is something I really stink at doing. I get so concerned about so many things, that I start forgetting and messing up and freaking out. And, honestly, I am afraid to give things up because I'm human and I feel like I need to be in control of everything. You would think that I would be smart enough and trusting enough to let the master of the universe take care of my problems. There he is, arms open wide, with a plan that everything will work out. Every day has enough trouble of its own, but as humans we forget that and end up freaking out about everything.

So, even if its just a quick prayer, just say a prayer that I can get myself back together and let God take care of me, starting today. I'm not so good at this life, but I know he is. He will be the one who really decides what college I go to, how much I have to pay for it, whether I get any scholarships, everything. And I keep getting caught up in these little things, because it seems so important right now. If I would look at the bigger picture, I could tell that making a B in a class instead of an A doesn't matter that much.

Elizabeth W.

April 12, 2013

Road Trip!

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in San Marcos, typing this and watching the disney channel. Why? because I have nothing else to do, or at least that I want to do.

We left the house early this morning and drove here to visit the college tomorrow. The best part? I got to miss school today, and I had plenty of time to vlog and hang out with my mom.

I am going to wear my doctor who shirt to the college day tomorrow. Why? because it makes me feel special, and like I have an unspoken bond with all whovians nearby.

I went shopping at an outlet mall today. I was a really big outlet mall, and I felt like I was going to get lost. I managed to buy my jewelry for prom, along with some clothes that were on sale at banana republic.

So. Tired.


Elizabeth W.

April 10, 2013


Today is kind of strange because I'm still trying to figure out how it will work, as I go through it. I missed the Aquatic Science field trip because I have to go to the official rehearsal for the oap contest tomorrow. I also have to have money for my lunch, which I managed to get from my mother about 10 seconds before leaving the car this morning. I didn't get my makeup work yesterday, so I went to get it this morning, but only one teacher was there. The only class I'm worried about is spanish, and I guess I'll go in tomorrow morning and get my work. I just hope she isn't mad.

Today in FCA, shelby discussed something that was mentioned at DNOW last weekend, which I was not able to attend. I found it rather interesting, and I jotted some of the things down for future reference. The subject was how to prove that the bible is true.

The first thing that Shelby mentioned is that the bible was written by over 40 different people over hundreds of years. Some of the people didn't even know eachother. They all quote eachother, showing that they believed what the others said, and nothing conflicts. This is important, because all other religions with sacred texts say that their text was written by only one person at one time, so there is no proof that they were right. They could have made the whole thing up. Not to mention, there were over 6000 manuscripts of the New Testament that have been found, while Homer's Illiad (or maybe it was the odyssey) only has about 600.

Another point was that thousands of archeological digs have found things that are mentioned in the bible. Like, when they found the town that they think was sodom and gomorra (I probably spelled that horribly wrong!) where fire was supposed to have rained down on the city, they could tell from the remains and ashes that the fire had started on the roofs of the building, meaning that it was possible that the fire had come from the sky. They also found the city of Jericho. The walls were found to have fallen outward, in a way that they seem to have been pushed outward from the inside, proving that story true.

Most religions have the concept of a flood story, like that of Noah and the ark, because if there was a big flood, everyone is going to know about it. Some people worked out the math and models and proved that the size and shape of the ark made it virtually unsinkable. However, when they tested the sizes and shapes of the other boats from other flood stories, all of those boats were found to be sinkable. God's perfect boat plans prove that he is almighty.

Lastly, some scientists who didn't believe that man could be made from dirt, as stated in Genesis when God created man from the soil, got together and did some tests. They found that every thing that makes up man can also be found in dirt. Something as complex as a human being came from dirt, but that can only be done via supernatural intervention, AKA: God!

I just can't see how people can disagree with evidence like that.

Elizabeth W.

April 9, 2013

Shark Dissection

Today, in aquatic science, we began dissecting sharks. This is probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever done. First of all, I really hate the smell of the preserving fluids that they put on dead things before dissections. Second, dead things gros me out. Third, it smelled REALLY REALLY bad. I'm kind of glad that I will miss the next dissection day.

Yesterday was quite upsetting. I spent some time after drama practice talking to my mom about college. I haven't gotten any scholarships yet, even though I've filled out hundreds of applications online. I'm freaking out, because I am dying to go to a university, and if I don't get enough scholarships, I will have to go to a community college and hope that I can transfer.

I think that the current system for all of that is very unfair. Just because I'm white, apparently I'm supposed to be able to pay for college on my own. Its hard to believe this is happening to me. I talked more about it in yesterday's vlog, so  I'll let you watch that if you want to hear more of my story.

I'm about to go fill out some more scholarship applications, so bye! Wish me luck!

Elizabeth W.

April 8, 2013

Catching my breath, and hoping the week rushes by...

I woke up this morning and I felt absolutely terrible. I couldn't stand up for long periods of time, my stomach hurt, the whole deal. So, I pushed through it and went to school anyway. I feel significantly better now, but I would really like to just fast forward through the rest of this week.

Today and tomorrow are the only days I will be officially at school this week. And that means that I have to worry about getting makeup work, plus I have to go to the counselor's office and get a few more scholarship applications. I have some that have due dates coming up, so I have to finish those and send them in.

Wednesday I will be at school for about half of the day, because that is the day that we will go to rehearse on the official huntsville stage. Then, on Thursday, we have contest at the huntsville stage. I will have been to huntsville three times within 5 days.

I am looking foreward to Friday and Saturday, because my mom and I are going to San Marcos to visit the college. We will leave early Friday, to get there with plenty of time, since its like four hours away. We'll spend some time taking more senior pictures and wandering around, doing whatever. That night we will stay in a hotel, and in the morning we will get up and go to the college. I'm going to bring my laptop so I can vlog on those days. I haven't really been consistent with my vlogging times, but I have managed to vlog every day in April so far. I am not sure how I will do so on Wednesday or Thursday, but I will figure something out.

I think that I want to get another SMASH book for when I start college, and do one every year from then on. Its like scrapbooking, but more free-form, so its easier. Plus, I can take it with me and work on it anytime. I was SMASHing things on the car ride yesterday, when we were on the way to the arboreum and botanical gardens to take pictures.

I think I am going to work on my SMASH book now, since I feel like it. I feel like there is something more productive I could be doing, but I don't exactly feel great.

Elizabeth W.

April 5, 2013

I really don't have anything to talk about but I'm blogging anyway...

I am currently reading a book about WW2. Its called Between Shades of Gray, and its by Ruta Sepetys. Its a really good book, but I want to hurry up and finish it. I keep getting hassled for it because the name is similar to that of a book that is well known for being not-so-nice. I keep telling people that it has nothing to do with that, but they keep picking on me for it.

I really have no clue how I can vlog today or tomorrow. I will get home at like 9 today, so I will probably vlog during or after drama pratice. I may not get to edit it. I might be able to upload it while I am eating dinner. As far as tomorrow, I am going to visit a college, then I will be taking some senior pictures in places with bluebonnets. I really don't know when I will find the time to vlog. Welll, technically the vlogging can happen any time during the day, since I will be able to have my camera with me. But, I may not be able to upload it until late at night, if at all. I've been thinking about getting up rather early and uploading a vlog before I leave, but that will be kind of difficult. I will be leaving the house at 7 or so, maybe earlier, so I don't know how early I will be able to get up. I would like to get a decent amount of sleep tonight.

Today, I may be going to see a play. My drama teacher is thinking about cutting practice short to go as a group and see "The Great Gatsby", which is the other advancing play, and our competition. Supposedly it was really good. I hope so, because I don't want to practice from 4 to 8:30.

I'm not very talkative because I haven't had coffee in a whole week. Our Keurig machine broke, and we haven't gotten the chance to get a new one yet, so I've gone without coffee since it broke. Well, I had some instant coffee on Sunday, but instant coffee is nowhere near the real thing. Hopefully we can get a new machine this weekend, so I can have coffee again. We have a normal coffee maker, but it takes too much effort and time to make coffee with it.

When I go to college, I hope I can have my own keurig coffee maker. That way I can have coffee whenever I want. I can fix it while I get ready. I will be staying in the dorms, so I hope the dorm I end  up in has two seperate bedrooms. I want to have a door that I can close to get away from my roommate if I need to. And I can keep it in my bedroom area if my roommate is mean or doesn't like coffee.

The wall beside my bed, which has been featured in several videos (look back at the ukulele covers) is covered in things that I like or think are cool. I don't know that I will take it down when I go to college, but I think I will make another in my dorm. I just think it would make a great background for vlogging and stuff.\

The other day, I created a box for things to take with me when I go to college, and every time I put something new in it I get excited. I just want to be able to have my own living area and be semi-independent.

Is it strange that I'm ready for college, but I'm not exactly ready to graduate high school? There are SOOOOO many things that I am going to miss. Chocolate chip cookies that we have at lunch. Easy classes. All my friends. And its almost a surreal thing to think that I have been working 13 years to get this far, and I've finally made it. I don't know what I'll do when I wake up the morning after graduating and think, wow, I will not step foot in that high school to go to classes for the rest of my life. I will never again have the experience of blogging in the library or sneaking into the teacher's lounge for snack during after school practices. And it makes me miss the little things, and the times long past, like playing crazy imagination games on the playground and being on teams during PE that were based on class. My first crush. Field day. Middle school dances. Prom. Pep-rallies. Singing songs together in class, or while walking down the hallway. Comments made on my pink skinny jeans or my unicorn backpack. Gosh, its almost all gone.

I do have a few things left before its over though. Senior Prom. Senior Trip. Filming a Telenovela. Checking my ranking one last time. Writing a speech (hopefully). Senior Pictures. Finishing my SMASH book. OAP contest. Aquatic Science field trip.

This life is made of so many things, and each year passes by faster and faster. I want to make the most of it.

Elizabeth W.

April 4, 2013

Why I Love Vlogging...

So, I really like this vlogging every day thing. It is a way for me to talk about whatever I want and entertain myself while relieving some stress. I think that I may do it more often. What I am learning about vlogs, at least so far, is that they can be about anything and they don't have to be fancy and perfect to be good.

Yesterday I was watching videos on Hank Green's channel, since he is doing VEDA. Then, I go sidetracked to Emma Blackery's channel, and I was watching a video of hers that was supposed to be encouraging for people who wanted to be on youtube, but hadn't started making videos yet. One of the things that she mentioned was that you should always be making top-quality video if you want people to watch. I'm not sure that I agree with her there. I think that you should start out by doing what you enjoy, and be constantly looking for ways to make it better. I know that there are different opinions on things like that, but I think I was kind of appauled that she said that. She didn't mean editing, but content. I think that both editing and content are something that evolve over time as you become more experienced. I know that my first vlogs were really terrible. But, as I started doing more vlogging, I have gotten better at it. Once you start, the only direction you should be heading is up.

I enjoy some of Emma Blackery's content, but I think that her attitude and the way she acts just makes me hate her sometimes. I don't mean to start a controversy, because I watch her videos and I think that she is pretty cool. I have even subscribed to her channel. Maybe its the fact that she almost always sounds angry, and I feel almost like I'm being yelled at over the interenet sometimes. Whatever, I'm entitled to my opinions and you to yours.

I'm not sure how I'm going to vlog today. I may not have time, since I have drama practice until, like, 6. I thought about vlogging shortly after school or even shortly after drama practice, but I still have the problem of deciding what to vlog about. I really wish that people would comment and give me topic ideas, since I can rant about practically anything. Yesterday, when I went to edit my video, I saw that Hank had posted a video about books also. He did book reccomendations, and I did why I love reading, but it was still pretty cool, and I swear that I did not see his video until after I had already filmed mine.

I have been seeing and reading a lot of things about world war 2 lately. I watched two movies about it in one class (not history) and I picked up a book at the library and it happens to be about ww2. I think that its weird how things like that keep popping up. Once, we did a play called Elephant's Graveyard, and its about the hanging of mary the elephant. For about a month after that, I kept noticing elephants everywhere I went, whether it was jewelry or toys or something one television. And obviously these things were there before, but the play made them become noticable.

Elizabeth W.

April 3, 2013

Rubber Boots and Candles

This morning, I woke up at about 6:00, which is roughly 30 minutes earlier than normal. I was told by my mom to find a flashlight, so I ended up giving up my booklight. I tried for about ten minutes to get back to sleep, but it didn't work.  And, in the candlelight with no running water, I got ready for school this morning.

Last night it rained and whatnot. I wore my zebra print rubber boots today just because it was an opportunity. I also put on what little makeup I normally wear in the half-dark, and fixed my hair in the half-dark too. I got to school about 30 minutes earlier than usual, so I spent a lot of time reading this morning.

The girl who was supposed to lead FCA wasn't able to make it this morning, so I had to improvise a lesson. I talked about easter and its real meaning and how it should impact us more and stuff. I don't feel upset about her not being there, and I'm fine with improvising a lesson. I really didn't know I could do it, but it was just as good as some of my other lessons.

If the lights aren't back on by the time I get home, I'll have to vlog in the dark, or else outside. Either way, it will be interesting. I hope its back on so I can use the wifi to upload the video.

I'm going to visit a college on Saturday, so that should be fun. I think that I will vlog on the way there. I could even use my car camera stand! I will have to find a different way to upload it though. I may end up uploading it late at night or something. The weekend after that, I will be going to another college. I will be staying at a hotel with wifi though, so I can upload it then.

I have begun reading the book Born Standing Up, which is Steve Martin's autobiography. I think that its pretty good so far. This is the first time I have ever read an autobiography, so I wouldn't know. I found out yesterday that Esther's book, This Star Won't Go Out, is already available for pre-order, and will officially come out in January of 2014. I can't wait until it comes out. I never knew Esther, but I think it would have been neat to know her. I think its cool that people make a difference in the world, and leave an impact on the people they meet, even after they're long gone. I want to be that kind of person. I started watching Esther's YouTube videos yesterday, and I want to watch them all. She just seemed like an amazing, friendly, and happy girl. I looked at her website and she would only be a little more than a year older than me if she was still alive. If you aren't a nerdfighter, feel free to check out the vlogbrothers youtube channel and the website of the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation to know more. The foundation helps parents of kids with cancer to be there for their kids and help them in caring for their child. There are bracelets and shirts the you can buy (links on the website) and all of the procedes go to the foundation. I think I might buy some when I get the money.

I think I will probably participate in Esther day also, which is a day that people remember and honor her by just loving one another and telling eachother that they love them.

Another holiday that is coming up is Impossible Astronaut Day, which I am way too lazy to explain, but I will say is a doctor who thing and it is happening this month!

I want to go to vidcon someday. I want to go at least once as a regular person and once as a performer... I forget what those people are really called. Sorry, I just saw something about it and I decided to mention it. I can't get to California, though, so I have a major problem there.

Elizabeth W.

April 2, 2013


Yesterday, I got home at about 8:00 and decided that I had enough time to make a vlog. Yes, I am officially participating in VEDA! I'm not sure if all of it will be vlogs, but I'm going to try. I posted the video last night at about 9:00 or so. Maybe later. I hope to get the one for today done earlier. I'm not sure how much editing I am going to do with these. I think I'll just do a small bit to take out the stupid parts, like I did with the one last night.

The thing about VEDA is that I will be talking about something different everyday, and I'm not sure that my brain can come up with that many fresh topics. I'm not sure what I'm going to talk about today even.I plan to do it on the way to One Act practice. I think that will work out quite nicely. Feel free to comment about things that would make an interesting video. I really want these things to be interesting.

I am almost done reading the new Lois Lowry book, Son. I think I may finish it tonight and get a new book tomorrow. I had hoped to have it finished so I could get a new book today, but that didn't happen. The author is doing a pretty good job of connecting everything and tying up the loose ends that were just left hanging in the end of the other three books.

Yestereday, when I went back over to the school that my parents teach at, I felt like some kind of celebrity. They showed the video that I made about the STAAR test to all the kids and teachers, and they thought it was great. The awesome thing about it is that it can be used again and again, and for multiple grade levels. When they come out with a new standardized test, I can just make another one. All of the kids kept coming up to me and saying that the video was awesome, and even some of the teachers. If you want to see it, just go to my youtube channel and it should be one of the last videos posted, and its titled "STAAR Test".

I keep thinking of things to say, but then I realize that I already said them in my vlog yesterday, so I should just let you go watch the vlog whenever you get a chance, instead of restating myself.

On one of the karaoke CDs that I have,  I was looking at the tracks, and I was surprised to find a song by an artist I discovered a couple months AFTER I bought the CD. Forever yours by Alex Day. I was like, wait... Is that the Alex Day from youtube? And, of course, it was. WHOOO.

Why are people so obsessed with british people. I love their accents, I'm not going to lie, but what makes them so special. Are there countries where people obsess over American people and think that southern accents are awesome? These are the thoughts and unanswerable questions that plague my life.

Elizabeth W.

April 1, 2013


I would do some crazy april fools day prank, but I'm too lazy.

So far, this month is starting off very dreary and rainy. The sky is cloudy and bleak. Yesterday it rained and hailed. I know that rain on easter sunday is normal, but hail?

When I got home after the performance on thursday, I was handed an envelope. I opened it to find a letter and a certificate. About three or four months ago I entered two of my poems into a contest. I didn't expect to win anything, but I figured it couldn't hurt to enter. In the envelope was a letter explaining that I had done very well in the contest and I had won not honorable mention, not a silver key, but a gold key. The actual award is supposed to come in the mail sometime soon. All I have for now is the certificate. I didn't win at the national level, but I did advance to that level. I think I should get some kind of cash reward, but I don't. At least I know I'm a good poet though.

A little while ago, Lois Lowry came out with a new book in The Giver series. I read The Giver when I was in like fifth grade, and it was really great. Probably about a year ago I found and read Gathering Blue and Messenger, which are the two books that continue the story. Kind of. Then, I found the new book, Son, and I began reading it on thursday night. I am about half through with it now. It is much longer than the other three books, but it is absolutely fantastic. I hope that it finishes up the story nicely and connects everything.

Auditions are today for the talent show. I am scared to death because I still haven't decided on a song. I have a CD of one that I can do just in case, but I have been wanting to do one with my Ukulele. I brought it just in case, along with my binder of music. I keep looking through it thinking that the right song will just pop out at me. My mom suggested that I do "Some Nights" by FUN, but I would have to edit the lyrics a bit. I would love to do the song "Finding Something To Do" by Hellogoodbye, but the chords are a little too complicated for me to perform without music. I thought about "Good Time" by Owl City, but I don't care for the song that much. Theres "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" by Relient K also, but I don't feel like thats the song that I want to do. "Me Without You" by TobyMac is a good one, but I don't know all the words that well. My song on a CD is "Can You Feel It" by Family Force 5. I really don't know what I'm going to do. I want to play my ukulele, but I also want to be able to dance around on the stage, which I can't do if I play my ukulele.GRRRRRF. I guess I'll know by the time auditions start.

Elizabeth W.