April 15, 2013

Give It Up To God

So, today was going perfectly fine until this period. I was a little stressed, since I haven't gotten much time to work on the telenovela for spanish, but I was not freaking out. Everything just fell apart.

It turns out I only made 35 out of a possible 50 points on the five page essay for my psychology class. I was like, well, thats not good, but at least it was kind of passing. Then I realized I was supposed to have done a discussion by this weekend. I was away this weekend and did not get to do so. And, of course, professors on college classes are WAY less forgiving. So, I missed 10 points out of a possible 50 for my discussion grades. I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid and forgetful right now. And I have to take a test this weekend over the chapter, right after we have one act play contest. Everything is building up and I can't keep up anymore.

I think this is one of those times where I just have to take a deep breath and give it all up to God, which is something I really stink at doing. I get so concerned about so many things, that I start forgetting and messing up and freaking out. And, honestly, I am afraid to give things up because I'm human and I feel like I need to be in control of everything. You would think that I would be smart enough and trusting enough to let the master of the universe take care of my problems. There he is, arms open wide, with a plan that everything will work out. Every day has enough trouble of its own, but as humans we forget that and end up freaking out about everything.

So, even if its just a quick prayer, just say a prayer that I can get myself back together and let God take care of me, starting today. I'm not so good at this life, but I know he is. He will be the one who really decides what college I go to, how much I have to pay for it, whether I get any scholarships, everything. And I keep getting caught up in these little things, because it seems so important right now. If I would look at the bigger picture, I could tell that making a B in a class instead of an A doesn't matter that much.

Elizabeth W.