April 18, 2013

Nerves and Coffee


I am super excited and scared and nervous and I want for us to advance. Please, keep our whole team in your prayers today, tomorrow, and saturday. We will be very nervous and anxious. This is the second time (I think) that THS has ever gone to region in One Act, so we all feel pretty special. We have been working every day almost since the last contest. We will be leaving our school at about 7 in the morning, and we perform at about 4 in the afternoon. We will be staying the night at a hotel near there. At least pray for us to do well and have safe travels.

I had coffee this morning for, like, the first time in a week, so I am really jittery and the anxiety of contest being tomorrow just kind of makes it worse. AAAAH!

I have to make sure that I check for any make-up work today, so that I won't be bombarded on monday, AND so that the teachers won't be upset about it. I already have my bags mostly packed for tomorrow, but even then I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off tonight, trying to get everything ready and double-checking what I have to pack.

Yesterday, one act practice only lasted about an hour, so I thought I was going to have extra time to do stuff. I really didn't. Immediately after practice, we went over to my grandparents' place and worked on washing some of the dishes that were in their china cabinets in the fire. The cabinets were wood, but they were in the part of the house that didn't really burn. They are covered in soot and stuff, but they are salvagable. The cabinets are not worth anything though, because the smoke and heat has damaged the wood. Yesterday we washed the set of dishes that my mom and I chose to inherit (my grandparents had 4 boys). They are a cream color with gold-ish edges and green leaves and pink flowers on them. there are cups and plates and bowls and all kinds of things. There are at least three other sets that need to be washed, and some women from the church that my grandparents go to are supposed to come over today and work on them, because they want to help. I am amazed at how well Simple Green, which is a de-greaser, works to get the gross-ness off.

My Gold Key came in the mail the other day. Its a little gold pin that looks like a key with a circle on it that says "The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards". I put it on the collar of my letterman so that I can wear it and show it off all the time. I kind of wish that it was a necklace instead, but its still cool that I can wear it.

I'm going to go try and finish reading my book, because it just got really good. Its called "Stolen" and its by Lucy Christopher. Its about a girl who is kidnapped in England and taken to Australia. Its really good.

Elizabeth W.