December 20, 2013

Video Editing Day

I started today with watching Carrie Fletcher's videos on YouTube because I think that she is awesome. And because I'm lazy.

Today is dedicated to crocheting and editing videos. I have like ten videos that I have to upload in order to finish my 25 days of Christmas thing one YouTube. And I only have 6 days to do this. I think I can do this.

I really hate video editing, but this is an act of love for my viewers and for my family. And I love what I can make when I spend time doing this.

Also, James' band concert was last night, so we went to that. And I got to see Ellen there. Turns out that she made a life decision and is now going to become an actress. I'm super excited for her, and it was very nice to see one of my best friends again.


Oh, and I'm trying to put more stuff up on Bandcamp while I wait for my videos to upload...

December 19, 2013

Christmas Gifting

Yesterday, we did the family Christmas with my grandparents on my mom's side. It was the first Christmas of the season for us. We have four more Christmases to do after that. Normally we would do it on Christmas itself, but they plan on leaving and going back to New Mexico at the end of the week.

Anyway, this meant that I had to hurry to finish their Christmas presents yesterday. I managed to finish crocheting and wrap the hat for my grandma and the scarf for my grandma before my parents got home, actually. But now I have other gifts to worry about.

Normally, I really don't get gifts for people, but I feel like I should start doing it this year. I actually had some income from jobs and stuff this year, and I want to be able to show that I am kind of growing up. I made scarves for my cousins and a gift for each of my best friends and for my brothers and parents.

The thing is, I have yet to make most of the gifts, so I am spending now until Christmas doing so. Fun.

But I really do love giving gifts. I love the smile they bring to peoples faces and how surprised they can be. I've always been the one that gets gifts, and I think its my turn to start giving them.


December 16, 2013

I'm Back!

Sorry that I was gone. Blogger was acting up and I was too lazy to post from my phone, then I had a mental breakdown, and blah blah blah, but now I'm better, so lets get back to it!

I only get to be a princess one more time before Christmas, and its next Saturday. Snow White for a birthday party. I didn't get to be Merida on Saturday like I had planned, so whatever. I was told that they didn't want me back until the spring, so, sucks for them. I was a dang good princess.

The hot topic for me right now is my book. I hope to try and send my manuscript to a publisher soon. I have two other manuscripts that I am working on. I want to go through an actual publisher with hopes of actually making money and my books actually being in bookstores. Its not that I want to be owned by anyone, but that that seems like the best way to go.

I sent a message to John Green on Tumblr with hopes of getting advice about publishing books. We'll see if he actually answers.

I have a lot of stuff to do before Christmas. Four scarves and four hats to crochet. And what have I done this morning? NOTHING!

I just kinda played around on Tumblr this morning. I did find a publisher that will accept manuscripts without an agent though. I'm too inexperienced to hire an agent. Not to mention I don't really know how to hire one. Maybe someday in the future.

I should probably go do chores and work on crocheting those things. BYE!


December 4, 2013

Crochet Day

I plan on going up to my mom's school to sell some of my crocheted stuff on friday, so both today and tomorrow are basically crochet days for me. I will do some basic chores and homework, but I plan to spend most of the time crocheting. I have three hats to finish and if I work quickly I can make some more baby booties and a scarf too.

My grandpa came home last night, unannounced. He has been in New Mexico with my grandma. They normally say something before they come back, but this time he didn't. I'm supposed to take their mail up to him in a little while. I just hope that he's awake and he's in a good mood when I do so. I don't like being around my grandpa when he's in a bad mood.

I also have to actually edit the video that I want to upload today. I filmed it last night with my little brother. Its not a cover video, so be thankful. I just hope that the camera wasn't moved by my other brother, because if it was then it will look terrible. I tried to keep it in place the whole time.

We ran out of sugar and I need coffee. This is an issue. I sweetened my coffee with honey yesterday, but it tasted nasty. I'll figure out something.


December 3, 2013

Happy Tuesday.

I'm really tired and bored and whatnot. I should be doing chores and crocheting things to sell on friday and whatnot. But I don't wanna.

I started doing something on my Youtube channel, kinda like my version of the 25 days of Christmas. Basically, I'm going to try and upload 25 Christmas-related videos between now and December 25. Whoo. I'm in the middle of uploading the second video.

My grandma on my dad's side called yesterday, and she wants me to start going to painting lessons at church with her on the first and third mondays of the month. But its oil painting. And I would be the youngest person there. And I don't do well in situations that require socialization and talking to people. But I don't have an excuse to go. So guess who is going to painting lessons two weeks from yesterday?

I can't think of anything to talk about.