December 4, 2013

Crochet Day

I plan on going up to my mom's school to sell some of my crocheted stuff on friday, so both today and tomorrow are basically crochet days for me. I will do some basic chores and homework, but I plan to spend most of the time crocheting. I have three hats to finish and if I work quickly I can make some more baby booties and a scarf too.

My grandpa came home last night, unannounced. He has been in New Mexico with my grandma. They normally say something before they come back, but this time he didn't. I'm supposed to take their mail up to him in a little while. I just hope that he's awake and he's in a good mood when I do so. I don't like being around my grandpa when he's in a bad mood.

I also have to actually edit the video that I want to upload today. I filmed it last night with my little brother. Its not a cover video, so be thankful. I just hope that the camera wasn't moved by my other brother, because if it was then it will look terrible. I tried to keep it in place the whole time.

We ran out of sugar and I need coffee. This is an issue. I sweetened my coffee with honey yesterday, but it tasted nasty. I'll figure out something.