My name is Elizabeth, and this is my blog.

When did the blog start?
I started blogging in like 2008, because I had nothing better to do on the internet. I wasn't very great with content then, but I am much better now. I am currently in my second year of college, and I am using this to keep track of my journey through life and what fun that I am having.

What is it about?
I tend to blog about whatever strikes my fancy when I sit down at the computer. Some days I talk about music or movies, while others I talk about projects that I am working on in school or in my internet doings. I tend to post here about things that are coming up soon on my other accounts like YouTube and Bandcamp. It also serves as a central location to link together all of my locations across the internet (hence the links above and to the side).

Why did the blog start?
I was inspired to start blogging more often by one of my favourite independent directors, Isaac Deitz. I love his film work, and I love that he is a Christian filmmaker, as I would like to be someday. I found out he had a blog, and I ended up reading it and then Imodified my blog to serve a better purpose than simply taking up a URL.

Why do I blog?
I blog for the same reason I do other things like sing and make videos: I enjoy it. No one is paying me to do this. I write all of this based on my opinions and what I am going through right now.

What else do you do?
I am also an aspiring musician, actress, and movie director. I hope to go to college for theatre, actually. Because of this, I am also available on other sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, and Bandcamp. I do not currently have a twitter, but its merely a matter of time. Feel free to contact me on any of these sites or via this blog. I read all the comments on all of the internet locations (at least so far).

When do you post to the blog?
I try to blog every weekday during the school year, and I'm not really sure how often I will blog during the summer, but I would guess about once a month. Nonetheless, I have tons of posts, so keep checking back for stuff.

-Elizabeth W.