October 7, 2012

Another awesome band

I have recently become obsessed (yes, I'll admit it, obsessed) with a band called Family Force 5.

They, like most bands I listen to, are technically a Christian band. They do not outwardly label themselves as such, but that is what they are. They are all Christian guys making music and performing for the glorification of Jesus Christ.

I used to really like the band Hawk Nelson, which claims to be a Christian band and has similar music. However, Hawk Nelson never once mentioned Jesus at their concert that I attended while Family Force 5 did.

Another reason I love FF5 is the fact that their music videos and YouTube videos show that they are just normal people. They have a thing called a "really real show" on YouTube that their camera guy, Isaac Deitz, makes showing what they are like behind the scenes. They really are just normal guys.

So, if you're looking for a really awesome krunk rock band (as they label themselves) or just some interesting people to stalk via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and instagram, look up family force five. Fatty, soul glow, nadaddy, chapstique, and crouton would probably appreciate it. And while you're there, look me up too.

Peace out Lovers and Haters!

October 2, 2012

Traditional Vs. Online Schooling

I feel that complete online schooling is unfair. First, you miss the awesome lectures and classroom interaction in the learning experience. Learning from others in that way is helpful. Second, teachers are put out of work. When a single teacher can teach a class of fifty students online, it puts the other two teachers that could have had traditional classes from that group out of a job. Being a teacher is hard enough without worrying about such things as unemployment, and I know, because both of my parents are teachers. Lastly, you miss out on hands-on learning in classes like science, art, and psychology. In general, learning online is fun, but traditional teaching is still a very important style that should not be abandoned any time soon.

Personally, I have nothing against online schooling. I am currently taking a few online classes, and I enjoy the fast pace involved in learning that way. However, I really enjoy the lectures in history class, where you can practically see the historic battles raging in your mind, and the communication I have with the teacher in math class when he shows me exactly how to do a problem. And everyone has a learning style that works best for them, so online learning may work for some but not for others. I believe that both online and traditional schooling should be offered and used by all capable and willing students. That way, everyone will be getting a good education and having a great time while doing so.