August 30, 2013

When the Coffee is done...

Ah, the coffee. I love when it's done. I also love watching Wheezy Waiter videos on youtube. Can't ya tell? I watched quite a few yesterday while Puddin' was napping in my lap. But seriously, I do enjoy when the coffee is done and I'm drinking some right now.

I've thought many times about submitting my own wink video, but apparently YouTube plans on getting rid of video responses. That freaking business is just plotting against all of it's users. It's just stupid to start taking away things that people use. It's kind of stupid. Let's hope that they either nix that plan or bring us something even better.

Okay, I'm going to film this Wheezy Waiter wink thing and post it before I even finish this blog. I have to do this. Now.

gjlkjer/lkmj/. rkshkjeyuhjjvoijlrkjkejelkj

And now I'm editing and uploading it. There will be a link/embedded video at the end of the blog post.

So, I started watching a new Anime series yesterday because I finished the two that I was watching. Chobits is what it's called. I looked and Netflix rated it as PG-14, so I thought, hey, this can't be too bad. And it should be rather like PG-16 or 18. I'm not so sure that Netflix ratings are that accurate. Or movie ratings for that matter. But, it's not that bad. I just skip over the parts that make me feel uncomfortable. I think that maybe some people are okay with 14-year-olds watching things that I think aren't appropriate. I really need some anime suggest

Okay,so now I have uploaded it to my computer and I'm almost done editing. All within about 5 minutes.

By the way, Puddin' really doesn't know what to do with a camera stand. She tried to bite it.Silly girl. And I think that she's afraid that I'm ignoring her because of the blog and stuff. Why don't dogs learn to play alone in the way that small children do?

Oh, I finished my math work yesterday, which means that I don't have any work due until tuesday. I'm still going to work on it some today to try and get ahead on it so that I don't have to rush to finish stuff. I'm still not doing that great with Algebra, and I'm still missing my history textbook and my drama textbook. I also ordered that hard copy of my algebra textbook. I really can't wait to get all of these packages in the mail. I enjoy getting things in the mail because it makes me feel special. Except when the mail says that another expensive college is trying to get me to go there. Those are really annoying. Or that time I got on the mailing list of a bunch of baby stuff and free samples of formula and diapers and stuff. Not really sure how that one happened.

Okay, I am officially uploading it to YouTube now.

I feel like I could have put Puddin' in the video somehow, but I couldn't get her to sit still, much less think of a way to do so.

I think that this is probably going to be my shortest video ever.

Hey, the puppy is asleep now. Whoo!

Gah, I have no life.


August 29, 2013


Puddin' has decided that biting is fun. She spent quite a lot of time both today and yesterday biting my hands, feet, arms, clothing, and shoes. Thankfully, her little puppy teeth can't draw blood, but she has come very close several times. And she doesn't seem to understand the concept of me telling her "no" and swatting her nose.

Thankfully, she is asleep right now. I have learned that if I can manage to get her to fall asleep in her bed or on the floor, I can quietly get up, move around, and do what I need to do while she is napping. Oh, the joys of having a puppy. And of course, I am the one who she spends at least 10 hours, if not more, of the day with, so she has chosen me as her favourite person. She follows me around and wants to play with me even when everyone else is home. What have I gotten myself into?

So, the other day I started making my own website. I found this site called Wix, and it basically lets you have a website for free. I was working on it both yesterday and the day before. I'm about half way done. I really need to go out and take pictures, though, both for the website and for the special project. The name of the special project will be released on the website when I publish it. And, no the website is not the special project, but will serve as a home base for me to send people to in order to let them contact me or have info about the different things I do.

Dang it, she woke up.

The special project is taking longer than I expected, but I assure you that it will be done in less than a month.

I finished my English work for this week yesterday, which means that I just need to finish my math homework before the end of Friday. I really hate college Algebra. I read the chapters and take notes. I do the practice problems. Then, when I go to do the problems on the homework, they're like ten times harder and I think I have the right answer because I worked it out, but its actually wrong.

The book that the instructor uses is an ebook, which means that I have to read it online. I really hate having to take notes off of my computer though. So, yesterday I went on amazon and found a hard copy of the book for sale for like $13.00. It's supposed to ship in 2 to 6 days. I hope that it gets here soon, because I really really hate working without a hard copy of the book. I have to take notes off of my laptop and it bothers me not to have an actual page that I can flip to instead of following multiple links to get to each lesson.

Anyone else hate ebooks for textbooks? I'm fine with them otherwise, but it's just wrong to have a textbook online. And it would be better if I could get to it on my phone or my parents' ipads, but the ebook website isn't compatible with anything but an actual computer's internet browser. There's no app or anything. GAH!

Oh,dear. She found a piece of paper to play with. She's trying to tear it up, but all she's managing is to make a lot of racket and put a few holes and some puppy drool in it. Too adorable, that little monster is.


August 28, 2013

Puddin's First Bath

I spent about and hour and a half sleeping in our lazyboy recliner this morning with Puddin'. I did the same thing yesterday morning. A pretty good way to start off the day for both of us. I kept waking up because of dreams and the fear of squishing my miniature dachshund baby. It was still a nice morning nap.

Then, I got up and took a shower, which made the puppy whine because she wasn't able to see me. Then...

Puddin' had her first bath.


I really didn't know what to expect. I haven't bathed a dog in at least a year. So, we were both kind of new to this. She whined and tried to get out of the shower. If we had a tub instead of just a shower stall, it might have been easier, because the whole time I had to keep at least one if not both of my hands on her at all times. It was really a necessary thing, though, because she had transformed from an adorable little dog to a very stinky, flea-covered little hound. Now, she smells a lot better and she has a lot fewer fleas.

I guess you can say that I kind of got a late start today. I took my time. I watched some anime. I washed some dishes. I washed some clothes. Puddin' and I played. Puddin' napped while I blogged. I guess I'll work on college stuff after lunch.

This anime I am watching keeps getting more odd. Eden of the East. Definitely not a show for little kids or preteens. I can't really tell what where the plot is going, but it's an anime, so there will most likely be a happy ending.

I found what the deal was with my math class and I started working on the assignments. This is a lot more difficult than high school algebra. I know most of the stuff, but I have to read the book and take notes in order to refresh my memory. Then, the teacher, who really doesn't do any teaching or interaction with the students at all, expects us to do all of the work without a calculator, which leaves a lot of room for mistakes  and mess-ups,  which means that I get a lot of things wrong.

I have stuff done for all of my classes this week except English and Math. Those are works in progress. I think that I am going to focus on English today, since I have discussions due tomorrow. The math stuff is due on Friday, so I have a little more leeway there.

Well, I'm starving, so I'm going to go fix myself some lunch. Let's hope that Puddin' can stay asleep through me getting up and coming back. I need to switch the clothes over into the dryer too. Blech.


August 27, 2013

Day 2 of Blog W/ a dog

I have to say that Puddin' is very much like a baby or a toddler in many ways. She loves to play and is very curious. In fact, she is licking the screen and keyboard as I type. She also whines/cries when I do something that she doesn't like, such as leave her alone for more than two minutes or pu her in her pet carrier at night. She also loves to take naps.

She took about 4 different naps yesterday and those were almost the only times that I got chores done. This morning, she and I took an hours long nap before I decided that we needed to get up so that I could go change out of my pajamas.

I discovered this morning that she also likes coffee.I accidentally spilled a few drops of my coffee before I started blogging and she was there immediately to clean it up. Now she keeps eyeing my coffee cup.

In other non-dog related news, I logged on to my classes online yeseterday, only to find that all of my teachers had started posting things except my Algebra teacher. Like, that teacher hadn't even put up a syllabus or welcome message or assignment or anything. I'm kind of worried. I'm going to check in a little bit and if nothing is there yet, I'm going to report it to the tech support people at the college.

Someone, please save us, us college kids
What my parents told me is what I did
They said, "go to school and be a college kid"
But, in the end
I question why I did :/


August 26, 2013

Blogging on floor because dog

So, the day before yesterday, one of my mom's friends posted a pic of puppies for sale on facebook. And my mom fell in love with a dog. And now we have a miniature dauchsund named Puddin'.

She is already spoiled rotten. She follows me around the house and whines for me to pick her up and pay attention to her. I can't help but pay attention to her because she is stinkin' adorable.

This morning, she had a fit because I put her in her carrier so that I could take a shower. Then, when I was done with my shower, we ate pancakes. We then watched the last half of the first episode of Sherlock. After that, we took a walk and she actually did her business outside, which made me rather happy. Then, I put her cage cushions in the wash and started up my computer so I could blog, log in to college stuff, and upload the first Knowledge Days video. I was sitting at the table with her in my lap when she decided that she wanted to get down. So, she jumped out of my arms and fell 1.5 feet, landing rather awkwardly, which scared both her and me rather badly. So, now I am blogging from the floor.

As much as I love sitting on the floor with a dog in my lap as I type, I would really love a small toddler pen to put her in at moments like this. We went to Walmart yesterday, but we could only find ones with a floor built in to them. I need one that is just the four walls.

In the meantime, I get to sit on the floor with my "baby" and carry her around while I try to get things done. My parents and brothers are back at school starting today, so this will last until at least 4:00, but probably later. I have no clue how I am supposed to wash dishes with this little monster at my heels all day. But, at least I'm not super lonely.

Oh, and I got my Sherlock books yesterday. It turns out that they were delivered to a neighbor's house, so a neighbor boy brought them to me. I had never seen him before, so all I can think is that maybe he lives on the other side of the railroad tracks or something.

Well, I need to go do college-y things, so goodbye for now.


August 24, 2013

Dang it.

So, I got a package in the mail today. I thought it was going to be the two Sherlock Holmes books that I ordered. I was super excited. And then I opened it and it was an MLA handbook and a books about the conquest of the new world. Dang it. Stupid textbooks.

Then, I went to the website that I ordered it from,, and it said that the two books that I currently have in my hands have been shipped, but not delivered. It says that the SH books were delivered yesterday around lunchtime. WTH, Amazon!? I guess I'll go check at the mailbox and at our neighbor's houses later. They sometimes put them there. But still, I really want to read those books.

This morning, I had a dream. It was a pretty good dream, but the waking up part wasn't so nice. I dreamed that I was in love and engaged to be married. Then I woke up and realized that I am just a really sad, introverted teenager. Dang it. Stupid Brain.

I can't really put a number to how many dreams like this that I have had within the past few years. Too many, though. I think part of it is because everyone around me is living that reality. I have tons of friends that are engaged or married or at least in a happy relationship that they feel the need to brag about on facebook. And I'm just here. Blogging. Youtubing. Wallowing in loneliness.

I mean, I don't want to get married right now. That would be stupid. I don't want to have a kid right now. That would be even more stupid. But sometimes I forget that God has a plan for this little life of mine. I get scared and think, what if I end up truly forever alone. Or what if I marry the wrong person because I never met the right one.

I go back to bible verses and try to find the answer. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. But what if I do something along the way, and I mess up God's big plan. I know that he does know what he's doing, but it sure would be nice if sometimes he would give me a little hint as to what I should do to further his plan along. And maybe a way to feel a little less lonely all the time, and more loved.

Well, I guess I'm off to go straighten my hair. We have family pictures today at the church. I have to look my best. I guess. I really hope that my books come in the mail soon. Instead of me having to go online and sort out this crazy mess caused by the postal system.


August 23, 2013


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Boredom and Waiting

This morning, I woke up to John Thomas's demands for help with a videogame. This time, it was changing out the disk in the xbox. Not difficult, but we don't trust a 7-year-old with such a task.

The sad thing is that I woke up out of a rather interesting dream that involved a wedding, many of my family members, duck dynasty references, and, at the point that I was awakened at, Benedict Cumberbatch. I hate when I wake up at such a wonderful part in a dream.

Anyway, so I got up, helped my brother, then went and took a shower, all the time pondering where exactly my brain was going with having Benedict Cumberbatch in my dream. I couldn't really find an answer. Then, I decided against making pancakes for breakfast since I have made them almost every morning for the past week and a half. I made myself some coffee, washed some dishes and put clothes in the washing machine. And then I decided to blog.

Then I had the thought,


I think that maybe I'm just bored. I mean, I have been working intensely on this very special project all week, and now I'm left waiting. Waiting for the final parts of the project to be finished. Waiting to get my textbooks in the mail. Waiting to get my Sherlock Holmes books in the mail. Waiting for classes to start. Waiting to get paid for my work this week. Waiting to become famous. Waiting to fall in love. Waiting to make more friends. Waiting to get my license. Waiting to go to Disney World/Land. Waiting to take a trip to London. Waiting to meet Benedict Cumberbatch. Waiting. WAITING.

Gah, I hate waiting. I always have. Even as a small child, I've lacked patience, whether is was with people of with an upcoming event. I have always been the one that wants it to happen NOW. I guess maybe thats why I get so frustrated with people sometimes. Maybe its why I tell myself that I have anger management issues. Blech. I'm so bored.

I could edit a couple of knowledge days videos, I guess. I filmed two yesterday. They're about just random things because I haven't gotten any suggestions. I think that I will upload them on monday or tuesday.

I'm really looking forward to having the house to myself from early in the morning to when school ends each day/ This means that I can practically do whatever the heck I want, just as long as I get the chores done and my online college work taken care of. I won't have to worry about feeding anyone other than myself and I can do craft projects and watch Sherlock (I'm starting my third watching of the series) and make videos without anyone being able to complain about it.

I don't know. I guess I'll go do something else and stop complaining to people that I don't even know.


August 22, 2013

The Very Special and Very Exciting Thing

So, this week, I began working on a thing. A very special and very new and very exciting thing. And it's almost done. I got the idea on monday and I have been working very VERY hard all week to get it done.

And the best part is that it involves you. This is much  better than any special thing that I have done before. MUCH BETTER. And quite a bit more special. This special thing is in the final stages of production and should be available to you by sometime next week.

Right now, the only part left of finishing the thing is dependent on another person and will take about three days. Oh, and it corresponds in some way/shape/form to a new blog. Not my new blog, but a new one that is technically owned by me. Only technically though.

As soon as the special thing is ready for you, I will be posting here and basically everywhere else that I can be found on the internet. Gah, I am so excited about the special thing.

Check back on monday or maybe tuesday to find out what the special thing is.

Here are links to more places that I will be posting when the special thing arrives.

@lizardbreathwalker on Instagram


August 21, 2013

Help Me Out

Hey, help me get more money to use on college books and stuff by following this link and doing a free trial of amazon student. Seriously, guys, I get ten bucks if you do this.

August 14, 2013


I am currently sitting in the lounge of a car dealership. Entertainment options? Talking or watching the news. Normal people stuff. Boring.

Oh, another thing that Sherlock and I have in common is a sidekick. I have a person who serves as a helper, but his name is John Thomas, not John Watson. He's not quite as helpful, a bit less observant, and a bit more annoying. However, he is absolutely just as loyal.

Unlike Sherlock, I do my own blogging. Makes it easier. Not to mention, I'm the only person I know that blogs.

I kinda wish I had a gun and a can of yellow spraypaint. I hate watching the news. And talk shows. And basically anything that normal people watch. It's absolute rubbish. I hate commercials too.

I really hate car salesmen too. They're obnoxious and liars. People pleasers.

Last night, I got bored also. Not to the extent that I started coming up with random and crazy ideas, but pretty much the step before it. So, as I always do at this step, I got on the internet. And, this time, I looked up quizzes and took them. These were character quizzes for Sherlock. I got Sherlock twice, John once, lastrade once, and Sherlock's brother once. Fun.

Gah, I'm really bored. And I hate car dealerships.

Elizabeth W.

August 13, 2013


Yes, it is true. The day has finally come that I have willingly joined the Sherlock fandom. Mainly, I was finished with all of the doctor who episodes on Netflix. Needless to say, I fell in love with SH immediately.

For those who are unfamiliar with BBC shows, Sherlock and doctor who are the most famous ones in America, and you should probably be watching them if you want me to consider you as an equal.

Anyway, I fell in love with the Sherlock series for many reasons. The most important and obvious of which, was Sherlock himself. Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely ADORABLE! The trench coat is a nice plus too. Trench coats are cool. British accents are one of my favourite things too. I love the Sherlock character, though, and I think that Steven Moffat and the other creators really know what they are doing, even though they keep those of us who love the shows in the dark and torture us relentlessly.

Sherlock, or SH as I will refer to him from now on, is a very intellectual person, which makes me very interested in the show from the start. I like to be around people with brains and I like to watch shows about people with brains. It just makes sense to me. He is a very strange person and not really normal. He's kind of antisocial but not on purpose... It just works out that way. And he's okay with that. He's very adventurous and gets excited about the most random things. But mostly, I think I like SH so much because I feel like I can relate to him.Want proof? Probably not, but I'm going to list it anyway.

1. SH deviates from social norms - Uh, HELLO! I've been doing such along with my friends in many ways for many years. Focusing on academics instead of relationships and  having strange habits like the dislike of playing board games and doing normal people things, just to name a couple.

2. SH has an addiction that helps him think things though - He uses nicotine patches, I drink coffee. Lots of coffee. When I live on my own (eventually) I suppose that this addiction will worsen, because right now getting away with more than one very large glass of iced coffee a day in the summer and two cups of hot coffee in the winter is hard to get away with. I drink tea too, but not as often. Coffee is nearly an everyday thing, and I use it to wake me up and tackle big projects.

3. SH is tech savvy - I not only have this blog, but I text, I have two other blogs, I email from my phone, I have facebook, tumblr, instagram, youtube, and dropbox, and I am working on a website. I can't see any real reason to get a twitter account though.

4. SH has a rather large following online (in the show) - I have quite a few people who watch my videos on youtube and read this blog and others regularly. Its constantly growing too.

5. SH does strange things when he gets bored or curious - I can't tell you how many not-so-smart ideas I have gotten and implemented thinking that they would be fantastic. One of the most recent would be learning to skateboard. I have yet to paint a smiley face on the wall and start shooting at it, though.

6. Other people don't really understand SH or his thought processes - I think and do things my own way. Sometimes it is actually a longer or more complicated way than everyone else uses, but it seems like the best way to me. I am also rather random and I pick up on things that others don't.

7. SH is a leader - Um, I have dreams of becoming a film director, and I have been in charge of every group project that I have ever worked on - DUH.

Another thing that has come out of my recent Sherlock addiction is an addiction to Benedict Cumberbatch and a love of trench coats. Of course, I have always loved trench coats, but I want one more than ever now. I just lack the proper funds to procure one... To quell my Benedict Cumberbatch addiction since I have finished all of the episodes on Netflix (except to go back and re-watch them, which I AM doing) I have, by a friend's recommendation, begun listening to "Cabin Pressure", which is a British radio show with Benedict Cumberbatch in it. It is rather hilarious, but I can't stop imagining his character wearing a trench coat.

On a totally non-related subject, I start college classes online on the 26th of this month. I am not looking forward to this. Oh, and I turned 18 before I got my licence, so I still can't drive. I am also excited about the new nokia windows phone that has a 41 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA! I hope that when we get new phones in November that  we get those or something similar.

Elizabeth W.

I was really tempted to sign off as SH...