August 22, 2013

The Very Special and Very Exciting Thing

So, this week, I began working on a thing. A very special and very new and very exciting thing. And it's almost done. I got the idea on monday and I have been working very VERY hard all week to get it done.

And the best part is that it involves you. This is much  better than any special thing that I have done before. MUCH BETTER. And quite a bit more special. This special thing is in the final stages of production and should be available to you by sometime next week.

Right now, the only part left of finishing the thing is dependent on another person and will take about three days. Oh, and it corresponds in some way/shape/form to a new blog. Not my new blog, but a new one that is technically owned by me. Only technically though.

As soon as the special thing is ready for you, I will be posting here and basically everywhere else that I can be found on the internet. Gah, I am so excited about the special thing.

Check back on monday or maybe tuesday to find out what the special thing is.

Here are links to more places that I will be posting when the special thing arrives.

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