August 27, 2013

Day 2 of Blog W/ a dog

I have to say that Puddin' is very much like a baby or a toddler in many ways. She loves to play and is very curious. In fact, she is licking the screen and keyboard as I type. She also whines/cries when I do something that she doesn't like, such as leave her alone for more than two minutes or pu her in her pet carrier at night. She also loves to take naps.

She took about 4 different naps yesterday and those were almost the only times that I got chores done. This morning, she and I took an hours long nap before I decided that we needed to get up so that I could go change out of my pajamas.

I discovered this morning that she also likes coffee.I accidentally spilled a few drops of my coffee before I started blogging and she was there immediately to clean it up. Now she keeps eyeing my coffee cup.

In other non-dog related news, I logged on to my classes online yeseterday, only to find that all of my teachers had started posting things except my Algebra teacher. Like, that teacher hadn't even put up a syllabus or welcome message or assignment or anything. I'm kind of worried. I'm going to check in a little bit and if nothing is there yet, I'm going to report it to the tech support people at the college.

Someone, please save us, us college kids
What my parents told me is what I did
They said, "go to school and be a college kid"
But, in the end
I question why I did :/