August 28, 2013

Puddin's First Bath

I spent about and hour and a half sleeping in our lazyboy recliner this morning with Puddin'. I did the same thing yesterday morning. A pretty good way to start off the day for both of us. I kept waking up because of dreams and the fear of squishing my miniature dachshund baby. It was still a nice morning nap.

Then, I got up and took a shower, which made the puppy whine because she wasn't able to see me. Then...

Puddin' had her first bath.


I really didn't know what to expect. I haven't bathed a dog in at least a year. So, we were both kind of new to this. She whined and tried to get out of the shower. If we had a tub instead of just a shower stall, it might have been easier, because the whole time I had to keep at least one if not both of my hands on her at all times. It was really a necessary thing, though, because she had transformed from an adorable little dog to a very stinky, flea-covered little hound. Now, she smells a lot better and she has a lot fewer fleas.

I guess you can say that I kind of got a late start today. I took my time. I watched some anime. I washed some dishes. I washed some clothes. Puddin' and I played. Puddin' napped while I blogged. I guess I'll work on college stuff after lunch.

This anime I am watching keeps getting more odd. Eden of the East. Definitely not a show for little kids or preteens. I can't really tell what where the plot is going, but it's an anime, so there will most likely be a happy ending.

I found what the deal was with my math class and I started working on the assignments. This is a lot more difficult than high school algebra. I know most of the stuff, but I have to read the book and take notes in order to refresh my memory. Then, the teacher, who really doesn't do any teaching or interaction with the students at all, expects us to do all of the work without a calculator, which leaves a lot of room for mistakes  and mess-ups,  which means that I get a lot of things wrong.

I have stuff done for all of my classes this week except English and Math. Those are works in progress. I think that I am going to focus on English today, since I have discussions due tomorrow. The math stuff is due on Friday, so I have a little more leeway there.

Well, I'm starving, so I'm going to go fix myself some lunch. Let's hope that Puddin' can stay asleep through me getting up and coming back. I need to switch the clothes over into the dryer too. Blech.