August 29, 2013


Puddin' has decided that biting is fun. She spent quite a lot of time both today and yesterday biting my hands, feet, arms, clothing, and shoes. Thankfully, her little puppy teeth can't draw blood, but she has come very close several times. And she doesn't seem to understand the concept of me telling her "no" and swatting her nose.

Thankfully, she is asleep right now. I have learned that if I can manage to get her to fall asleep in her bed or on the floor, I can quietly get up, move around, and do what I need to do while she is napping. Oh, the joys of having a puppy. And of course, I am the one who she spends at least 10 hours, if not more, of the day with, so she has chosen me as her favourite person. She follows me around and wants to play with me even when everyone else is home. What have I gotten myself into?

So, the other day I started making my own website. I found this site called Wix, and it basically lets you have a website for free. I was working on it both yesterday and the day before. I'm about half way done. I really need to go out and take pictures, though, both for the website and for the special project. The name of the special project will be released on the website when I publish it. And, no the website is not the special project, but will serve as a home base for me to send people to in order to let them contact me or have info about the different things I do.

Dang it, she woke up.

The special project is taking longer than I expected, but I assure you that it will be done in less than a month.

I finished my English work for this week yesterday, which means that I just need to finish my math homework before the end of Friday. I really hate college Algebra. I read the chapters and take notes. I do the practice problems. Then, when I go to do the problems on the homework, they're like ten times harder and I think I have the right answer because I worked it out, but its actually wrong.

The book that the instructor uses is an ebook, which means that I have to read it online. I really hate having to take notes off of my computer though. So, yesterday I went on amazon and found a hard copy of the book for sale for like $13.00. It's supposed to ship in 2 to 6 days. I hope that it gets here soon, because I really really hate working without a hard copy of the book. I have to take notes off of my laptop and it bothers me not to have an actual page that I can flip to instead of following multiple links to get to each lesson.

Anyone else hate ebooks for textbooks? I'm fine with them otherwise, but it's just wrong to have a textbook online. And it would be better if I could get to it on my phone or my parents' ipads, but the ebook website isn't compatible with anything but an actual computer's internet browser. There's no app or anything. GAH!

Oh,dear. She found a piece of paper to play with. She's trying to tear it up, but all she's managing is to make a lot of racket and put a few holes and some puppy drool in it. Too adorable, that little monster is.