February 27, 2010

john thomas

this is my little brother john thomas. He is only three (four in july) and soooooo cute. He was playing a mario ds game this morning and i realized something. He is almost as good as me at that game! And im fourteen (fifteen in july) !!! He kinda knows his abcs and numbers and even some spanish. He cant really write or read but heknows them verbally. If only mario taught them that stuff.

very early

^looking through a window this morning^

well, my brother and dad just left to go to a men's breakfast. Pretty early if you ask me. I didnt have any crazy dreams. Or at least none that i can remember... I might go to my grandparents' house and work on sewing pillows with my nana. The birds are singing and that little rooster keeps crowing.

February 26, 2010


well,about a half hour or so ago i took a tylenol. Just about five minues ago my mom gave me a tylenol pm. That all together is the equivalent of 2 tylenols and a benadryl. I should be asleep in about 20 or 30 minutes. I will probably have some strange dreams. I just hope that none of them are like the one i had last night. Its a reoccuring dream. A controlling voice similar to my own is talking and i cant hardly move. Every move i make causes a huge chain reaction of tossing and turning and my arms and legs feel like they are flying everywhere. I try to open my eyes and i can even see the room around me. Im praying to God to make the voice stop. But it doesnt. I hate that stupid dream and that mean stinkin voice!!!


yesterday and today i was sick. I had really bad headaches and all kinds of stuff. Of course, i didnt have a fever (supposedly) and i still had to go to school. I have math and english homework but i dont feel like doing it. Procrastination!!!! Im rockin out to tik tok by ke$ha. Some people get sooooo mad because i pronounce it "keisha" instead of "kesha". I really dont like the bad stuff in the song but i like the beat and the music videos that i find. If you want to know some funny videos, search these on youtube:

jellybeans (by balloonshop)
mac vs pc
mouse and mousetrap

February 22, 2010

my design

this is a picture of a dress i designed for new years. Comment please!!!


im listening to this dave rasey cd withmy parents. Its a get out of debt free type thing. Its really interesting and hes really smart. Its great. Heres his site and a pic of him : daveramsey.com

lots to do

okay today i have so much to do. I have math homework and a packet in english. Then i have to make a video about homelessness. Iwill have to use our camcorder instead of my phone camera so maybe when im done i can use the camcorder to make my webshow. That is, if my mom trusts me enough afterwards. I had to do the project with another person and we cannot get together to work. So i figured she could make the poster and i will make a video. I plan to make it waaaaaaaay before it is due. It is due on the thirty-first of next month. I figure on getting it done in the next two weeks. L8r!

February 21, 2010

at this moment

i am at church. I sit in the chior room alone. The praise band is practicing. Now i wait for someone to come. Sorry i havent been posting. Ive been busy. This may become a once or twice a week thing. Well, someone is coming. GTG. Ttfn!! Lol. Lqtm. L8r.


February 17, 2010

right this moment

right this moment i am on the road. Yeah. Really early. My little brother sits beside me and my mom drives. I have to go to the dentist. They're gonna put a band around a baby tooth that has a cavity and they dont want the cavity to reach the adult tooth. The only thing is that its a temporary band and i have to go back next week to get a permanent one. This stinks.

February 15, 2010

the videos are here!!!

okay guys, the videos have been uploaded. some of them arent that great but theyre all i got. check them out at youtube.com/lizardbreathwalker .please watch all of the videos ASAP!!!!

cool vids and what im doin today

okay, so i made a really cool vid spoof of talking with myself. Im gonna try to post it to youtube ASAP. I just have to get home and convince my mom to let me get on the computer. I have to redo the voices with windows movie maker. They are a little ahead of the video itself. Stupid camera phone. But, all will be well in the end. I can work magic with computers. Look for it at about 5 or 6 o' clock today.

okay guys...

Ha ha. So funny. So who picked "both" for my poll. I have a hunch who it is. Come on now. Spit it out. Conefess-amos. Confesado. Whatever, i just wanna know. First names only is fine.

February 14, 2010


tomorrow my brother and i will be making a ton of vids and putting them on youtube. Check back soon! They will be hilarious!!!

February 13, 2010

i hate tomorrow.

Tomorrow is probably going to be the WORST day ever for me. Every time v-tines comes around i get my hopes up. Im mentally preparing for it. I just need to remember the song "falling down" by selena gomez. Why cant that dumb boy wake up and see whats right in front of his face? Argh.


Okay, so i have a question for anyone who will answer. I need to know what exactly "proxyless" internet is. Is it like connecting to someone's internet without them knowing or is it somethin detectable. I thought it was connecting to internet through your signal (phone signal). I really need to know. So, even if im asking nobody, please answer!!!!

hard to save

okay, my pending shopping trip is making me crazy!!!
i really want to get the money out of my piggy bank to save but i am keeping myself from doing so. i have five dollars on a cereal box discover card. that will have to do. i cannot drain my funds!!!!

pray for me.


today is saturday. we are going to go to the mall and the bookstore. i woke up this morning and started making videos. after we get back i will post a video or two about what happened and maybe a music video. comment and songs without bad language and i might make a music video of them. BTW: if you want to see a webshow about anything in particular, comment that also. NO BAD STUFF PLEASE!!!!!!

February 12, 2010

my youtube channel

okay, so i have posted a bunch of videos to my youtube channel. my channel is "The Life" by lizardbreathwalker.

Heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/lizardbreathwalker

Check it out and tell me what you think!

semi-valentines day

okay, since today was the school day closest to valentines day, thats what everyone treated it as. I dont really like valentines day. Its not the holiday itself, its just that ive never had a good one. I got stuff from relatives a few times but never anything from a boy. I guess guys just dont like me. The guy i really like goees to my church. So, on sunday - the ACTUAL holiday - im going to wear this really cute red dress and skinny jeans. I dont care if i look stupid, i just want to express my style. Its not revealing or anything but its better than what i normally wear to church. I hope i catch his eye. Oh, who am i kidding? I don't have a chance with him.

February 11, 2010

right now

right now im rockin out to new classic and tell me something i dont know by selena gomez. I myself dream of becoming a singer. I love music.

global warming

Global warming is fake. Sure, we should take care of our home, but we dont have to be freaking out about it. God is the one who controls it all. BTW: earth goes in cycles!!!! And 2012 is completely fake. Only God knows when the world will end. It will come like a "theif in the night". Nobody knows, not even some mayans who designed their calendar to go in CYCLES!!! The moral of this story??? Average people arent the only ones who lie.

ms laprelle

ms laprelle is my music history teacher. She wasnt here today so we went to the bandhall. We just sat there and listened to music and stuff. I kinda wish she was gone everyday. Its like a free period. Its not that i dont like her, its just that its first period and everyones still tired.

February 10, 2010


this is my goal for 2010. I have about ten bucks towards it right now, but i figure its a start. I dont have a way to earn money right now so i will rely on saving everything i find in my piggy bank. I will post my progress periodically. I hope i can follow through with this. My dad keeps bragging about how he raised enough money to buy a car buy the time he was my age. I figure a laptop will at least prove i am kind of responsible.

interior design project

okay, so, today i turned in a project we had in interior design. We had to group some objects and take a pic. Tell me how ya like it !

good book

okay, so i read a couple of really good books here lately. This is about one of them. Its about a girl whose father dies and is creamated. So the stiry goes on and they end up finding his creamated remains... I dont wanna ruin the book for ya so thats all ill say. So what is the nameof this book??? The key to the golden firebird. Kind of a chick book. Whatever, its a good book anyway. READ IT! :D

my first post

k. So, this is my first post on my new blog. My first blog was a really childish one so i abandoned it. This blog goes along with my webshow - the life - on youtube. So, i hope ya like it. TTFN!
PS: no rude comments please!!!