September 30, 2013

Voice Acting and Argument Smack-downs

So, right now, due to the fact that I have been watching a ton of anime and extras about voice actors, I think that it would be really cool to go to some auditions for voice acting. I just need to get to the point that I can drive myself places. The home base for Funimation is actually in Texas, but not close by. But if I get to where I can drive, I can record a demo and send it in and if I get an acting job, I can actually take it. I still have a lot of research to do, but it seems like it could work.

This morning, when I got on Facebook, I came across a post where an obnoxious acquaintance of mine had commented on someone's post which then showed up on my feed. He was trying to say that the founding fathers didn't mean for this to be a Christian nation and that they didn't even believe in God. I conceded one bit to his argument, because Ben Franklin didn't go to church. But I said that he WAS raised as a Quaker. And then I gave a quote from GEORGE FREAKING WASHINGTON that said

Boom. Smackdown. COME AT ME BRO!

Also, I finished painting my Dr. Wobbs glasses for Halloween. And I finished making my hat too. I'm not really sure what I'm going to crochet next, since I only have one thing of black yarn left.

So, yes, I am  now going to go do a bit of homework and chores and drink some peace tea. 


September 27, 2013

Thanking Goodness...

So, yesterday, I was freaking out quite a bit about homework stuff. I was supposed to tell my teacher by September 9th where I was planning to take the Math test that I have to take Friday. And I didn't notice this until yesterday. Thankfully, I messaged him and he said that there was no problem since I would be taking it at on of the main campuses. Then, I was freaking out about the fact that my mom has to take me to the college to take the test (Still no license here...) and school doesn't let out until 3:30, the campus is like 30 minutes away, and it closes at 4:30 on Fridays, meaning I wouldn't get there in time to take the test. Thankfully, my mom said that she'll just take a half-day off from school. I kind of feel bad about making her take off from work, but she seemed to be okay with it. I hope that she really is.

Then, I got online this morning and took the math quiz for both this week and next week. I barely passed this week's and I did decently on next week's. I hate the fact that I have to let myself stoop to barely passing . I'm so used to making straight A's with maybe one or two B's every once in a while. But at least I'll have actual professors teaching me soon enough.

Okay, so I am looking for a really good anime to watch. I've started like three different ones, and the only one that I really care for is "Death Note". I just finished watching Black Butler, and I loved it. I also loved Ouran High School Host Club and FMA and Chobits was pretty decent. I wanted to start watching Bleach, but its not on Netflix or the anime watching site that I use. I want something else fun and cute like those, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. If you watch anime, PLEASE leave a recommendation in the comments.

My hat is probably about half done still. Maybe a little more. It takes forever to get around the length of the entire hat with the stitches. I can't wait until I finish this row and start to narrow the hat down so that I can put a band in it and be done.


September 26, 2013

Procrastination in the form of Cosplay

I'm actually supposed to be taking my quiz for English class right now, but I'm procrastinating instead. I checked Facebook. I crocheted some. I was on YouTube. Then I got on pinterest and spent a little while pinning stuff about cosplay. I really love cosplay, too much actually, but I can't help it.

Halloween is coming up, which means that I get to dress up as a character of my choosing. This year, it is Dr. Wobbs from the FF5 music video, Wobble. And I have a cosplay event the second weekend in October. I get to dress up as Snow White for an advertising/picture taking thing. I pulled out my wig and made sure that it was ready. Then I got to thinking, what else could I cosplay as? And when could I cosplay?  I have answered the first question in many ways, but not the second one.

I'm really into Disney cosplay and anime cosplay. I think that it would be really fun to dress up as Ciel or Elizabeth from Black Butler. Its my favourite anime show at the moment. I found a bunch of costumes that are actually pretty extensive for a low-ish price. Disney costumes are  a bit more expensive though, which saddens me.

I kept telling myself for the longest time that I was going to one day go to a convention of some kind and dress up as a character. But the more I think about it, the more impossible it seems. I wouldn't go alone, but I don't really have any friends who watch the same anime shows that I do. Or that would cosplay with me. And I don't like big cities, which is where all of the conventions take place. I don't feel comfortable in crowds, which is basically what a convention is made of. I'm very introverted, so my chances of actually talking to other cosplayers is slim. Oh, and I don't think that I am as strange as most of the people who attend conventions. They take their cosplaying really seriously, and I'm a little intimidated. I just need a really good friend to push me into going to a convention someday, because I lack that I will ever be able to do it on my own.

In the mean time, I am still only about half way done with my hat. I thought that I would be further along by now. It looks like a really bulky and wrinkly doily.


September 25, 2013

The Day I was Lazy

I have actually been kind of lazy today. I mean, I've gotten things done, just not as fast as I should. I still haven't worked to finish my English homework. I just don't feel like reading boring stuff, and thats what this week's lesson is full of. It is due tomorrow though, so I need to finish it up. I am about half way through crocheting a hat though.

I know that crocheting is something that doesn't seem like a teenager-y thing, but I am very much a DIY-er, so I thought I might as well do it. I actually learned the basics of crochet when I was a little kid. My grandmother taught me. But I was never really patient enough and I didn't have a pattern to follow. Because of pinterest, I have taken up crocheting again. I saw so many cute things, and I just want to try and make them. Right now, I am working on a purple beret type hat. I think that its going to turn out great. I hope to maybe make a bunch to sell or give as gifts.

I'm not an expert at all, but I can read directions. I looked up a tutorial for this particular hat in order to make it. And I had to start over once. I look up most of the stitches on youtube, because right now I only know the chain stitch and the double chain stitch. But I think that I have potential. After this, I want to try and make one that has ears or something on it. I figure it can't be that hard. I have some black yarn too, so maybe a black hat with bear ears. Or mickey mouse ears.

Crocheting has taken up way too much of my time today. I think that it is because I can see my progress, which makes me want to crochet more. I crocheted while I watched MLP this morning, then again as I watched Death Note during lunch. And I crochet in between doing chores and homework. I never thought that I would actually enjoy it, since I really didn't like it when I was little. Here's a picture of what I have done so far. I think I might be done by the end of the day. And that is a really strange facial expression...


September 24, 2013

Switchin' it up

Today, I decided to tackle most of the chores before hopping on my laptop to blog and do homework. I feel like I got more done today than I normally do.

Because I'm taking it just a little bit at a time on my math homework, my main focus today is on History. I still haven't logged on, but I will in just a minute.

On the slightly more interesting side, I came up with an idea for a short film. For about the past year, I've wanted to make a short film. I've done music videos and skits, but I have never done a short film. And I feel like one of the big things in officially being able to call yourself a director is actually doing a film or short film. I don't have the ability to do a full-length movie right now, so I figured a short film might be a good place to start.

I still need to storyboard and write the script, but I have a basic idea of what it is about. It takes place in the future and it is narrated by a little girl. I'll probably be the one who does the voice acting though. And the theme is the idea of "guns don't kill people, people kill people." I feel that it is relevant. I don't want to give away too much, but I think I might start writing the script today.

I got a new SMASH book the other day. The thing is, its not a normal smash book, but one that I am making from scratch. I'm using one of the scrapbooks that you can add pages to. I removed all of the little slip covers that you put the pages in and just put the pages themselves into the brad things instead. It just makes it easier to put things in it and it makes it more like an actual smash book. Not to mention, I got to pick the different pages that were in the book and no two are alike. It cost around the same amount as a name-brand smash book, but I think its cool that I made it myself.

Well, I should probably go do homework. Blech.


September 23, 2013

Family Force 5 and Math Homework

Yes, that is how I have spent most of the morning. I am currently taking a break from math homework, because I am currently about to take my math book outside and burn it, then throw my notes up against the wall. For some reason, math just isn't working for me this morning. Thankfully, it isn't due until Friday.

This morning, when I logged onto facebook, I was confronted with a suprising and kind of sad bit of news. The lead singer of Family Force 5, Soul Glow Activatur, AKA Solomon Olds is leaving the band and Crouton is taking the part of lead singer. I'm kind of sad about it. I mean, I know that he is still going to have influence on the music and he's just leaving so that he can spend time with his family. But I will certainly miss the little ball of energy that leads the band. I hope FF5 can still be as good without him as a lead singer. But I have faith that Crouton will do a good job.

Gah, I'm super frustrated with everything right now. I yelled at my dog for whining. I am also very frustrated with my typing. I think I need to take a break and do some chores for a while. Math homework has just messed me up.


September 20, 2013

Dogs and Vlogs

Today is Friday, which means that it is the first trial day of "Follow Me Friday". I'm not really sure if its going to be a thing yet, so I'm going to try it out a few times. So far, its going pretty good. I'm just worried that this week won't be very interesting. It keeps raining, which means that the football game may be cancelled and I won't go anywhere. Maybe I'll do "Follow Me Saturday" when that happens. Or I'll just make it "Follow me" and it will happen on whatever days I leave my house to do something mildly interesting.

So, Puddin' was being a total butt this morning. she had a bunch of accidents and kept trying to bit me on the legs and feet and hands and stomach. So, right now she is sitting in her pet carrier (which is where she sleeps at night) in a sort of time-out. She's barking, but I'm hoping that she'll give up and go to sleep soon.

I don't have any homework due today, but I am going to work on Theatre work that is due on Sunday. Maybe I can get a little bit done before getting bored.


September 19, 2013

Veggie Tales song...

So, I grew up with veggie tales. They were something that we had VHS videos of and we watched them often. They tell funny stories and have a message about Christianity and have silly songs. One that I really enjoyed was Madame Blueberry. It was a tale about a very rich blueberry woman who liked to buy things. And a new store moved in down the street and she ends up going there trying to buy everything that she can think of, because she thinks that it will make her happy. And at one point she sees this little girl who is very joyful and who says something about having a "happy heart". This leads the blue berry to ask where she can buy a happy heart, and the store worker says that they don't sell those. Anyway, they start loading all of these things into her house, which is in a tree, and the house can't take it and ends up falling out of the tree and collapsing. Then she is taught by the same little girl that things don't make you happy and that you have to be thankful for what you have.

In my idea to try and be more like Job, I think I really can re-learn the lesson from this story.

The other day, we helped my grandparents move two new couches into their house because the ones they had were starting to fall apart because they were made of fake leather and they were old. After we were done, my little brother told my grandmother, "Wow, it looks like you have some new good stuff!". My grandmother replied with, "Yes, we do have some good, new stuff, don't we?". I know that she didn't mean anything by it, but it kind of struck a chord with me. I mean, my little brother described the situation the way it really was. There was really no need for new couches because the other ones still worked, but were just a teensy bit messed up. Then my grandmother rephrased his words, meaning that the other stuff was still new, which it was, but it wasn't good anymore. I think that people take away the good in the things that they have too fast. That makes them want "good, new stuff" when they already have things that they don't realize are still good.

I found myself singing this morning when I took the dog out for a walk. It was a paraphrased version of a song in the Madame Blueberry cartoon.

I thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky
For my mom and my dad, for my happy and great life
For my car and my house and my puppy who loves me
That's why I say thanks everyday
Because a thankful heart is a happy heart
I'm glad for what I have, thats an easy way to start
And I know that God's there, and He listens to my prayers
That's why I say thanks everyday.


September 18, 2013

Almost Forgot To Blog...

I have been working on English homework from 8:00 this morning until now, which is 12:00. I'm done with everything but the test. I'm waiting until tomorrow to take the test though.

I have to catch up on chores today, not to mention meet with my editor. I felt that it was best to get homework out of the way ASAP.

I'm really hungry, so I'm going to cut this blog post short and tel you that I really don't have much to say to you right now. Have a good day, and if you really want to read a post, here's a link to a random old one:


September 17, 2013

Stupid Google and Blueberry Streusel

This morning, I got up and made blueberry streusel muffins for breakfast along with my coffee. This was one of the reasons my blog has come so late. I spent a while watching YouTube videos and then I had to take a history test, which I made a 90 on.

Watching the videos on YouTube this morning really ruffled my feathers. Gah, that is such a strange expression. One of them talked about all of the things that YouTube has changed recently that people don't really like. And really, I think that Google as a whole is doing everything wrong right now, and I keep having all kinds of problems with their services. Blogger hasn't been working right for more than two weeks now, and I've been using Google Chrome, hoping that it would solve some of the problems, but some have just gotten worse. Who knows, maybe Google has just gotten too big for its own good.

Another thing that has kind of ticked me off this morning is the fact that the professor that I sent an email to about the assignments that I missed because he changed the due date with out warning. You know, the annoying fellow who I really despise, but sent a kindly worded message? Yeah, he hasn't given me a response, and I messaged him on Saturday or Sunday. Of all of the rude things to do. He could at least send a message saying I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to retake anything. Please just keep up with due dates.

I guess I'm just not in the mood to deal with people today.

But, at least I'm ahead in my classwork and I'm making A's and B's now.

I feel like there should  be more to say, but I can't think of much.

I'm meeting with a friend/editor this week to see about final changes on the special project. I hope we get everything done ASAP.

I'm also thinking about starting a Friday vlog, in which I take a camera with me everywhere so that I can vlog about something interesting and let you know what I'm up to. Kind of like a cell phone vlog type thing, but I won't use my cell phone unless it is completely necessary. Not completely sure if its going to be a thing, but I'm considering it.


September 16, 2013

The Story of Job

Today, I set forth to get ahead in my studies, and I have done so. This is so that I don't miss another assignment for history like I did last week. I am more than caught up on my math work. I plan on getting my history done by the end of today, and tomorrow and the next day I will work on English and Theatre.

But, the story that I came here this morning to tell is the story of Job. I know, his story has actually already been told. The biblical book of Job gives complete and utter detail to the account of his misfortune and his constant faith in God. But, right now, Job's story is teaching me a lesson.

For those of you who haven't read that particular book in the bible, Job is a man who is completely right with God. He does everything he asks of him and isn't exactly "sinless", but he is a man of God. And Job's life is blessed with all of the things that he could want; a great family, lots of friends, cattle, land, riches, etc. One day, Satan comes along and says "Hey, God, I bet Job wouldn't be so faithful if you took everything away from him!" So, God lets the devil do everything but kill Job. He takes away his family, his home, his riches, and even his health. Through all of this, even though Job's friends tell him to curse God for taking away such wonderful things and ruining his life, Job stays faithful and worships God in the storm.

I was sitting in church yesterday, really bored and alone because no one was sitting anywhere near me and the sermon hadn't started yet. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself because only one person had come up and shook my hand that morning and none of the people who I though were my friends were there to talk with. I picked up my bible just to look like I was doing something. I started flipping through the pages, and then I remembered the story of Job. I was curious if I was remembering the story correctly, and so I flipped there and started reading the book of Job. I even continued reading it after the sermon started, paying more attention to what God might be calling my attention to than what the preacher was saying.

I began to realize that my story was a slight parallel of Job's. This meant that someone had been there before, and I could use their life as a model as to what I should do next. When I was in high school, I thought that my life was good. I mean, there were things that made me unhappy sometimes, but I was mostly content. Then, I graduated. I lost many of my friends, including someone who I thought was my best friend. I learned that I wouldn't get to go to a big university like I wanted. I lost companionship when I broke up with my boyfriend because I could tell that our relationship wasn't going anywhere. I lost any spiritual connection in my church, when the sermons stopped meaning anything. It seemed like maybe God had left me.

I have to admit that I haven't been that thankful to God for what I still have, though. I still have two great friends who have stuck around, even though I don't get to see them very often. I now have a paying job and I am getting some of my education done, even though it is online and at a small college. I guess I need to start being more thankful for the little that I still have. Even though I get lonely and sad, God still loves me. I guess I need to take a hint from Job and praise him in the storm, even though I don't know how or when the storm is going to end.


September 13, 2013

Grandparents Day

So, today I woke up about ten or fifteen minutes earlier than normal, but I'm not really concerned about that. It just meant that I have more time to do stuff before I leave the house.

Today is Grandparents Day at John Thomas' campus. Our Grandparents on my mom's side are currently in New Mexico and won't be back until October or November. The ones on my dad's side are out of pocket because one of them recently had surgery and is recovering. So, Sissy (AKA, me) gets to pop in to save the day. And my sidekick? Sarah, one of my two best friends.

The idea came up at dinner last night. We were talking about Grandparents day and how neither set would be there for John. I jokingly said, (in an old lady voice) "Do you need me to dress up as a little old lady and pretend to be your grandma?" John laughed and said that I should and my mom said "Hey, that wouldn't be a bad idea..." So, we decided that since I needed to make a trip up to the school anyway to talk to someone about the SPECIAL PROJECT, I could get my friend, Sarah, to take me and we would go hang out, visit JT for Grandparents day, and see about finishing up stuff for the special project so that I can finish it up and get it to people. So, basically, Sarah and I are superheroes. Like Batman and Robin. Only, she would be Batman and I would be Robin, because that's just how we roll, and we take turns being the leader. And our costumes would be cuter.

So, I am currently very awake and fully dressed and half way done with my coffee. I still need to wash the dishes and wash some clothes and fix my hair and makeup. I should be able to finish this in an hour or less. I'm also waiting for a text back from Sarah to see what time she is going to pick me up.

Oh, and I got another Snow White gig. I don't remember if I've said anything about it on here. I will be going to this setup of shops and stuff and taking pictures with people for tips. I will post more about the location and the date later, but it should be a Saturday in October. It would be great if you can come out and see me. I plan on bringing my ukulele too, so you can see a live performance and chat with me. If the special project is done by then, I'll have bits of that there for you too.

Well, I kind of have to go get stuff done. I also have to go to a football game tonight. Its a home game, so come if you live in the area.


September 12, 2013

A Ze Frank Morning

I actually started off this morning watching anime, then after getting dressed, I got onto youtube and the first video that caught my eye was a Ze Fank video. I was absolutely amazed, as always how he was able to put my exact thoughts into words, plus a few curse words that he decided to add in for no apparent reason. So, I shared it on facebook. Here's a link so you can watch it.

I really enjoy the video that he makes because he puts everyone's thoughts into words to fantastically. He really is a great speaker. I've even watched some TED talks with him in it. If you aren't addicted, watch this video and you will be.

I have to finish my english work and turn it in today. I also want to edit and upload a video that I filmed the other day. I hope to do both of these things before lunchtime.

I don't really have the ability to fold many more clothes today, and I am not quite ready to clean out the other cabinets in the kitchen, so I may just do some tidying and organizing.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.


September 11, 2013

Happy Birthdays and Tracking

Today is September 11th, a day that most people spend in reverence to the people who lost their lives. The thing is, that happened TWELVE YEARS AGO. In that time, I've gone from being in first grade to being a freshman in college. I'm a part of one of the last generations to actually remember the event but I still don't really remember any details. I've seen videos and documentaries. I've read the poems and heard the songs. I know that there are wounds that still lie open, but life moves on. At this point in time, I would like to say "Happy Birthday" to the following people:


These kids were born on that day, along with many others, and I think that we should be able to move on past the sad things that happened and stop being so sad on their birthday. They will be twelve today, and instead of everyone being happy for them, they see people crying over the people who died. But don't we see that beauty comes from the ashes, people!?

The main part of today's post was supposed to be about the fact that today I am tracking everything I do and how long it takes me. Everything that takes more than five miinutes is written down. My mom keeps saying "You have time to make a video or do what you want, but my house still isn't clean!". So, I am testing that theory and comparing my "free time" to the time that I spend doing necessary things. I mean, it won't take that long to write down each thing for one day. I can even do it for more than one day if thats what it takes.

Wow, I've been blogging for 15 minutes. Real shocker (not). Now, since I am done ranting, I am going to go do some homework while I finish my coffee.


September 10, 2013

Math and Coffee

For some reason, this chapter in math is really easy compared to last week. This is nice. I really do find math refreshing when I can understand it. It's like a cup of coffee, but its for my brain instead. Anyway, I have to do homework and a quiz for math today, so I got out of the blue chair earlier than normal this morning and I'm already half way through with my first cup of coffee. I've finished all of the work that I can do by hand on the math and I'm about to go enter it for grading.

As I enter my answers, Puddin' is running around the house trying to bite random things. Occasionally, I have to get up and take something away from her, but most of the stuff either can't hurt her and/or she can't hurt it. Goofy dog.

In another tab, I have YouTube up and I'm rocking out to Paramore, Train, Relient K and stuff.I tend to work better and more efficiently when I can listen to music.

Okay, time to take the quiz.

I started a new anime series this morning because I finished Chobits. The ending was interesting, but kind of predictable. This new one is called "Black Butler". I've watched three episodes and its pretty good. Its a little more like FMA because it deals a lot with death and stuff. But that doesn't take away from the plot. It has a lot of action and a little bit of gore. Not so much that I wouldn't want to watch it.

Whoo! I made a 90 on the quiz! Thats way better than the last few.

And as far as my crush situation, nothing has changed. I'm still falling for him and he has no clue that I exist. But, with the way middle school and high school were for me, I should be used to this by now. So, I just keep listening to songs like "Mr. Wonderful" by Allstar Weekend and carrying on. Not that its a totally fitting song, but I really do like it and it reminds me of him kind of.

I'm going to go do a little more math homework and get ahead for the week. Hasta la vista!


September 9, 2013

A Fun Day At Home

So, I started off the morning in the usual way, AKA watching netflix. Then I got up and got dressed, then made some coffee and checked tumblr and facebook. And what the heck do I find all over my tumblr dash? Crap about the stalker girl who called Benedict Cumberbatch's hotel room. Okay, so they should be more careful about hotel security when celebrities are staying there. And people should stop being fangirly about people. At least learn to treat celebrities like normal people. And that's all I have to say about that.

Blogger was also giving me problems this morning. The pages didn't want to load correctly. But, eventually, I got it to work.

Currently, I'm listening to Cabin Pressure while I blog. I love the radio show. Its amazingly hilarious. Puddin' is having fun finding random things to chew on with her sharp little puppy teeth in the mean time.

Today I'm going to put on my henna tattoo that I designed the other day. I wanted to do it yesterday, but I had to do homework and I ran out of time. I have a picture of the rough draft on instagram, and I'll upload a pic of the final product when I'm done.

I'm beginning to realize how uninteresting my life is. I have no idea why people read what I say. But, nonetheless, don't stop.

I have also realized how lonely my life is too. I literally only talked to two people other than my family while I was at church yesterday. And I'm not explicitly trying not to associate with people, but I really stink at starting up conversations and no one else seems to want to talk to me. I talked to Sarah, who is my best friend and she and I are co-teachers of a sunday school class. Oh, and then the preacher came by and said hello and shook my hand. And church and the internet are the only places that I talk to people and socialize these days. I mean, I know that I really don't like to talk to and be around many of the people that I know. I really miss my drama friends. At least they would tolerate me. And I miss acting. I can't wait for my next snow white gig, because I will get to perform, in a way.

I fear that an actress is lost without her theatre. And even an introvert likes to have friends.


September 7, 2013

Henna Tattoo

So, ever since I was in like 9th grade, I have wanted to get a henna tattoo. Its basically a grown-up version of a temporary tattoo. It uses different substances to stain the skin and the design lasts for about two weeks, depending.

The other day, I went to the craft store and they had a ton of stuff on sale (cheap stuff, yay!), one of which was a henna tattoo kit. Now, because henna is a Hindu type thing that relates to marriage and whatnot, I'm not going to do any of the designs that people typically do with henna.

Today,I finally designed my own henna tattoo that I am going to create with the kit that I bought. It is a pair of fairy wings, which as four parts. On the wings there are a triforce symbol (top left), a TARDIS (top right), a magnifying glass with 221B in the lens (bottom left), and the Harry Potter deathly hallows symbol. The empty spaces in the wings are filled with little swirly designs. Under the picture is a Peter Pan quote that says "To love would be an awfully big adventure" in fancy lettering.

I took a sharpie pen and drew it on my wrist a little while ago to see if it would work, and I love it. I'm totally ready to put it on my arm. However, I have church tomorrow, and I don't want to freak out everyone too much. IDK. I might do it anyway.

And I know that I will have extra henna paste left over, so I googled how to save it. It turns out that you can put it in an airtight container and freeze it and it will keep for a few months. I'm super excited.

I also need to read and work on my stuff for history and theatre that are due tomorrow. I guess that I am going to do the tattoo right now and then start on the work after I do it. BLECH. I wish that I had weekends off from school I also wish that there wasn't so much reading for my classes. I have three different books for history and just one book for each of the three other classes (not counting the MLA book for English).


September 6, 2013

Who in the world wants to die alone, all dried up in the desert sun...

Sorry, "Some Nights" by FUN is on my Pandora station right now, so I felt like I had to include the lyrics in some way.

This morning, I got up and stalked people on Facebook and Tumblr and watched some anime on Netflix. Then, I took a shower and got dressed, then gave Puddin' a bath. She was rather disgusting. Then, I had coffee and made chocolate chip scones from scratch. They were delicious, but even though I made half of what the original recipe said to, I still ended up with too many. I need someone to eat the goodies that I make. Then I started on my math homework, which is due today. I'm about 3/4 done. There are some that I need help on though, which is hindering my progress.

So, yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time writing the book that I am working on. I am up to about 8 pages now. I really enjoy the writing process, and writing in a word processor makes it even better. I would occasionally take breaks to get on Tumblr or Facebook or walk the dog or daydream about the boy that I have accidentally fallen for. In other words, I didn't do nearly as much writing as I meant to, but I still had a good time.

Tonight, I have to go to my brother's football game. Well, he's not a football player, but he plays in the band, which means that he marches at the games. Which means that we have to go and watch him, but we also have to watch the game. Personally, I really hate sports and I really hate football and I don't enjoy watching or being around cheerleaders. I think I might bring a book or something to entertain myself today. Not to mention, our football team isn't that great. And, I have to go to pretty much every home game this year and many away games. I think I'll get plenty of football, even if I don't want to.

So, if you live in the area and feel like coming to the High School's away game and helping me entertain myself, feel free to find me. I'll be the girl in glasses with red hair and a pink backpack sitting in the stands and paying very little attention to the game. Oh, and I might occasionally go to the concession stand to retrieve snacks and drinks, because that's what I do. I'm the messenger girl because I don't care about missing the game.

I would really like to meet up with the guy that I like, but I'm pretty sure that he won't be at the game, not to mention he has no clue that I like him. Blech. My life can be so lonely and lame sometimes, but the thing is, I've grow used to it. Oh, well. Back to math homework.


Update: I finished my math work and submitted it. For some reason, I couldn't do the assignment, because it was due at lunchtime, so I missed it, but that's okay because its not a grade. I made a 70 on the quiz and I feel a little bad about that, but at least its passing! College Algebra is difficult.

September 5, 2013

Vashta Nerada

So, this morning I was sitting there, in our big blue chair, watching television with a puppy in my lap. My parents and brothers had already left, so I was alone. I was just watching tv in the dark, you know? Minding my own business. And then my brain decided to remember the terrifying but nerdy dream that I had last night. And for about thirty seconds, I was freaking out, until I realized that the scary thing in my dream doesn't really exist, thank God.

Last night, I had a dream that my family and I were sitting in the dining room in the house that we used to live in. Half of the room was dark because we had the lights off, but there was some light coming in from outside. And as I walk through the shadows, I can feel these things grabbing my ankles and pulling me into the darkness. At first, I think that its just my imagination. Then one of them really does grab me and knock me down and start pulling me into the darkness when I realize that these are some form of Vashta Nerada, the shadow creatures from Doctor Who. Only, in the dream, they're real. And I make it out of their grasp and I go tell my mom, who is just sitting there, talking to my dad or somebody a few feet away. And she doesn't believe me. She says that its just my imagination and that there aren't any monsters in the shadows. And I know that she's wrong. So she tells me that I should just stay away from the shadows if it's such a big deal. So, I walk into a different room, and I'm avoiding the shadows as I go to do something, then I look over and the shadows are getting bigger and closer. So I go back into the dining room, and my mom still doesn't believe me that something is there. And the freaking Vashta Nerada knock me down again and begin pulling me into the darkness to kill me and no one is noticing that I'm about to DIE. And there isn't a tenth doctor or anyone coming to save me. And then the dream ends. Fade out. Boom, its morning.

I was literally scared to death in that dream. I have never had a doctor who related dream and it scares me that my first dream that was related to Doctor Who was like that. And the doctor wasn't there and no on e was trying to help me, which made it terrifying.

Anyway, I posted about having this dream on facebook and a guy that I kind of like liked my status. And I had a mini facebook stalking session for about ten minutes before I started reading my English textbook this morning. I'm such a freak.


September 4, 2013

Busy Day

So, today I am blogging a bit earlier than normal because I'm not taking my hour or so to sleep in the big blue chair with the dog this morning. No, today she gets to sleep while I get stuff done.

Last night, I had the idea to burn a mix CD, so that was the first thing on the agenda. And that's done now.

I have to clean out Puddin's cage before lunchtime. I also have to get a shower and get dressed to got to the movies with Sarah. I have to be ready to go before 1:00. I also need to work a little on my english work. Its due tomorrow. I have no problem with actually doing it tomorrow, but I would like to get a little further along in my notes by the end of the day.

I am super hungry but I have a little puppy dog sleeping in my lap and a laptop hovering above her. Thankfully, she had a bath this morning, so I don't have to worry about giving her one. She really needed it.

I got a bit further on my story yesterday. I have about 5 pages now. I'm also jumping around in the story. It kind of works better for me than just writing chapter after chapter. I can put ideas in without writing them down first or worrying about forgetting them.

I'm also in love with an artist called "Lancifer" right now. He's a christian singer and musician. His music is really pop-ish and fun. I'm listening to Negative Nancy, We Bring the Party, and Bring the Bass on repeat right now. I love the songs so much.And it doesn't hurt that he's adorable too.

I think that I might incorporate them into a video in the near future.


September 3, 2013

Chore Day Tuesday

Because yesterday was Labor Day, my parents and brothers didn't have to go to school. So, we spent the whole day pretty much at the property. I had to spend part of the morning working on a math assignment though. That was not bueno at all. Some of the problems, I would work out and get an answer and it would be wrong, then I would let an ipad app work it out and get an answer and it would be wrong. I am pretty sure that there are mistakes in the curriculum.

One of the problems was "find two numbers that add together to be ten and multiply to get 23." This is an impossible problem. No two numbers multiply to make 23. 7 and 3 make 21, and 4 and 6 make 24. This is as close as you can get. Its absolutely impossible. So, on my first quiz in College Algebra, I made a 72, all because it was an 8 question quiz and I missed like 2 and the quiz requested answers that didn't exist.

Anyway, I started on a new novel yesterday. Its about a girl with a terminal illness. Cancer, to be exact. But it's not focused on the cancer. Its NOT a cancer book. I can't stand cancer books. Too sad and sappy. This is a sad book, but its not that kind of book.

This morning, I got a bit of a late start. I spent too much time this morning watching netflix. Then, within a period of about 8 minutes, the time that it took for me to get dressed, Puddin' pooped on the floor twice and peed on the floor once. I was about ready to ring her little neck. So, I put her in the living room and closed the area off, then washed some clothes and dishes.

I avoided doing any chores during the three day weekend, but I was actually rather surprised at how much stuff piled up. I mean, we used plastic cups and paper plates and ate out two times, but there was still a sink full of dishes and a ton of clothes to wash. So, during my time alone today, I get to wash all of them and try to get ahead on my school work.

I have to get at least a day ahead on everything in order to go out tomorrow. My best friend, Sarah, and I are going to the movies tomorrow. I have an AMC giftcard that I got for graduation that I still haven't spent, plus we could both use a day to get out of the house and have some girl time.

So, wish me luck on the new novel idea.


September 1, 2013


So, I have a website now, and I'm rather excited about it. Basically, it is a home base for all of my internet doings from blogging to music to youtube to the special project. Feel free to go check it out. I spent quite a bit of time on it. I'll be blogging for real again on monday. See you then!