September 12, 2013

A Ze Frank Morning

I actually started off this morning watching anime, then after getting dressed, I got onto youtube and the first video that caught my eye was a Ze Fank video. I was absolutely amazed, as always how he was able to put my exact thoughts into words, plus a few curse words that he decided to add in for no apparent reason. So, I shared it on facebook. Here's a link so you can watch it.

I really enjoy the video that he makes because he puts everyone's thoughts into words to fantastically. He really is a great speaker. I've even watched some TED talks with him in it. If you aren't addicted, watch this video and you will be.

I have to finish my english work and turn it in today. I also want to edit and upload a video that I filmed the other day. I hope to do both of these things before lunchtime.

I don't really have the ability to fold many more clothes today, and I am not quite ready to clean out the other cabinets in the kitchen, so I may just do some tidying and organizing.

Well, I'll see you tomorrow.