September 13, 2013

Grandparents Day

So, today I woke up about ten or fifteen minutes earlier than normal, but I'm not really concerned about that. It just meant that I have more time to do stuff before I leave the house.

Today is Grandparents Day at John Thomas' campus. Our Grandparents on my mom's side are currently in New Mexico and won't be back until October or November. The ones on my dad's side are out of pocket because one of them recently had surgery and is recovering. So, Sissy (AKA, me) gets to pop in to save the day. And my sidekick? Sarah, one of my two best friends.

The idea came up at dinner last night. We were talking about Grandparents day and how neither set would be there for John. I jokingly said, (in an old lady voice) "Do you need me to dress up as a little old lady and pretend to be your grandma?" John laughed and said that I should and my mom said "Hey, that wouldn't be a bad idea..." So, we decided that since I needed to make a trip up to the school anyway to talk to someone about the SPECIAL PROJECT, I could get my friend, Sarah, to take me and we would go hang out, visit JT for Grandparents day, and see about finishing up stuff for the special project so that I can finish it up and get it to people. So, basically, Sarah and I are superheroes. Like Batman and Robin. Only, she would be Batman and I would be Robin, because that's just how we roll, and we take turns being the leader. And our costumes would be cuter.

So, I am currently very awake and fully dressed and half way done with my coffee. I still need to wash the dishes and wash some clothes and fix my hair and makeup. I should be able to finish this in an hour or less. I'm also waiting for a text back from Sarah to see what time she is going to pick me up.

Oh, and I got another Snow White gig. I don't remember if I've said anything about it on here. I will be going to this setup of shops and stuff and taking pictures with people for tips. I will post more about the location and the date later, but it should be a Saturday in October. It would be great if you can come out and see me. I plan on bringing my ukulele too, so you can see a live performance and chat with me. If the special project is done by then, I'll have bits of that there for you too.

Well, I kind of have to go get stuff done. I also have to go to a football game tonight. Its a home game, so come if you live in the area.