September 9, 2013

A Fun Day At Home

So, I started off the morning in the usual way, AKA watching netflix. Then I got up and got dressed, then made some coffee and checked tumblr and facebook. And what the heck do I find all over my tumblr dash? Crap about the stalker girl who called Benedict Cumberbatch's hotel room. Okay, so they should be more careful about hotel security when celebrities are staying there. And people should stop being fangirly about people. At least learn to treat celebrities like normal people. And that's all I have to say about that.

Blogger was also giving me problems this morning. The pages didn't want to load correctly. But, eventually, I got it to work.

Currently, I'm listening to Cabin Pressure while I blog. I love the radio show. Its amazingly hilarious. Puddin' is having fun finding random things to chew on with her sharp little puppy teeth in the mean time.

Today I'm going to put on my henna tattoo that I designed the other day. I wanted to do it yesterday, but I had to do homework and I ran out of time. I have a picture of the rough draft on instagram, and I'll upload a pic of the final product when I'm done.

I'm beginning to realize how uninteresting my life is. I have no idea why people read what I say. But, nonetheless, don't stop.

I have also realized how lonely my life is too. I literally only talked to two people other than my family while I was at church yesterday. And I'm not explicitly trying not to associate with people, but I really stink at starting up conversations and no one else seems to want to talk to me. I talked to Sarah, who is my best friend and she and I are co-teachers of a sunday school class. Oh, and then the preacher came by and said hello and shook my hand. And church and the internet are the only places that I talk to people and socialize these days. I mean, I know that I really don't like to talk to and be around many of the people that I know. I really miss my drama friends. At least they would tolerate me. And I miss acting. I can't wait for my next snow white gig, because I will get to perform, in a way.

I fear that an actress is lost without her theatre. And even an introvert likes to have friends.