September 20, 2013

Dogs and Vlogs

Today is Friday, which means that it is the first trial day of "Follow Me Friday". I'm not really sure if its going to be a thing yet, so I'm going to try it out a few times. So far, its going pretty good. I'm just worried that this week won't be very interesting. It keeps raining, which means that the football game may be cancelled and I won't go anywhere. Maybe I'll do "Follow Me Saturday" when that happens. Or I'll just make it "Follow me" and it will happen on whatever days I leave my house to do something mildly interesting.

So, Puddin' was being a total butt this morning. she had a bunch of accidents and kept trying to bit me on the legs and feet and hands and stomach. So, right now she is sitting in her pet carrier (which is where she sleeps at night) in a sort of time-out. She's barking, but I'm hoping that she'll give up and go to sleep soon.

I don't have any homework due today, but I am going to work on Theatre work that is due on Sunday. Maybe I can get a little bit done before getting bored.