September 24, 2013

Switchin' it up

Today, I decided to tackle most of the chores before hopping on my laptop to blog and do homework. I feel like I got more done today than I normally do.

Because I'm taking it just a little bit at a time on my math homework, my main focus today is on History. I still haven't logged on, but I will in just a minute.

On the slightly more interesting side, I came up with an idea for a short film. For about the past year, I've wanted to make a short film. I've done music videos and skits, but I have never done a short film. And I feel like one of the big things in officially being able to call yourself a director is actually doing a film or short film. I don't have the ability to do a full-length movie right now, so I figured a short film might be a good place to start.

I still need to storyboard and write the script, but I have a basic idea of what it is about. It takes place in the future and it is narrated by a little girl. I'll probably be the one who does the voice acting though. And the theme is the idea of "guns don't kill people, people kill people." I feel that it is relevant. I don't want to give away too much, but I think I might start writing the script today.

I got a new SMASH book the other day. The thing is, its not a normal smash book, but one that I am making from scratch. I'm using one of the scrapbooks that you can add pages to. I removed all of the little slip covers that you put the pages in and just put the pages themselves into the brad things instead. It just makes it easier to put things in it and it makes it more like an actual smash book. Not to mention, I got to pick the different pages that were in the book and no two are alike. It cost around the same amount as a name-brand smash book, but I think its cool that I made it myself.

Well, I should probably go do homework. Blech.