September 27, 2013

Thanking Goodness...

So, yesterday, I was freaking out quite a bit about homework stuff. I was supposed to tell my teacher by September 9th where I was planning to take the Math test that I have to take Friday. And I didn't notice this until yesterday. Thankfully, I messaged him and he said that there was no problem since I would be taking it at on of the main campuses. Then, I was freaking out about the fact that my mom has to take me to the college to take the test (Still no license here...) and school doesn't let out until 3:30, the campus is like 30 minutes away, and it closes at 4:30 on Fridays, meaning I wouldn't get there in time to take the test. Thankfully, my mom said that she'll just take a half-day off from school. I kind of feel bad about making her take off from work, but she seemed to be okay with it. I hope that she really is.

Then, I got online this morning and took the math quiz for both this week and next week. I barely passed this week's and I did decently on next week's. I hate the fact that I have to let myself stoop to barely passing . I'm so used to making straight A's with maybe one or two B's every once in a while. But at least I'll have actual professors teaching me soon enough.

Okay, so I am looking for a really good anime to watch. I've started like three different ones, and the only one that I really care for is "Death Note". I just finished watching Black Butler, and I loved it. I also loved Ouran High School Host Club and FMA and Chobits was pretty decent. I wanted to start watching Bleach, but its not on Netflix or the anime watching site that I use. I want something else fun and cute like those, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. If you watch anime, PLEASE leave a recommendation in the comments.

My hat is probably about half done still. Maybe a little more. It takes forever to get around the length of the entire hat with the stitches. I can't wait until I finish this row and start to narrow the hat down so that I can put a band in it and be done.