September 5, 2013

Vashta Nerada

So, this morning I was sitting there, in our big blue chair, watching television with a puppy in my lap. My parents and brothers had already left, so I was alone. I was just watching tv in the dark, you know? Minding my own business. And then my brain decided to remember the terrifying but nerdy dream that I had last night. And for about thirty seconds, I was freaking out, until I realized that the scary thing in my dream doesn't really exist, thank God.

Last night, I had a dream that my family and I were sitting in the dining room in the house that we used to live in. Half of the room was dark because we had the lights off, but there was some light coming in from outside. And as I walk through the shadows, I can feel these things grabbing my ankles and pulling me into the darkness. At first, I think that its just my imagination. Then one of them really does grab me and knock me down and start pulling me into the darkness when I realize that these are some form of Vashta Nerada, the shadow creatures from Doctor Who. Only, in the dream, they're real. And I make it out of their grasp and I go tell my mom, who is just sitting there, talking to my dad or somebody a few feet away. And she doesn't believe me. She says that its just my imagination and that there aren't any monsters in the shadows. And I know that she's wrong. So she tells me that I should just stay away from the shadows if it's such a big deal. So, I walk into a different room, and I'm avoiding the shadows as I go to do something, then I look over and the shadows are getting bigger and closer. So I go back into the dining room, and my mom still doesn't believe me that something is there. And the freaking Vashta Nerada knock me down again and begin pulling me into the darkness to kill me and no one is noticing that I'm about to DIE. And there isn't a tenth doctor or anyone coming to save me. And then the dream ends. Fade out. Boom, its morning.

I was literally scared to death in that dream. I have never had a doctor who related dream and it scares me that my first dream that was related to Doctor Who was like that. And the doctor wasn't there and no on e was trying to help me, which made it terrifying.

Anyway, I posted about having this dream on facebook and a guy that I kind of like liked my status. And I had a mini facebook stalking session for about ten minutes before I started reading my English textbook this morning. I'm such a freak.