Life Scouts

This is the page on which I will display the lifescouts badges that I have "obtained". I find that the badges push me to want to go out and do exciting things so that I can tell others about them, not to mention they give me a way to share my life experiences and write a kind of autobiography one bit at a time. This way, I can get more out of life while I have it. It also gives me a way to share random experiences and stories about myself. I may add pictures that went along with these experiences at some point in the future. Feel free to go to and start your own badge collection on tumblr, facebook, twitter, blogger, instagram, or in real life, since they also sell actual badges for like $5 each.

ATTENTION: Upon the announcement of recent news with Alex Day, I have temporarily discontinued my pursuit of lifescouts badges.

Current Badge Count: 29

Parade Badge:

When I was about 13,  I was in a parade for the 4th of July in my uncle's home town. He had some friends that were driving vehicles and fourwheelers in the parade and they let my brother and I tag along. I rode in a suburban type vehicle and stood in the back seat, throwing candy out the sun roof at people. The whole thing was an advertisement for a business, so we had waterbottles to throw also. The lady driving the car, who apparently owned or worked at the business got mad and yelled at her daughter and myself for throwing out candy and water bottles for people who weren't politically involved in the town or were more poor. I kinda got mad at this, because I had tried to throw some at my youngest brother for him to get. Then, once the parade was over, my brother and I got dropped off at the local high school, and we were confused as to what to do until my uncle came on a fourwheeler and picked us up. It was a rather scary experience, but fun to look back on and say that I have been in a parade.

Guitar Badge:

When I was about 15, I began learning to play the guitar. I thought that it would be a really great thing and that I would learn it really easily. I learned like a G chord and a C chord before giving up because the guitar was too big for my hands and body and it was hurting my fingers. Then, a couple of months ago I started messing around with this ukulele I got for $15 dollars at a flea market. The sound was rubbish, but I was getting pretty good. So, my mom bought me a real ukulele for Christmas and now I can play most anything if I put my mind to it, though many times I am too lazy to learn the odd chords like C#m and Dm6 and Cadd9. I hope to someday get a more expensive ukulele that I can plug into an amp and stuff so that I can play it on stage for people or record myself with my computer. Meanwhile, I'm stuck playing it whenever I have free time or at random parties and gatherings, and occasionally uploading covers of songs to youtube. So, I didn't learn how to play the guitar, but I tried, and I ended up learning how to play a similar instrument.

Niagara Falls Badge:

  Okay, so I have never actually been to Niagara falls, and I don't want to cheat you, but I count this badge as a waterfall/nature badge. I have actually been to several actual waterfalls and rivers and streams and such. I think my favorite one was the summer before last when I went to Pedernales Falls. I got to see a really big waterfall and a river. However, when we went, it was in the middle of a drought so the water level was low. We got to walk on these huge rocks and stuff that was the bottom of the river. It was scary to look down a hundred feet in between the rocks to see water flowing in between them. And you just sit there thinking: I could fall down there and die and nothing could be done about it. It was also awesome to think how long those rocks had been there and how it used to be underwater. Then I sit at my computer now and realize what an amazing world that God has created for all of us to live in. He must love us a whole lot, even just to give (most of us) eyes to see it all. I think that should encourage people just to go out and see things, if nothing else. I also think that that trip was a great bonding time with my family, because we were gone for like a week and a half and saw all sorts of things, including the Grand Canyon. Whoa, there should totally be a grand canyon badge.

Archery Badge:

I first got interested in archery after watching Lord of the Rings and falling in love with Legolas. I played around with a toy boy and arrow for a while. Then, I decided that I wanted to be Legolas for halloween. So, my dad made me a wooden bow using a lathe and whatnot, and used some old string to finish it. I ran around picking up sticks and pretending that they were arrows and shooting them with the bow. It actually worked to some extent. The bow has longs since dried out and become stiff, but I still have my green legolas cape. My brother got interested in archery a short time ago and bought a ton of arrows and a bow. He sat in the yard shooting them for hours. Honestly, though, I lack the arm strength to be really great at archery, so I think my archery time is up.

Tree Planting Badge:

In living in the south for pretty much all of my life, I have planed many many things. I grew up next to a really big field that every year I helped plant and harvest things in. We had things like corn and beans, along with strange things like sugarcane. The strangest thing I ever remember my grandpa or my dad planting was a pineapple, and it grew to some extent but got mowed down before it produced a fruit. I always helped my mom when she occasionally planted flowers in our yard and I was used to waling barefoot through the muddy fields just to feel the squish of dirt between my toes. As far as planting a tree, the only specific time that I  remember is about 6 months or so ago when we transplanted some baby kumquat and loquat trees from my grandparents' house to our property. Many of them died, but several survived and are now decent sized young trees that will eventually produce fruit. I think there is a spiritual aspect to planting things too. It is your chance to basically give back to the earth that God has given you to live on and at the same time a way to admire its beauty. Then you get to eat whatever comes along later, as like a thank you gift from God.

Swimming Badge:

I have been in the water since I was very young. I learned to swim at the age of about 8 or 10, shortly after a scary, almost-drowning experience in a friend's pond. I think the fun thing about swimming is doing it with friends. Once I was at my friend Sarah's house and there were about 10 or so people in the pool. So, like normal teenagers, we decided to make a whirlpool. We swam around and around in circles, dragging various pool toys along with us. Then, the ladder broke off (it was an above ground pool) and we got in trouble and were banned from making whirlpools. I also love late night swimming. Last year, after prom, we went back to a friend's house and swam from like 11:00 to midnight or later. We got in the main pool, but after a few minutes decided that it was too cold and got in the hot tub. Six or eight people in a hot tub. Then the guys started jumping into the pool from the hot tub and nearly freezing to death. Once the temperature in the hot tub exceeded that of a normal human body's internal temperature, we all got out and went to Jack-in-the-box and got 50 half price $1.00 tacos. We also saw a scary arguement between the drive through lady and some random lady who walked up to tell her that she was going to talk to somebody and get her fired. Yeah... I think they probably spit in our food, because they thought the lady was in the car with us. That was probably one of the most fun nights of my life so far, and we didn't even do anything illegal. That just proves that you can have fun and still be safe.

Fishing Badge:

Personally, I have found that I hate fishing. It involves too much stillness and being quiet and patience. All of these things are very hard for me. I have gone fishing many times, since that is a popular summer pastime where I live. I have tons of pictures of myself along with friends and relatives at all points in my life just fishing. My most successful fishing trip was about three or four years ago, if not more. My family went down to the lake on our property and spent the day fishing. I kept catching nothing but perch. My brother and I caught about 30 or so fish all together, and we cleaned and ate them all shortly afterwards. But perch are rather tiny fish, so all thirty of them only made one meal. My least successful but most hilarious fishing trip took place when I was about three or four years old. My family went out to a big lake or something to fish. I either caught something or my line got caught and my mom took my tiny fishing pole and went to help me, only to end up throwing the fishing pole into the water accidentally. Somewhere in Texas lies my first fishing pole at the bottom of a lake.

Zoo Badge:

 I have been to the zoo many, many times. Probably too many to count. I went on a field trip in both kindergarten and eigth grade, and probably some other years in elementary school. I have been with my family probably about five different times. The one that I most remember was when I was in like kindergarten or something, and I was obsessed with this boy in my class. I legitimately thought he was my boyfriend. So, my mom came as a chaparone and I got to spend the day with both my mom and this kid, Alex. I was so excited that I got to spend the day with the boy I "loved". Oh, and I have a bunch of pictures from that day, and a stuffed elephant that my mom bought me at the gift shop. It trumpets when you squeeze it. I think its funny, because he moved away in like third grade and I haven't heard from him since.

Horse Riding Badge:
In growing up in the south, I have been around horses quite a bit. My family has never actually owned a horse, but my mom had some when she was a kid. I have been riding horses since I was a very young child. I don't consider horse riding one of my hobbies, but I know how to ride a horse and I have done it many times before. When I was about 13, our neighbor had horses (he still does, but we don't really see him much anymore) and my brother and I would go down a couple times a week during the summer and ride them. I always liked to ride on the smaller horse or mule or whatever he was. I really don't like heights, so sitting on a really big horse scares me. I would ride the horse around in circles and make him trot around barrels and stuff. Nothing major. But, after a couple of hours of riding a horse, I was really sore. My favourite type of horse is a shire horse, partially because of the semi-lord of the rinds reference and partially because they are really pretty. In fact, they actually did use shire horse to pull Gandalf's firework wagon in the fellowship of the ring, if I am not mistaken.

Snake Holding Badge:

I have been around snakes and all kinds of animals all of my life. For the longest time, my dad was a 5th grade science teacher (he now teaches math instead), so he had a ton of different dead animals in his class room. He had many jars of varying sizes with dead snakes and animal brains and random insects in them along with alchohol or vinegar or whatever to preserve them. The first time I touched a live snake was probably when I was about six or so. I had this red wagon that I was putting leaves in and I accidentally got a grass snake and put him in there with the leaves, and when I took the leaves out, I found a wriggling green snake about five inches long, and it scared me half to death. I have held various snakes after my dad has caught them. Most of them were harmless grass snakes or something similar. I can't really remember any of them in particular because those experiences just seemed like everyday things, nothing special. I am also not afraid of snakes, mice, or spiders. I don't care to touch them or have them on me without me knowing, but I am otherwise okay with coexisting with them.

Cow Milking Badge

 This is one of the badges that I think I have, but I could just be imagining the occurence of doing this thing. I think I milked a cow, like once on a class field trip. I don't really remember it, except that it was kind of gross and wierd. I have been around cows quite a bit, but I have never owned one, so I never really spend time milking one. I do know what not to do around a cow though, like stand behind one. I have also visited a goat milk factory/farm thing also, but I feel that that is a slightly different topic.

Pet-Owning Badge

I have owned many many many many pets. When I was a child, we had a dog named bear who got struck by lightning and lived. then we had a chihuahua named Bell, as in Taco Bell. She jumped on me one day and made me squeeze/drop the raw eggs that I was carrying from the chicken coop to the house. We had a really stupid mutt named Petey once. He died after the hurricane. We have had rabbits and guinea pigs also, and several beta fish. We have had sugar gliders (flying squirrels) and doves and chickens and ducks also. I think we had a parrot once. More recently, we have owned a plecostemus and two goldfish, along with like, 5 basset hounds, a daucshund, and a half dauchsund mutt. If I personally ever spent money on a dog or other large-ish animal, I would buy a Golden Cocker Retriever, which is basically a dog that looks like a puppy forever. However, I really don't care for animals that much. I don't like the idea of having to care for them, but I do enjoy being around them occasionally.

Chess Badge

I have been playing chess probably since middle school. My chess playing career really started when I was in kindergarten. I would come to my dad's classroom everyday after school and we would play countless games of checkers. This kind of prepared me to think ahead and such, as was needed for the game of chess. When  I first started playing chess, I only had my brother to play against, and we didn't know all of the rules, so we often would end up in a stalemate caused by playing wrong. I had only learned by watching other people play. No one had actually explained it to me. More recently, I began playing virtual chess on the Ipad with my youngest brother who is merely 6 years old and really smart. I think he could be a master chess player if he keeps going. I think chess is definately something that is fun and requires brain power. I hope to get better at it the more I play.

Video Games Badge

I have been playing video games since my brother was about 5 or so years old. Our first gaming handheld was a Gameboy Advance that he got for his birthday, but I can remember when the gameboy color became a big hit and was popular everywhere. I loved to play it, but I've never been very good at videogames, so many times I would sit and watch while he played. I played with things like Tomagotchi's too, but I'm not sure that really counts as a videogame. We actually wrote a story using videogame plots and ideas once, but it has since been lost, so I look for it whenever I think about it. We had a gamecube too for a while, and we swore that we would buy the connector cable for the gba and gamecube, but we never did. Favourite gamecube game? Either, mariokart double dash, luigi's mansion, or super mario sunshine. One Chiristmas, we begged for a wii, and got one. I don't really have a favourite game there, but super mario galaxy was pretty great. Eventually, we traded out the gba for a ds, which we played until we had 3 of them, and then until they all died. Our gamecube died from a lightning storm, during which we left it plugged in, and it fried. we still have all of the games though. We then got DSi's and still have them today, though they are not as awesome as everybody believes. Our first Wii died, so we got a black one. It bothers me that the new Wii's don't play gamecube games. It takes away some of the fun. Then we got a xbox, which I only really like for the kinect version of just dance.

Rubik's Cube Solving Badge

I first got my hands on a Rubiks' cube in probably 7th grade. That was when they became really popular at our school and it seemed like everyone had one. I got it for Christmas, I think. I immediately set to work memorizing how to solve it. Mine, unlike many, came with a little book that explained the solving methods and algorithms. I memorized it in about two weeks. Then, I went around school solving and unsolving it until the stickers started peeling off. People were so amazed and they would ask me to solve theirs. I became semi-popular because of it. I was timed once, and it only took me like 3 minutes. Currently, it takes me about 5 minutes if I'm lucky, since I'm out of practice, but at least I can solve it.

Marching Band Badge

I have never actually been IN the marching band at our school, but most everyone thinks that I am in the band. I have hung around with a certain group of kids pretty much the whole time I was in school, but when we got to high school and middle school, they all were in band, but I was not. This did not stop me of course, from hanging out with them on a daily basis. I've even come to know most of the band stereotypes and what they're talking about when they're talking about band. I do know some music, so I even understand that type of talk, even when everyone else is confused. I've been to their shows a few times and I love to watch them march. If I would have been comitted to practicing an instrument that is a part of our band or been athletic enough to be a flag twirler, I would have been in band, but alas I am not, though I still have the reputation. Its funny, once I was in the band hall talking to someone before school, and the drum major blew the whistle, and even though I am not in band, I immediately silenced and stopped what I was doing like everyone else. I didn't even mean to really, it just happened.

Scrabble Badge

I have played scrabble quite a few times in my life. I played it for the first time when I was like 10 or so, at a friend's house, I do believe. She had an anniversary edition that actually held the peices in the board and the board rotated to face the person whose turn it was. I really like playing scrabble, but I don't play board games that much because they take so much time to set up and involve multiple people and whatnot. When I play with my brothers, we always either think the other one is cheating or get upset about not winning and quit early. Basically, we need a parent or friend to be a mediator.

Bowling Badge

I went bowling for the first time when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I can't really remember anything about it, except trying to win a toy from the claw machine in the back. After that, I only went bowling virtually. There was the polar bowling game for the PC, in which there was a polar bear in an intertube that you shot at the pins, which I'm pretty sure were penguins. Then, there was Wii bowling, which I never really got the hang of, while my brother reached the pro level. Then, when I was 13 or so, we went bowling for my birthday. Its was my mom, two of my best friends, and me. W weren't reallu playing to win, but just to have fun. We managed quite a few gutter balls, and one of my friends was really skinny and didn't bowl correctly, but bowled like a little kid. Then, about 4 months ago I went bowling with a group of girls from our youth group. I was really terrible because I hadn't even played wii bowling in the longest time. Then, a few days after that, in celebration of my birthday, I went with my family to go bowling. We played part of the time with the bumpers up because my youngest brother can bearly pick up the lightest bowling ball. I enjoy bowling as a social thing, but not in competition. For me, bowling is almost like golf. Its meant to be fun because there are people with you who you can talk to and make fun of eachother while you play. I don't like to take it seriously. Oh, and the brother that is awesome at wii bowling is good at real bowling too.

Ukulele Badge
Yay! There is finally a Ukulele badge! I got my first uke about  or so months ago. We went to a big flea market one weekend, and my brother and I were planning to get ukes. He bought a $40 one, and I got a $15 one. Needless to say, mine sucked. It wouldn't stay in tune, and it broke after a week or two.
I had my grandpa fix it, but it still sounded horribly plinky. I got a new, pink ukulele for Christmas, that is the same brand as my brother's. I have been posting ukulele covers on YouTube a couple times a month, and I am going to play my ukulele in the school talent show. I occasionally carry it to school, and it always seems to start conversations and give me an opportunity to perform. I want to someday go busking and earn some money with my instrument. I really love playing the ukulele because it is easy to tune, only has four strings, is small, and it has plastic-y strings that don't leave calluses. I hope to keep playing and eventually get an even better instrument.

Perform On Stage Badge

When I was a little kid, I thought I was destined to be a performer, but I was scared to death of people and excruciatingly shy. When I was in elementary school, I was a member of our church's children's choir, but we didn't jsut sing, we actually did some acting, and we would get up in front of the whole church to perform. Now that I think back on it, I don't remember ever having stagefright or anything. I was in choir in school in 5th grade, but I quit because I hated it. In 7th and 8th grade, I was in choir, which was led by the music teacher that I had in elementary school. I performed at all kinds of concerts and even had a few solos. In high school, there was no choir program, so I had to settle for theatre. I actually ended up enjoying it more than choir. I have been in almost 10 plays in high school, among other things, and I love acting. I think that onstage is where I am meant to be. I auditioned and will be in my school's talent show this year also. I recently went to visit a college and checked out it's theatre program, but the way they have it set up scares me, so I might end up focusing on film instead. 

Song-writing Badge

I have always loved music and loved the idea of writing my own. I wrote my first song with my brother when I was about thirteen. It was a very silly song that we made up to entertain my other brother who was really young at the time. It was something like "There once was a man who hit me with a frying pan, so hit him back with a soda". It wasn't really original, as far as the tune, but the words were original. I wrote my next song in a time of being very angry with my mother. It was something very angry sounding, and I can't even remember it now, but it was totally original, even the tune. I have written about 20 songs since then, although not all of them are finished. I could have enough for at least an EP if I could ever get someone to help me write the music. I can figure out the vocal notes, but I can't ever get the accompaniment. A lot of the songs are about love (or lack thereof) because I was always so concerned about that. My brother and I wrote a praise and worship song about two years ago, and it actually sounds pretty good, but it follows the four chord progression that every pop song uses. Maybe we can record it together sometime, but I don't know. I find that songwriting is a good way to get my feelings out, as is any other art form.

Vocalist Badge

I have been singing since I was a very small child. I would listen to my mother and grandmothers (on both sides of my family) sing before I could talk. Then, when I learned how to form words, I began singing along with them. My grandmother on my dad's side would occasionally record tapes of me singing nursery rhymes and such along with her. My other grandmother would put on country music and we would sing along as we cleaned the house. When I was in elementary school, I was in the church's childrens choir. When I was in fifth grade, I was in school choir but I quit because one of the songs made me cry when I sang it. I was in choir again in 7th and 8th grade with the music teacher that had originally encouraged me to sing in my elementary years, Mrs. Johnson. In high school, my main singing took place around the house, in the shower, at church for a special, and in a talent show my senior year. I have started recording some of my own music, but I am mainly experimenting right now. When I was a little kid, I always dreamed of being a pop star and singing on a stage in front of tons of people. Nowadays, I am not a pop star, but I have performed on stage for many people and even recieved a standing ovation before. Through YouTube and the music distribution site (bamdcamp) I have been able to have an audience much greater than I could have ever imagined.

Concert Badge

I went to my first concert when I was about 13. I guess it wasn't a real concert, but it was close. My mother and I went to an event called "Revolve Tour", where a bunch of christian artists came and performed and talked to teen girls and their moms about being a christian. I saw Hawk Nelson, Aiesha Woods, and KJ-52. I didn't go to concerts for a while after that. Then, about two years ago, my local christian radio station started this thing called "Boomin' By The Bay", which is a group of four free concerts that they do each summer at Kemah boardwalk. I went to see KJ-52 twice and Family Force 5 once. In fact, that concert was the first time I really saw FF5 in concert and recognized them for who they were and their music. I fell in love with them there and then. I hope to go back to "Boomin' by the Bay" this summer too. The last times I went, I didn't get to buy anything or meet the people because I was with a church group. I hope to be able to go back and meet people this time. I really hope FF5 comes back.

Karaoke Badge

I got a karaoke machine from by grandparents for my birthday when I was like 10. I used that thing until it broke. I never really liked the karaoke songs that I had though. I had the chance to do karaoke with some relatives at a birthday party once, but I declined because they were all drunk and I felt uncomfortable. I think I might have done one song, but I really can't remember because it was a couple years ago. I have several wii "Sing It!" games also, but I don't play them as much anymore. I used to play them nearly every saturday with my little brothers. We would sing High School Musical and Disney Hits for hours. It was karaoke style, but I didn't need the words because I had them memorized. It bothered me when it told me I didn't hit the note though, because I clearly had.

Music Video Badge

I started making music videos when I was about 13 or so. I had seen things on television that included music videos and I had watched some music videos on the internet. I really liked the idea that I could make something like that on my own. My very first music videos were stop motion because I did not have permission to use my parents' video camera. I used a kodak digital camera that was several years old. I wasn't very precise, and stopmotion really requires precision, so the three videos that I made weren't that great. My first live-action music video was to "Gypsy" by Shakira. I was in love with that song at the time. I worked for hours to put together the music and video segments in Windows Movie Maker in a fashion that I liked. After I found a way to make music videos that I enjoyed, nothing could stop me from making them whenever I wanted to. I have tons of video files that I have yet to edit, and many things that are halfway edited. The "Zombie" music video was probably the first music video that I made that used a different editing program. I shot it with a kodak easyshare digital camera that I got about 4 years ago. That one was also my first one with other people that willingly participated, which made the process really enjoyable. When I graduate from High school, I plan to get a new DSLR camera that I will use to make my videos. I like the fact that I will be able to change the focus and whatnot. Not to mention, I can have different lenses and different video qualities. As far as the planning of videos goes, I occasionally storyboard, but most of the time I just think about it and try to imagine a video while I listen to the song over and over. I would love to be hired by a band to create their music video. I am currently trying to come up with something for Forever the Fierce that they would like and that would be do-able on a low budget. The only things I need are time, imagination, and a decent camera and editing program.

Piano Badge

I started learning to play the piano when I was roughly eight years old, maybe a little older. My grandma offered to teach me, since she played the piano and the organ for my grandparents' church. I was really excited about it at first since some of my friends had taken piano lessons and I didn't know how to play any instruments yet. I took about 3 or so lessons before quitting. I didn't like the idea that I had to practice, and it felt like my grandma expected more effort from me than I wanted to put forth. I would literally break down crying during the lessons or when my dad was forcing me to practice. I absolutely hated it. About two or three years ago, I started messing around and learned a few more things on the piano. I'm not great, but I can repeat patterns while others do the more complicated stuff. My brother is the real piano player, but then again, he is awesome at any instrument he sets his mind to playing. I don't think that I'll ever really master the piano because, even though I have "pinao-playing fingers", I just don't enjoy it and the practice that comes with it.

Birthday Party Badge

I never really went to birthday parties as a little kid, because I didn't have too many friends that had birthday parties. The first birthday party that I had (as a 1-year-old) was an actual party, but I didn't have another one with people other than relatives until  I was about 10 years old. My parties were never really fantastic, because I lived in a small house and I didn't have a pool or anything very entertaining. I hope to have an actual birthday party for my 18th birthday in July, but I still have no clue if that will happen or not. I will actually be going to two birthday parties this weekend, however, dressed up as Snow White. However, I am being paid for that, so I guess it won't really count.

Roller Skating Badge

I went roller skating for the first time when I was about 10 or so for a friend's birthday party. I was really bad at it at first, but I got used to it. I've never been roller skating outside of going to a skating rink. The last time I went roller skating (last summer), I went with a group of girls from my church. We dressed up in 80's costumes (which, for me, included a knee-length tutu) and got strange looks from everyone there. Some of my friends were really great at skating. I, on the other hand, kept falling down. I thought it might have been a teensy bit more graceful wearing a tutu, but I looked like a fool, honestly. A fool wearing a big white tutu. It was fun regardless, and I got back up every time I fell, but I was bruised in various places by the end of the two hours or whatever we were there.

Kite Flying Badge

I have been flying kites since I was a really small child. My parents taught me how. I remember having at least one or two days a year where I would go out with a brand new plastic kite that someone had bought me and fly it in the corn field because there were trees and power lines everywhere else. Every year at school, the senior english classes read The Kite Runner, and then they go out and fly kites. Last year, when I was a junior, we went out and flew kites the same day as the senior class, not because we had read the book, but because we didn't want to do anything and we had taken an AP test earlier that day. My little brother asked for a kite last Christmas, so about a month ago we went out and flew his kite. He really doesn't get the strategy of waiting for the wind or trying to get the kite up really high in the air yet, so it was frustrating. It was really cool to fly a kite that wasn't made of cheap plastic, but actual kite fabric.

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