March 12, 2012

Geronimo Music Video

For some reason youtube wont let people see this video on their mobile phones. I am posting it here to try and remedy that problem. TTFN!

<3 , Lizzy

March 2, 2012


Hey people!
I'm back on here for today. Right now I am on a bus heading to a really big school. Well, big compared to my school. We're going for a clinic for UIL one act play contest. We go and perform and people tell us what we could do better.
Anyway, I wanted to apologize for not putting up a cover video on YouTube like I promised and check in with everyone. I'm still here, just kinda busy :/ I plan to post a video every weekend from now on.
Well, I have to go, we're running lines and rehearsing on the bus, and its almost my turn. Ttfn.

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