October 31, 2013

Rainy Halloween Morning

I'm actually kinda sad that its raining right now. If it doesn't stop, we won't get to have the yearly fall festival at the church tonight, which means that we won't get to dress up and go out. And its Halloween!

Anyway, I had almost finished my second wrist warmer this morning, but I was crocheting the last little bit when I realized that it was too small compared to the other one. So, I had to pull out 3/4 of the stitches and I'm back to practically nothing.

I dyed my hair yesterday, so its back to an intense red, rather than a natural looking ginger. Also, now my hair is really soft and smells like the hair dye. But I'm kinda used to it.

My calculator came in the mail yesterday. Its in perfect condition and I can't wait to use it on math homework.

I have English homework to do today though. Not looking forward to that. Its getting to where I only really like math and drama. One's challenging and the other is fun. I've never really cared for history or English anyway.

I finished watching the last episode of Firefly this morning. I can't believe that I watched them all. I can watch the movie now, but I wish there was more.


October 30, 2013

Rainy Wednesday

This morning, I procrastinated when it came to getting out of bed. I was super tired and I still am. It has also been raining today, which makes me feel even more tired. I like rainy days, but they make me feel like curling up under a blanket and doing things like watching movies, reading books, or sleeping. Not doing homework and chores.

Some news about yesterday! My copy of the book that I wrote and published finally came in the mail. Its really cool and professional looking. I really do want people to buy it. I actually don't mind if you buy the ebook instead, because it actually gives me more profit. I'm  going to eventually release a version that has me reading it, but I don't have the ability to record it right now. I hope to write and publish a novel too, but I haven't gotten very far on it. I'm working on it though.

I also started listening to some new, different music. Well, new to me anyway. Andrew introduced me to it, and its pretty cool. Folk rock. Right now, I'm listening to a pandora station for the band Flogging Molly. Its pretty awesome. I'm thinking I might use some of this for short films and montages at some time in the future.

Also, tomorrow is halloween, so I plan to post pictures of my costume. I am really excited. I think I might make a music video out of it. I really want to. I have currently misplaced my camera battery charger though, so I have to find it today in order to charge my camera batteries and make the video. I hate that I misplace things so often.

Because its been a bit since I dyed my hair last and the color has faded and grown out, I'm going to dye my hair again today. Still red. I have to wait for my mom to get home though, because I don't really trust myself to do it right.

Well, I need to go do my history homework and then look for my camera battery charger. So, goodbye.


October 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday

I was too lazy to blog yesterday. I did chores all day instead of working on any homework, so I didn't get on the computer. I did finish making the hat that I was crocheting though, and it is really difficult to type with an ice cream cone in one hand. Yes, I'm having ice cream for lunch. I'm 18 and I can do what I want.

I just finished my math homework. It would have been easier if my calculator had already arrived in the mail. It should be here tomorrow though, so no worries.

I've managed to start crocheting a baby-sized mickey mouse ear hat. I'm hoping it turns out better than the other hats I've done so far. I have also looked up patterns for crocheted butterflies, a bow, and a couple different headbands. I'm excited.

Also, I will be making another Snow White appearance if you missed the last one. I'll be in Old Town Spring on November 9th. I'm not quite sure about the time, but probably a little after lunch. The tree lighting thing takes place on that day. I'll be in front of the same store, Kudos, so come by and have a picture taken. I may also be selling some of the stuff that I crocheted also. Thats why I'm working on hats and headbands so much.

I have to go work on chores and crochet stuff now, so ttyl.


October 25, 2013

Cold Scrambled Eggs...

Yep, that is what is sitting next to me as I blog. I made them for my breakfast, but I still don't feel like eating. They seem kinda gross anyway. I forgot how much I really don't care for scrambled eggs. I did actually drink a whole cup of coffee this morning though, so that was a success.

On a more related topic. I have math homework due in about an hour and a half. I really wish that I had a calculator like we used in high school to do all of these calculations with since I've reached the point in the lessons where calculators are allowed. I'm really tempted to buy one. I found a TI-83 Silver Plus for about $60 on amazon. I think I might get it.

I've spent quite a bit of the morning watching Firefly, crocheting the hat, and texting Andrew. Its really nice to have someone to talk to. And when we started talking, even though we are still learning things about each other, it seems like we've known each other for a long time. Its just so easy to talk to each other.

I really really feel like making a music video. I don't have a football game to go to tonight, so I might be able to when my parents get home.

Gah, I'm just procrastinating.

Oh, I got another Snow White gig. November 2, I get to go to a birthday party of the daughter of a teacher at our school. Its at least $50 in my pocket, so I'm not complaining.


October 24, 2013

How The Snake Story Ended

If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I had to deal with the problem of a snake in the house. Well, I waited until he decided to try and escape from behind the heater and run away. He was half way to the window, crawling on the broom nearby when I used a piece of fabric to grab him. I had hoped to use a pillow case, but they were all on pillows at the time. The thing about the rush that I was in was that it caused me to not think through where I was grabbing the snake. So, like an idiot, I grabbed him in the middle. Now, this snake was at least three foot long, which meant that as soon as I picked him up, I realized that he could easily reach back around and bite me. So, in about thirty seconds, I transported the snake from the living room to the outdoors, and had him slithering in the opposite direction of the house. I was rather frightened, so there was a string of words that came out of my mouth that I am not particularly proud of as I carried the snake outside, along with the words "please don't bite me". Looking back, it was kind of funny, but I am glad that I dealt with it.

I asked my dad what the snake was after I described it to him, and he said that it was probably a rat snake, AKA, it wasn't planning to hurt me, it just wanted to eat the mice that tend to live in our area. The snake should have made himself less obvious though.

In other news, I finished the headband that I was working on, and I started crocheting a hat this morning. I am maybe 1/4 of the way done. Maybe I can have it finished by the weekend.

I also am still dealing with the issue of not feeling good and not wanting to eat. My stomach really hasn't felt good all morning. I made myself a cup of coffee, and I only drank about 1/4 of it. I know that I am hungry, but I just don't feel like I can eat. Like, if I eat, I might get sick or feel bad. Its not a good thing.

I also started watching new tv shows, thanks to Andrew. I have watched 3 episodes of firefly, 1 episode of Legend of Korra, and 1.25 episodes of the 4th doctor in the old series of Doctor Who. They all seem rather great. But, Legend of Korra isn't on Netflix, which bothers me. It means that I have to watch it on my laptop, so I don't get to watch it as much.


October 23, 2013


So, yesterday, I ended up going out and having lunch at Chic-fil-a in the mall with my best friend, Sarah. Its kind of difficult for me to eat right now, just because I really don't feel like eating even though I get hungry, but I got past that and ate way too much yesterday. We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards, and I got two books: Alice in Zombieland and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I just feel like a couple of creepy stories are what I am in the mood for right now, with Halloween being close and whatnot. And of course, going to Barnes and Noble meant that we stopped at Starbucks. I really don't go to Starbucks that often, so I don't have a usual order and I let Sarah order something for me. It was a strawberries and cream something or another. It was good, but I was still stuffed from lunch, so I kinda didn't drink much of it.

I got home and I felt horrible. Like, I didn't have any energy and I was sick to my stomach. I actually took a two hour nap, and I only take naps when I'm sick. That was kind of the confirming factor. I think I may have sweated off a fever or something too. And I was just as tired when I woke up from the nap. I didn't really eat any dinner, I just went back to sleep.

This morning, thankfully, I feel a lot better. I'm still tired, but I think I'm a lot better than I was. I actually feel like moving around and doing things. I took an Emergen-C before bed last night, which probably helped a bit. I think I may take another one when lunchtime rolls around. I still am having to force myself to eat. I made chocolate chip muffins this morning and I had to force myself to eat three of them, because I didn't feel like eating anything at all. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow though.

I also tried to bring my spirits up this morning by making a playlist of upbeat and fun music to listen to. Its 81 minutes long, and I hope to keep it playing until it finishes.

I've learned a new lesson in crochet. When you feel like making something quickly, use a larger crochet needle. A tiny one takes forever to get the job done. I still haven't finished the headband that I started the other day.I think I may be finished by the end of the day though. I've been working on it this morning and I'm more than half way done.

11:00 UPDATE: I lost my history textbook, and whilst looking for it, I discovered a snake that was making his way around in our house. I think  that it is harmless, but I'm not sure. I googled how to get a snake out of the house, and all it told me was to call animal control. Thanks google, but I live in the country. That isn't the proper etiquette around here. I have the door open, hoping that it will go outside and it almost did, but then it decided that trying to hide in/behind the heater in the living room. Andrew told me to catch it, but thats easier said than done.


October 22, 2013

Pancakes and Text Messages

Yep, the title pretty much sums up my morning. Well, except that I started watching some more of the old Doctor Who episodes. I watched "Pyramids of Mars" with the 4th doctor this morning. It was actually pretty good.

The texting actually started last night because it was easier than trying to use facebook. And I fell asleep texting him last night. This morning, we started talking again at the nice early time of about 6:50. I was surprised, because I've never had someone wake up early for my sake. Normally, I'm the one waiting until a decent hour to talk to people.

This morning after getting dressed, I looked in the mirror and realized that I was the epitome of nerdiness. Tardis t-shirt. Glasses. Wild hair that the only thing I have done to it is make sure its not tangled. Oh, and pale skin and a small frame. Thats me. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I have math homework due today. And as soon as I get that done I need to work on cleaning the house. I guess that means cleaning off the couches, picking things up off of the floor, washing clothes, and cleaning the bathroom today. My mom got onto me yesterday for only washing dishes and washing clothes. "That's not what you're being payed for". Yes, but I did have midterm exams last week, so I'm working on getting back into the swing of things. Not to mention I do spend some time eating and working on homework and making headbands so that I can sell them. Oh, and the teensy bit of a social life that I attempt to have.



October 21, 2013

Good Morning, Sunshine!

This morning started out like any other. I was more tired than usual from being Snow White for a whole five hours yesterday, but I managed to drag myself down the ladder of the bunk bed and to take the dog outside for a walk. It has been getting a bit colder, so I was freezing in my summertime pajamas of a tank top and shorts. Once my family left the house, I grabbed a cup of coffee and set to work making a crocheted headband while I watched/listened to several episodes of MLP:FiM. And then I got on Facebook and my day got a lot happier.

You know those people who make you happy when you just talk to them, whether its in person or through a Facebook message or whatever? Yeah, well, I continued my morning by talking with one of those people. And I haven't stopped smiling since.

Anyway, I have to update my website this morning and put the link to buy my book on it, along with put some pictures from this weekend. I don't have any homework due today, so I'm going to focus on chores once I get done with this stuff.

I can't tell you how many tabs I have open right now. Providing links and whatnot is complicated stuff. In  the meantime, here is a happy song that I plan to cover on my youtube channel soon.


October 20, 2013


I wrote a book, a children's book to be more specific, and now it is available for you to purchase! You can follow this link to purchase it in softcover, hardcover, ebook, and Ipad forms. The proceeds that I get will help me pay for college. So, please go buy The Hamster Who Liked Spaghetti and help me get an education!


October 18, 2013

Internet Problems

So, for the past few days I have been having some crazy internet problems. Sometimes, the wireless just decides to stop connecting to my computer or my phone or the tv. Its really annoying.

Anyway, this morning started with me not wanting to get up. I was so comfy in bed with my zebra sheets and pillows and comforter and my sock monkey pajamas (which are, of course, the most comfortable ones that I own). So, I procrastinated a bit, but I did eventually get up. And my mom greeted me this morning with the fact that my youngest brother, John, was sick and needed to stay home today. This wouldn't be so bad, but its a tummy bug, so there is risk of two things. I will leave both of those to your imagination, because I am sure that you can figure it out.

So, after getting dressed and walking the dog, John and I had "Polygon Pancakes" and watched Moon Phase, the first age-appropriate anime that I found on Netflix. Polygon Pancakes is my new term for the pancakes that I make, because I really stink at flipping pancakes, so they end up falling to pieces and getting folded and end up in really strange shapes that don't even make sense.

I also got to chat with someone about cosplay, which is awesome, because I don't generally get to talk about cosplay with anyone. And next year I plan on going to at least one, if not more, convention.

I have to work on y history midterm review and take the test before Sunday, so I will probably work on those today. I also need to print some more business cards for Saturday and Sunday also. And I am going to have to work on the Drama group project some more also. I hope the two people who haven't posted in the discussion have posted in it by now.

So, from John and I, have a good friday!


October 17, 2013


Gah, I have too much homework. I have a midterm exam and review that are due on sunday for history. I have a group project in drama that is due on sunday but no one else has worked on. I have math homework due tomorrow. English work relating to "The Scarlet Letter" due today. Oh, and next week I have a research paper due in English on thursday. GAH!

And I really don't want to do any of these things, and I have to get them all done before saturday. Well, all but the research paper. GAH.

I don't really feel like blogging today, so here is a cool video:


October 15, 2013


I began this morning with a chocolatey milkshake health drink thing. Then, I watched "The Bride of Frankenstein", a movie made in 1935, starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster. It had a rather sad ending. I had really wanted to watch something that would lift my spirits or even just distract me.

Last night, I had a mild nightmare, which ended with my little brother drowning in a bathtub because I couldn't lift him up out of it. I hate dreams like that. Anyway, I jerked awake and I did as I usually do to console myself, and tried to think of something happy or different to make myself feel better. Sadly, my brain doesn't like to do what I tell it to do sometimes. The first thing that I thought of was a theory that I had read on the internet about two weeks or so ago about the show Rugrats. The theory stated that all of the babies were actually dead, and Angelica made them up because she was crazy/lonely. Of course, that did not help at all, so when I got up this morning, that was all I could think about, which made me both sad and wanting to watch Rugrats at the same time.

After all of this, I got the bright idea that I would watch Titanic. Why? Because I am ridiculous.

Ugh. Anyway, I haven't been able to even start editing the "Follow Me Friday" video yet. I spent yesterday crocheting and watching movies and wishing that my brother wasn't so annoying, because it was colombus day and they didn't have school.

I almost got someone to buy stuff that I crocheted yesterday, but when I heard what she wanted made, I threw my hands up saying "you're crazy, I'm outta here!". She wanted a monkey costume and some other stuff crocheted for her baby, but she wanted it in less than two weeks. Talk about crazy.

I am going to be making some stuff to sell though. Around Christmas time at the school, they let people selling handmade goods and whatnot come in on certain days and sell their stuff to the teachers and aides and other faculty. I'm hoping to make up a bunch of headbands and mug cozies and baby booties and scarves to sell. Not to mention, I should have my copies of the book that I wrote and illustrated in by that time, so I can have a few of those to sell also.

Now I need to go do homework, so I'll talk to you tomorrow.


October 11, 2013


I apologize for the late post today. I am actually blogging from my phone at the homecoming football game for the school that I gradutated from. It's the third quarter, and we're losing by 6 points. We never really have a good football team.

I've discovered something. When I'm out in public, particularly in a crowded space, I get paranoid. Like, mainly with my phone. I keep thinking "oh, no. What if I'm scrolling down my facebook feed or tumble dash and something inappropriate pops up and the people around me see it and judge me." It's not likely to ever happen, because those kind of things very rarely appear on my fb and tumblr, but it still crosses my mind every time I get bored and pull out my phone.

I really hoped that I might see people that I consider my friends (not just acquaintances) at homecoming, but it doesn't look like its going to happen. I only have a handful of friends, and most of them wouldn't spend their time at a football game if they could be doing something else. I'm also very introverted and slightly antisocial, as I have stated before, and talking to people that I am even mildly acquainted with is difficult and kind of scary to me.

I actually managed to film the first, real "Follow Me Friday" vlog. I plan on trying to edit it tomorrow. I may not get it up until Monday though. I have a lot of footage to sort through and edit. I really hope that its kind of interesting or entertaining or something. It would be nice to know that I am doing this for a reason besides to have an excuse to carry a camera around. Btw, people look at you strangely when you start vlogging and talking to a camera in public. And most likely, your mother will poke fun a little bit because you are such an odd person. But, such is life.

Homecoming is strange when you're not in school. You go to a peprally and a football game and that's it. There is no incentive to be excited. You hope that you see people you know, but its not likely. It's just like a normal Friday night game. But more crowded and smelly.


October 10, 2013

I Remembered... Late.

Okay, so it was not until about two minutes ago when I was researching blog profitability and whatnot that  I realized that I hadn't blogged today at all. I did post a video on youtube today, and finish writing a song, so give me some slack.

I started the morning with some ZeFrank videos, because there really is no better way to start the morning. Well, maybe there is, but this was a pretty good way nonetheless. Afterward, I watched like an episode of MLP, then took out my ukulele and spent some time songwriting. Like, too much time. When I looked up, I saw that it was like ten o'clock, so I jumped up and made some breakfast. I made biscuits and gravy, but the gravy sucked because I accidentally put too much salt. I threw away most of it because it was disgusting and I couldn't handle eating it. I then hurried to get started on my homework. and was delighted to find part of this week's English lesson was about Edgar Allen Poe, like one of my favourite authors of all time.

After I finished my english work and attempted some of my math homework, it was 1:00. I had a chicken pot pie for lunch and watched the last few episodes of Death Note and Oh My Gosh, it was awesome. I'm kind of happy about what happened to light. I just miss L. Like, the real one. He was my favourite character because he was so strange and awesome and smart. I'm not really sure what I am going to watch next, but I have a list (thanks to my FB friends and people on Tumblr).

The rest of the day comprised of the following:
folding clothes
washing dishes
taking care of the dog
Ukulele playing

And now I am super tired and my back and neck hurt really badly and my stomach hurts also. Oh, and it turns out I finally know the dates and times that I will be out doing my Snow White stuff.

October 19th and 20th, from about 2 to 4 or so in Spring, Texas. Its like a fair or festival or something. Come out and take a picture and listen to me play the ukulele or just talk with me. I would love it.


October 9, 2013

The Unicorn

I am absolutely exhausted this morning. It was practically impossible to will myself to crawl down out of my bunk. I spent a lot of yesterday (at least 4 hours) cleaning my parents bedroom, which meant a lot of clothes folding, not to mention I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of stuff.

Yesterday, at about 2:30 or so, I had an idea for a blog post, one about giving stuff away and the fact that I find it so refreshing. I would write it right now, but I lack the inspiration and willpower. But, anyway, I was discouraged from writing it because I had already posted to the blog earlier that morning. So, this morning, I thought, why not post two times a day if I can manage a few paragraphs? I think that if I come up with something interesting enough or I get inspired, I shouldn't stop myself from posting these things.

Last night, before we went to bod, my little brother (John) and I pulled out a bunch of letter magnets that he got last Christmas and began making random words on the fridge. I have to say, it was actually really fun. There are a lot of letters, so I was actually able to spell out "supercalafragalisticexpialadotious" without running out of letters, although I did have to curve it upwards because I ran out of room on the fridge. I think the most fun part was probably getting to play with my little brother. He's 7 and I'm 18, which makes it a little difficult for playing with him to not seem like babysitting. But we sat there making random words and laughing together and I smiled for real for the first time that day.

Something about the box of magnets that is hilarious is that there are animal and object magnets in it too. And we pulled out all of the animal magnets because we were originally talking about animals. But all of the animals were real ones, there were no magical creatures or dinosaurs except for one of the magnets. The Unicorn. Who in the world thinks "oh, we need one more animal for this box of magnets, how about a unicorn?" I mean, why not a fox or a giraffe or a monkey? I'm not saddened about the unicorn, I just find it strange.

I'm going to go get coffee and get clothes on and watch anime, so adieu!


October 8, 2013


Sorry for not blogging yesterday and Friday. I was busy both days. I did consider blogging, it just never happened. But, on the up side, I did get a lot done.

Here's a general update: I've been making things, shopping, listening to kpop, and falling in love with a guy who may not even know I exist.

So, on Friday, I had to go take a math test at the college, which meant that my mom had to take me because I still don't have my license. However, I did manage to renew my permit that morning, which means that now I can take the online "adult" driving course and finally get my license. I also went thrift shopping that day. We stopped at Goodwill because I needed some new jeans, and I ended up getting four pairs of jeans and several sweaters for the price that one nice pair of jeans would generally cost. I stopped by a craft store too, and I got some more yarn for crocheting along with some purple flanel  and felt and stuff for making MLP Twilight Sparkle hooded pajamas. I'm almost done making them. I think that I will be able to finish them today.

Saturday, we had to go see my brother play a few songs in with the band at a school/community fall festival thing. Really, all it is is a way for the school to get more money for project graduation and stuff, but whatever. Beforehand, we stopped at a garage sale and I managed to get a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll (worth about $50 at least) for $5, along with some more yarn and a couple of jackets.

Sunday, we went to church, which really wasn't anything different than normal. The preacher talked about wanting to have a revival, but not the week long kind, the spiritual kind. I don't know if that will happen, but it would be awesome if it did. I would settle for the week long kind even. Just something to make church a place that I enjoy. The sunday school class that I help my friend teach, which is supposed to be first and second grade, and is for some reason used as a third grade class also, was super crowded sunday. The fourth grade teacher didn't show up, so we had first through fourth grades in one classroom. I was about ready to tear my hair out.

And yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning and working on my MLP pajamas while listening to kpop. I'm almost done with them, and I'll post a pic when I get done.

I actually need to go do stuff today though, so I have to stop blogging.


October 3, 2013


I started off this morning with a cup of coffee, crochet, MLP, chocolate chip muffins, and a Hi-C lemonade. No, I'm not 6 years old. I'm a freshman in college, and I like to enjoy life in the safest way possible.

The thing that I have been pondering this morning is which MLP character is my favourite and which is the one that I relate to the most. I know that my favourite is Rainbow Dash. I'm not sure why. I think its because she reminds me of my friends, Ellen and Sarah. So outgoing and fun to be around. And I think that is the real reason why I watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It reminds me of my friends, even those who have moved away or don't consider me their friend anymore. It reminds me of the good times we had together when we were younger. And the plot isn't that bad either.

But I'm having a real hard time with the other question. Am I like Twilight Sparkle? Or Applejack? Or Fluttershy? I really don't know. I think I might ask Ellen. She was always good at answering the weird questions that I had.

I do know that I found a Rainbow Dash hoodie that I really want. I'm sure that my family would make fun of me if I got it though. I really like the wings on the back.
If it didn't cost so much, I might consider buying the Rainbow Dash footed pajamas instead, so that I can use them on Christmas. My family has a tradition of buying new pajamas every year, which we wear to bed on Christmas Eve and then look nice in while we take pictures and open presents on Christmas morning. I think it would be adorable, but I'd sooner try to make my own than buy some for $40 or more. Who knows, maybe I can find some cheaper ones or a pattern online.

GAH! THE PICTURES WON:T LINE UP RIGHT! Oh, well. I have to go do homework anyway.


October 2, 2013


Ugh. I know for sure that I am sick. My throat feels icky and swollen like it did yesterday. I feel really tired. I have a headache that won't go away, even though I've taken things for it. Oh, and I'm freezing cold, even though I'm wearing a sweater and the temp is 75 inside the house. And Puddin' isn't making it any better. She wants to do nothing but bite me or whine that I'm not giving her enough attention. Ugh.

I really just want to crawl back into bed, but I have chores and homework to do and a dog to watch. Thats the thing about being a college kid, you have to take care of yourself when you get sick.

This morning, I got stung by some weird bug. I was about to get in the shower. We have this fuzzy mat right outside the door of our shower, and you have to step on it to get into the shower. And when I stepped on it, I apparently stepped on a bug, who then decided to sting my foot. At first I thought that I had just stepped on a thorn or something, because it felt like something stuck into my foot. Then, it started itching and hurting at the same time. When I picked up my foot, there was this little bug that looked like a carpenter ant (really big ants that don't sting/bite) but it had wings. Needless to say, I killed it asap. The bite didn't hurt for more than 30 minutes or so, and there has been no other reaction, so I think I'm fine. But I really am curious as to what the bug was.

I'm probably being really boring right now. I'm sorry. My head hurts and I'm tired, so its kinda hard to think straight.

I started crocheting something else. Black wrist warmers. Kinda like fingerless gloves. Or fingerless mittens, I guess. I'm about 1/4 the way done with the first one. Its a lot simpler than the hat. I am going to need some more yarn soon though. After I finish this project, I won't have much left at all. And most projects require a whole skein of yarn.

I think my crocheting is a good thing. It makes my mom happy to see me make things that can be worn or sold for profit. I think I'll keep doing it, even if its only for that reason. It also lets me keep busy when I am bored. I actually finished the last half of my hat at last Friday night's football game. I feel like I might get a large amount of yarn for Christmas though.

I think that my mom wants me to make her a scarf. I might make it as a present. She keeps saying "you need to make a scarf". She really likes scarves.

Okay, I am going to go get something done while I'm still awake.


October 1, 2013

Maybe Getting Sick

I woke up this morning feeling okay. But now my throat is starting to feel itchy and dry and wierd. My mom and my dad have both had some kind of throat thing within the past week or so. I hope that this isn't me getting it. I also have a headache. But I'm also a slight hypochondriac.

I have to work on history work this morning, which is not something that I really want to do, but I will do it anyway. I really am not sure what chores I need to do today besides wash some dishes and find a handheld mirror.

I managed to print out some business cards yesterday. I had to have some for an upcoming Snow White gig. I printed out like 60. My mom says that I need to print out some flyers with the same info on it too. Here's what they look like:

And you know what? That picture is a screen capture from my last video. But you'd only know that if you watched it to the very end. And, yes, that is a QR code on the other side of the card. Feel free to use your smart phone to capture it and see where it goes. IDK, it may not work very well on a computer screen.

Also, I think that I've almost decided what I'm going to crochet next. Either a pair of boot cuffs (little things that go on kinda like socks or leg warmers and stick up over your boots), a stuffed animal (probably a bunny or a bear), fingerless gloves or something similar, or a hat with ears. It kinda depends on what I can find a pattern to. I plan to start it today. Also, I will crochet things for other people, you just have to give me time and it will probably cost between $10 and $25, depending.

I kind of have to go do history homework, so I will talk to you all later.