October 15, 2013


I began this morning with a chocolatey milkshake health drink thing. Then, I watched "The Bride of Frankenstein", a movie made in 1935, starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster. It had a rather sad ending. I had really wanted to watch something that would lift my spirits or even just distract me.

Last night, I had a mild nightmare, which ended with my little brother drowning in a bathtub because I couldn't lift him up out of it. I hate dreams like that. Anyway, I jerked awake and I did as I usually do to console myself, and tried to think of something happy or different to make myself feel better. Sadly, my brain doesn't like to do what I tell it to do sometimes. The first thing that I thought of was a theory that I had read on the internet about two weeks or so ago about the show Rugrats. The theory stated that all of the babies were actually dead, and Angelica made them up because she was crazy/lonely. Of course, that did not help at all, so when I got up this morning, that was all I could think about, which made me both sad and wanting to watch Rugrats at the same time.

After all of this, I got the bright idea that I would watch Titanic. Why? Because I am ridiculous.

Ugh. Anyway, I haven't been able to even start editing the "Follow Me Friday" video yet. I spent yesterday crocheting and watching movies and wishing that my brother wasn't so annoying, because it was colombus day and they didn't have school.

I almost got someone to buy stuff that I crocheted yesterday, but when I heard what she wanted made, I threw my hands up saying "you're crazy, I'm outta here!". She wanted a monkey costume and some other stuff crocheted for her baby, but she wanted it in less than two weeks. Talk about crazy.

I am going to be making some stuff to sell though. Around Christmas time at the school, they let people selling handmade goods and whatnot come in on certain days and sell their stuff to the teachers and aides and other faculty. I'm hoping to make up a bunch of headbands and mug cozies and baby booties and scarves to sell. Not to mention, I should have my copies of the book that I wrote and illustrated in by that time, so I can have a few of those to sell also.

Now I need to go do homework, so I'll talk to you tomorrow.