October 9, 2013

The Unicorn

I am absolutely exhausted this morning. It was practically impossible to will myself to crawl down out of my bunk. I spent a lot of yesterday (at least 4 hours) cleaning my parents bedroom, which meant a lot of clothes folding, not to mention I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of stuff.

Yesterday, at about 2:30 or so, I had an idea for a blog post, one about giving stuff away and the fact that I find it so refreshing. I would write it right now, but I lack the inspiration and willpower. But, anyway, I was discouraged from writing it because I had already posted to the blog earlier that morning. So, this morning, I thought, why not post two times a day if I can manage a few paragraphs? I think that if I come up with something interesting enough or I get inspired, I shouldn't stop myself from posting these things.

Last night, before we went to bod, my little brother (John) and I pulled out a bunch of letter magnets that he got last Christmas and began making random words on the fridge. I have to say, it was actually really fun. There are a lot of letters, so I was actually able to spell out "supercalafragalisticexpialadotious" without running out of letters, although I did have to curve it upwards because I ran out of room on the fridge. I think the most fun part was probably getting to play with my little brother. He's 7 and I'm 18, which makes it a little difficult for playing with him to not seem like babysitting. But we sat there making random words and laughing together and I smiled for real for the first time that day.

Something about the box of magnets that is hilarious is that there are animal and object magnets in it too. And we pulled out all of the animal magnets because we were originally talking about animals. But all of the animals were real ones, there were no magical creatures or dinosaurs except for one of the magnets. The Unicorn. Who in the world thinks "oh, we need one more animal for this box of magnets, how about a unicorn?" I mean, why not a fox or a giraffe or a monkey? I'm not saddened about the unicorn, I just find it strange.

I'm going to go get coffee and get clothes on and watch anime, so adieu!