October 10, 2013

I Remembered... Late.

Okay, so it was not until about two minutes ago when I was researching blog profitability and whatnot that  I realized that I hadn't blogged today at all. I did post a video on youtube today, and finish writing a song, so give me some slack.

I started the morning with some ZeFrank videos, because there really is no better way to start the morning. Well, maybe there is, but this was a pretty good way nonetheless. Afterward, I watched like an episode of MLP, then took out my ukulele and spent some time songwriting. Like, too much time. When I looked up, I saw that it was like ten o'clock, so I jumped up and made some breakfast. I made biscuits and gravy, but the gravy sucked because I accidentally put too much salt. I threw away most of it because it was disgusting and I couldn't handle eating it. I then hurried to get started on my homework. and was delighted to find part of this week's English lesson was about Edgar Allen Poe, like one of my favourite authors of all time.

After I finished my english work and attempted some of my math homework, it was 1:00. I had a chicken pot pie for lunch and watched the last few episodes of Death Note and Oh My Gosh, it was awesome. I'm kind of happy about what happened to light. I just miss L. Like, the real one. He was my favourite character because he was so strange and awesome and smart. I'm not really sure what I am going to watch next, but I have a list (thanks to my FB friends and people on Tumblr).

The rest of the day comprised of the following:
folding clothes
washing dishes
taking care of the dog
Ukulele playing

And now I am super tired and my back and neck hurt really badly and my stomach hurts also. Oh, and it turns out I finally know the dates and times that I will be out doing my Snow White stuff.

October 19th and 20th, from about 2 to 4 or so in Spring, Texas. Its like a fair or festival or something. Come out and take a picture and listen to me play the ukulele or just talk with me. I would love it.