October 18, 2013

Internet Problems

So, for the past few days I have been having some crazy internet problems. Sometimes, the wireless just decides to stop connecting to my computer or my phone or the tv. Its really annoying.

Anyway, this morning started with me not wanting to get up. I was so comfy in bed with my zebra sheets and pillows and comforter and my sock monkey pajamas (which are, of course, the most comfortable ones that I own). So, I procrastinated a bit, but I did eventually get up. And my mom greeted me this morning with the fact that my youngest brother, John, was sick and needed to stay home today. This wouldn't be so bad, but its a tummy bug, so there is risk of two things. I will leave both of those to your imagination, because I am sure that you can figure it out.

So, after getting dressed and walking the dog, John and I had "Polygon Pancakes" and watched Moon Phase, the first age-appropriate anime that I found on Netflix. Polygon Pancakes is my new term for the pancakes that I make, because I really stink at flipping pancakes, so they end up falling to pieces and getting folded and end up in really strange shapes that don't even make sense.

I also got to chat with someone about cosplay, which is awesome, because I don't generally get to talk about cosplay with anyone. And next year I plan on going to at least one, if not more, convention.

I have to work on y history midterm review and take the test before Sunday, so I will probably work on those today. I also need to print some more business cards for Saturday and Sunday also. And I am going to have to work on the Drama group project some more also. I hope the two people who haven't posted in the discussion have posted in it by now.

So, from John and I, have a good friday!