October 31, 2013

Rainy Halloween Morning

I'm actually kinda sad that its raining right now. If it doesn't stop, we won't get to have the yearly fall festival at the church tonight, which means that we won't get to dress up and go out. And its Halloween!

Anyway, I had almost finished my second wrist warmer this morning, but I was crocheting the last little bit when I realized that it was too small compared to the other one. So, I had to pull out 3/4 of the stitches and I'm back to practically nothing.

I dyed my hair yesterday, so its back to an intense red, rather than a natural looking ginger. Also, now my hair is really soft and smells like the hair dye. But I'm kinda used to it.

My calculator came in the mail yesterday. Its in perfect condition and I can't wait to use it on math homework.

I have English homework to do today though. Not looking forward to that. Its getting to where I only really like math and drama. One's challenging and the other is fun. I've never really cared for history or English anyway.

I finished watching the last episode of Firefly this morning. I can't believe that I watched them all. I can watch the movie now, but I wish there was more.