November 1, 2013

Baby, Its Cold Outside...

I'm not gonna lie, I am currently freezing, and I'm in long sleeves and jeans. And I'm inside. I also really like that song.

So, last night was fabulous, even though it really didn't feel like Halloween and no one recognized my costume. I do love the faux hawk, and I'm trying to find a way to wear it again.

Actually, I posted the picture to my instagram and tagged Isaac Deitz (the director of the wobble video) and Soul Glow Activatur (Dr. Wobbs) and Isaac actually liked the picture and commented, saying  "Well done!!". I had like this internal fangirl scream thing that happened when I saw it. I really like Isaac's work, and I really want to be somewhat like him in my film making stuff, so this was a big deal to me.

I also found out last night that I will have a bunch of Disney princess gigs between now and December 23. I have not decided which days to take, but there will  be opportunities to bring kids to meet and take a picture with me as Snow White, Ariel, and Merida if everything goes right. 

Also, if there are any teens/young adults in the area who would like to participate in dressing up as disney characters and getting payed, we may have some space for you. Just message me at the following link with who you are, where you live, and what character you can dress up as. It would be on a few saturdays and sundays between now and December 23, so even if you can only do it once, it would be fun and interesting. 

Well, I have math homework to do, so I better go do it. See you on monday!