November 6, 2013

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

When we still had normal television, I was addicted to "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". I loved it. And I just found out that "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" is on netflix. So, that is what I'm watching this morning. I love it so much. I just think that the gypsy culture is really interesting. Not to mention, I like to look at the amazing wedding dresses that they have.

I have history homework due today, which I am not looking forward to. I hate history because my brain doesn't do well with facts and memorization and trying to come up with reasoning for things that other people did. I can ace the quizzes, but I look like an idiot when I have to post to discussions. I have to take more classes like this too, unlike math, which I am good at but I only have to take one class of.

I really hope that some of my princess costumes come in the mail today. Everything has shipped except the Ariel skirt. I know that most of the stuff will be in by friday, but I just don't like waiting.

I was really glum for most of yesterday. I think it was mainly because I didn't really get to talk to anyone all day. I saw my family just before they left in the morning, then when they got home. I didn't get to talk to andrew or sarah or ellen or anyone from 7:00 AM to almost 7:00 PM. I was so lonely and sad for so long. And its looking like the same thing is going to happen today. Boo.