November 13, 2013

Christmas Music

Did I tell you that I got a new phone? I did that on Friday. I guess I didn't say anything here about it. Samsung Galaxy III. Its awesome. And I have a front facing camera, so I can do this:

That was me this morning, walking the dog. It was freaking cold. Like, I know that it has been getting cold lately, but its in like the 40's! I have to bundle up just to walk the dog. And I have to wear socks, which drives me crazy.

Oh, and I finally got all of my Ariel costume in  the mail. I'm going to make a different, bigger bow though. I plan to be in Old Town Spring this weekend as Ariel, so come out and see me!

I have started listening to Christmas music. I know, its not even Thanksgiving yet. I'm terrible. But it started with learning new Christmas songs to perform on the ukulele at Christmas gatherings this year. And then I had to play Christmas songs at the Christmas tree lighting in Old Town Spring last weekend. And then I got my favourite Christmas song stuck in my head (Baby, its cold outside). And now I have Christmas stations playing on Pandora.

I also kinda skipped breakfast this morning, so I am absolutely starving. But I've told myself that I can wait until 12. I'm hoping to get a little bit of my homework done before then. Oh, and I crocheted two hats, a pair of fingerless gloves, and started a pair of leg warmers. I've been busy.

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