November 20, 2013

Esther, AKA: What I want to do with my life...

About a year or so ago, I learned of a nerdfighter named Esther Earl. Many many people know about Esther. Today, I started watching some of Esther's videos again. I do that sometimes. And every time I do, it makes me want to actually do things.

Esther had a form of lung cancer and died in 2010 at the age of 16. From her videos and writings, I know that Esther was an amazing person and I would have loved to meet her.

She was really ambitious. She wanted to do things. Be an author. Make a difference in the world. And even though she didn't get to do all of the things that she wanted to do, she still made a huge difference in the world.

And Esther inspires me because that is what I want to do with my life is to be an author and change the world for the better and stuff like that. And I want my life to be a tribute to Esther and my uncle, Chris, and my great grandpa, Papaw Inman, and my great grandma, Nannie, and all of the people that worked to do good and stuff. I want to live my life in remembrance and honor of them and to change the world in the ways that they didn't get to. I don't know why I didn't put this in the vlog that I filmed this morning, it would have made for a better video.

So, I think I want to start visiting hospitals in my cosplay stuff so that the little kids can meet princesses. I really hate hospitals, but I have been lucky enough to never really be sick or hospitalized for anything, so I want to take my luckiness and turn it into letting those kids be kids.

And I want to finish my novel. I want it to be amazing and I want people to read it and I want to sign copies and meet people at bookstores.

I want to get my drivers license and be able to go out and meet people and go to college on campus and get a job as a librarian or at a bookstore.

I want to fall in love with someone who wants to change the world in the same way that I want to. And get married but never even think about getting a divorce. And I want to adopt kids because they need to be loved and have a home.

And I want to direct films and short films and music videos that make people happy and are appropriate for all ages and that show Christ's love and are a testimony.

And I want to vlog and blog about all of these things and inspire other people to do the same things. That is what I want to do with my life.