November 5, 2013

Shipping... And not the TV show kind.

So, I got three different emails yesterday that said that some of the things that I had ordered online had been shipped and will be arriving shortly. These items were the green velvet dress (Merida), lace up boots (Merida), and a blue hair bow (Ariel). I'm really excited. First of all, I love getting things in the mail. I love opening packages and wondering what is inside. I also like the idea of dressing up, so buying new costumes is something that I love. And I love clothes and shoes in general. More of them is exciting too. I think I may wear the boots for everyday stuff too, depending on how much I love them and how comfortable they are.

This morning started off with walking the dog, getting dressed, and drinking coffee. Then I sat in the recliner and worked on crocheting a hat. I have done this particular pattern before, but it turned out wrong because I used Worsted yarn instead of Bulky yarn. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of crochet, so I know now that  I should use certain types of yarn for certain types of things.

This morning, while I was on pinterest, I found the most adorable owl hat crochet pattern. I can't wait to get more bulky (not super bulky) yarn to work with so that I can make it. In the meantime, I am going to be working on this hat and possibly a scarf. I want to make hats with the super bulky yarn that I bought, but I need bigger crochet needles.

Andrew is at faire all week this week. Its school week, which means that they do stuff that is kid appropriate and let kids and parents come to faire at a discounted price. This is actually how I went to faire the one and only time that I went. I would love to go back again, I just haven't gotten the chance. Anyway, this means that our communication is more limited and he's kinda sad because he lacks the ability to cook food for himself and is instead surviving on a diet of mainly ramen. Poor baby.

I really just want to crochet all day. I don't have any homework due today, but I will probably do some anyway. Just to get ahead. But there are some dishes that need to be washed and clothes that need to be folded. And I think I may attempt to sort the pile of junk mail that is sitting on the floor behind the couch. Blech. I think I may film and upload a couple of ukulele covers today though. I found a couple of songs yesterday that I kinda feel like covering. We'll see how it goes.

I found out that there will be more princesses at the Old Town Spring weekends. I'm excited. The girl who set me up with the gig originally will be dressed as Snow White sometimes. And a theatre friend of mine and her sister are going to be there as princesses also. Not sure which princesses, but I do plan to find out. Everything is all coming together.