November 21, 2013


Its not like a holiday or anything, but it just feels like something is wrong with my brain right now. I can't focus on things. I had trouble staying focused and doing my assignments fo English and I have yet to work on much else. The only thing that has kept my attention for more than 15 minutes at a time today was TFIOS, which I started reading for a second time. I couldn't even sit still and eat all of my breakfast this morning. I feel like I am slowly descending into madness.

And, of course, being the hypochondriac that I am, I went and found a do-you-have-adhd quiz. I got moderate ADHD as the result. Idk. I think its more like possible ADHD. It just kinda flares up and becomes worse some days.

I really want to make a video today, but I can't figure out what about. I vlogged yesterday, so I can't vlog because I don't have anything to talk about. I think it would be cool to make another cloning video, but I can't seem to decide if I want to go through all of that work. I also thought about doing the SAIL music video that I have been thinking about for a while, but I still don't have enough of a complete vision of what I want to do. I might just settle for a cover video.

I worked on my novel some more yesterday. Mostly background stuff. A character web. Stuff like that. Still no progress on chapter 3, even though I keep telling myself to just start writing and I can worry about making it good later. GAH.

Its almost lunch time.

Oh, I took pictures in my almost-completed merida costume yesterday. I'll be in Old Town Spring on Saturday, so come and see me.