November 19, 2013


I am physically and mentally exhausted. It started on Saturday. I stood on my feet all day to be Ariel. And I made less than I did the last week. It was sad. I also managed to hurt my back. So I am in pain. And I'm still tired for some reason. I've slept more in the past few days than I was supposed to. And I have homework due today. Just math, thank goodness, but I also have to work on my Research Paper.

And I'm mentally exhausted from being emotionally exhausted from being lectured to by my mom about marriage and sex and college and jobs and boys. I'm starting to get a lecture like that about once a week and its driving me crazy. It also makes me feel bad about myself for even thinking I might be able to be in a relationship with a guy before I graduate from college. And for not having been in more relationships with guys who have good jobs and are in college and go to church regularly. Sorry mom, I just lack the ability to attract guys that are actually perfect by your standards. And I feel like she doesn't think I can stop myself from going all the way before marriage and that I won't be able to wait until after college to get married.

So, basically, I feel absolutely horrible in nearly every way possible.