November 4, 2013


So, the weekend went by absolutely too fast in some ways, but too slow in others. Either way, its Monday, which means that I have no homework due today, but I need to do a ton of chores. I also have a bit of businessy stuff to take care of.

So far, I have made about ten dollars from the book that I published, which isn't even enough for them to send me a check. This means that I need to get busy in finding a way to sell the books. I can buy them at a slight discount. I am planning on making an appearance at Tarkington sometime soon, so I need to make order forms to distribute at the school. I get the money  up front, then when the books get delivered, I sign them and distribute them at the school. I will also be reading the book to the kids and answering any questions that they might have. I also plan to carry Orio, the subject of the book, with me for them to see.

On Friday, I have a math test. I'm not very excited about this, but at least I get to use a calculator on part of it. It does mean that I have the day to go out and get things done though. My mom and I are planning on going to get rid of our old cell phones from previous plans. There's a little machine thing at the mall that you put your old phone into and it gives you money for it. I'm excited.

Speaking of phones, we are almost ready for new phones, since our contract is almost up. We are going to start doing research and probably order them online like we always do. My phone is really slowing down (it is two years old after all), so I am really excited.

Yesterday, I managed to order two new princess costumes online. They're actually normal clothes that you put together to make the costumes, so they should be more durable. I'm still searching for a good Snow White costume. I ordered a Merida costume and an Ariel costume and they should start arriving this week. I actually bought a corset, which I never thought I would be doing. Oh, and I bought a green velvet dress, and I didn't think I would ever wear velvet again. I picked those two characters because they have red hair and I can go without a wig. I love getting stuff in the mail and I'm super excited.

I started researching how to do a scottish accent for Merida. I think that I have part of it down. I still need to practice a bunch though. I'm also really excited about the boots that I get to wear as Merida. They're these lace up boots that come up a little above the ankle. I haven't had any since I was a kid and I finally found an excuse to buy them. I can't wait until they come in the mail!

Well, I should probably go do something like chores or whatever.