November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This Thanksgiving was a little different because we didn't go anywhere. My mom and I (well, mostly my mom) cooked tons of food and we just had a tiny little 5-person Thanksgiving at home. No extended family. Of course, we fixed enough food for fifteen people to eat, but now we have enough food for the next few days without cooking anything.

I also started working on a new book. I have two ideas that I am working on, but only one is in the writing stage. I have to say that it has to do with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is not specifically about Orio the hamster, but he does make a cameo, as does John Thomas, my little brother.

So right now, here are the major things that I am thankful for:
My crazy family
My creativity
My friends
My computer
My house
The savior that died so that I could live and be forgiven
Tons of other stuff that I am too tired to type out

So, I look forward to the rest of the break. I have a video that I need to edit and post. Its a music video that my youngest brother and I filmed yesterday. I just need to edit and upload it. It should be ready by or before next week. Hopefully before.

I like that Christmas is almost upon us. I just love this time of year. Everyone is happy and the music is awesome and the decorations are beautiful and I can drink more coffee than normal without being judged. I wish my grandparents on my mom's side were going to be home for Christmas. They left and have been in New Mexico since the summer, building a cabin for them to live in up there. They won't be back until January probably, but I really miss spending Christmas time with them. Decorating the tree. Talking about past Christmases. Drinking coffee and hot chocolate together beside the fireplace. They are two of my favourite people in the world and I miss them a lot.