December 3, 2013

Happy Tuesday.

I'm really tired and bored and whatnot. I should be doing chores and crocheting things to sell on friday and whatnot. But I don't wanna.

I started doing something on my Youtube channel, kinda like my version of the 25 days of Christmas. Basically, I'm going to try and upload 25 Christmas-related videos between now and December 25. Whoo. I'm in the middle of uploading the second video.

My grandma on my dad's side called yesterday, and she wants me to start going to painting lessons at church with her on the first and third mondays of the month. But its oil painting. And I would be the youngest person there. And I don't do well in situations that require socialization and talking to people. But I don't have an excuse to go. So guess who is going to painting lessons two weeks from yesterday?

I can't think of anything to talk about.