April 30, 2014

Hair and Life and Such

I really don't think people understand how much time I spend trying to figure out new, strange, fun things to do with my hair. Like I spent at least 30 minutes this morning watching hair tutorials and trying to decide what to do with my hair. Of course, I'm not even leaving the house today, but whatever. I'm still rocking pigtail buns.

I have an essay due Friday. Ick. I really don't want to write it. But at least classes will be over next week. Of course, that also means that I probably won't be blogging as much. I'll try to keep doing #reviewsdaytuesday when I can. I should be reading more books since I don't have as much homework.

I feel like I'm being really boring.


April 28, 2014

Coloring Pages

I decided to unleash my inner 5 year old this morning, and before I got on the computer to blog and do music homework (double music homework this morning, for some reason), I spent an hour coloring Captain America. Yes, I'm almost 19 and I still enjoy coloring with crayons. Of course, I'm a lot better at it than I was when I was 5, but its still just as fun, and pretty relaxing too.

I'm still super exhausted. I'm sore from moving stuff at the garage sale over the weekend and I ended up twisting my ankle Friday, and it still hurts like heck. But I'm sure it will be fine soon enough. We did pretty good for a three day garage sale, and especially with the fact that we're kinda off the main road by a bit. We're having it again this coming weekend also. I may or may not be there though.

I got a facebook message from Hannah, the girl who gets me the gigs in Old Town Spring, on Saturday that said they were having some special event if I wanted to go as a princess. I had prior commitments, so I couldn't make it, and I told her that it would be great if she would let me know these things in advance, instead of the morning of. Then I got a message from her this morning telling me that there would be another thing this coming weekend. The only thing is the garage sale and I'm pretty sure I have a hair appointment this weekend.

Thats right, I'm getting all of this nonsense cut off of my head. Well, not all of it, but a lot of it. More than a foot of hair, which will end up being just below my chin. Its too hot for long hair,  its getting hard to put it under a wig, and its difficult to keep it from getting super tangled. I wear it in a bun almost all of the time anyway, so just having short hair won't be much different. I'll be able to use less shampoo and less hair dye. I'm so excited about it. The funny thing is, now my hair will be shorter than Andrew's.


April 25, 2014

A Sale-ing We Will Go...

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow we have been having the moving sale at my grandma's house. This means that I get up at 6:30, get to my grandma's house at 7:30, and sit and deal with money from 8:00 until 6:00. Its crazy. Yesterday, we had about 10 or so people stop by, and we made a decent amount. This morning, we've had more than 10 people stop by and its only 10:30. What fun.

I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't have homework to do. At least its not hot, not yet anyway. My dog keeps barking though. I hate that she's upset and I can't hardly go down there to get her to settle down because every five minutes someone new is in the driveway. I'm also very glad that my grandma's house has wifi.

I'm going to go work on homework and sell stuff.


April 23, 2014

I sorry...

I know, I said I would post yesterday, but I'm a dumb butt and I put it off and then ran out of time in the day. In other news, we're almost ready to have the garage sale and its starting tomorrow. I'm going to post my review in a bit on my other blog (thelife-lizardbreath.blogspot.com), so check it out. Its a review of "The Book Thief".

I woke up at 8:00 this morning, which wasn't too bad, and then I spent an hour in bed watching youtube videos. I should have gotten up earlier, because when I was almost ready to seize the day, I ended up stumbling to the door with one shoe on and my hair and teeth unbrushed to find my grandma and her car, waiting for me with the invitation to go run errands with her. So, I quickly got ready and commenced to go to walmart at 9 in the morning. Its a lot less crowded at that time, but there are a bunch of workers out and about too. And the early morning employees aren't nearly as friendly as the mid-day ones. Maybe they're still asleep.

And now I'm sitting with a burger and cherry dr pepper from Sonic and becoming anxious about the ridiculous amount of stuff I have to do today.

One thing that is helping, though, is the music that I'm listening to. I found this new app called "Songza". Its a free app kinda like Pandora Radio, but you choose stations based on your mood or what you're doing. So right now I'm listening to pop songs for waking up happy. I mean, I'm already awake, but its the kind of music I want to listen to. I'm pretty sure that there are fewer ads than pandora, also.


April 21, 2014

Happy Monday

I tend to wake with a start every morning here lately. I guess maybe I'm afraid that I've slept too late. On Saturday (I think it was Saturday, anyway), I woke up because the phone rang and I was expecting to have to jump down from my bunk and run to grab it like I do on weekday mornings. This morning, I kind of woke up when my family left the house, but then went back to sleep. I woke up almost freaking out when my alarm went off on my phone. I don't know what the deal is.

For those who are wondering how my Easter was, it was pretty fun. In Sunday school, we let the kids watch Veggie Tales "An Easter Carol", which I also watched because I had never seen it. Then we had church service which really wasn't much different than normal, but at least the music was good. We went to my grandma's house to have lunch and then hunt eggs. Yes, I went Easter egg hunting with my 7 year old brother. How old am I? Oh, yeah, I'm 18 and 1/2. Then we had a confetti fight with the confetti eggs, and I think I still have confetti in my hair. Toward the end of the night, we colored eggs (not real eggs, but the fancy plastic ones that you can dye). And when I say we, I mean my mom dyed four and left me to dye the last eight by myself. Neither brother felt like dyeing eggs, although the youngest did request a camo-colored one.

And I promise to do Reviewdaytuesday this week. Tomorrow. I normally don't get on the computer on tuesdays, but I will from now on. I'm working on finishing up the book that I'm reading. I'm like 20 pages from the end. I like that this is making me finish more books. I need to get back to reading more. I used to read like a book a week, sometimes more, but I haven't been reading much lately, even though I have plenty to read. Is anyone else doing reviewsdaytuesday? I think I've seen like one. Oh well.

I have music and English homework today. What fun. I'm gonna finish my coffee and do homework and chores. And text Andrew. What fun.


April 16, 2014


I keep forgetting to do #reviewsdaytuesday. Dang it.

This morning, I have been watching youtube videos. I really enjoy Mike Falzone's videos because I think they're funny. Mike Falzone reminds me of my brother to some extent.

My brother has always been funny and quick witted, and at one point in time he wanted to be a comedian. He even talked about and worked on a routine of jokes and stories for a talent show type thing at the church, but never went through with it. I pick on my brothers, particularly James for his lame jokes and annoying trumpet music, but I think they're pretty great.

I think James could easily work up some jokes and be a comedian like Mike Falzone. I like the way he posts a couple of videos a week, and I'm tempted to talk to James to see if he would like to do the same thing. He wouldn't even have to do any editing or uploading if he didn't want to. I could easily just add his channel to my account and upload it myself after I edited it if he wanted to.

I think I might talk to him about it when he gets home today, because I think it would be really cool. It wouldn't have to be that often, maybe just once a week or something. I wish he would keep a notebook of joke ideas. He's currently more obsessed with being a trumpet player than anything else.

In other news, the weather is freaking cold again, and I thought up an idea for a music video last night. Whoo! No more creative block!


April 14, 2014

The Murderous Mood Monday

Sorry I didn't blog last week. I was really tired from DNOW and I had a ton of homework to do and I was getting stuff ready for the huge garage sale that my grandma and I are having (hopefully) this week. If you're in the area, you should totally stop by since we have a ton of stuff from antique furniture and knick nacks to clothes and prom dresses and books and textbooks and toys and dishes and crystal. Its gonna be great.

I got out of bed this morning because my dog was tearing up paper. I thought it was just some random paper. But no. Nonononononononono. It was some of my favourite scrapbooking paper. I could have killed her then and there. The pack of paper was originally on the couch and had been for about a week. I just had forgotten to put it back in the box that I keep scrapbooking stuff in. I guess maybe my brother knocked it off this morning. You would think that he would pick it up. Apparently not. Jerk.

I'm really frustrated this morning. I want to punch something. Instead, I have to do chores (because I came home from a sleepover to a sink full of dirty dishes and all of the laundry hampers full of dirty clothes) because apparently I'm the only person who will do chores. Plus, I have english homework. I put Puddin' outside in her pen so that I don't have to deal with her little destructive butt, but she keeps whining. GAESILTfhawno;eurdfh nc;owaisfh;odk,.

Yes, I am in a murderous mood. Thankfully, I have the ability to control myself to the extent that nothing will die. Enjoy the sherlock meme while I go try to live my life.


April 7, 2014

DNOW 2014

OMG, you guys. I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with these kids at dnow. They're hilarious and fun to be around, but also know how to get serious and do what Christ calls them to. There were like 7 or so in my small group (9-10 grades) and more than 30 kids total. 10 of them came to know Christ/were rededicated their lives. The band that led worship was amazing (as the hart) and fun to hang around with and the guest pastor (James Patrick) was awesome also. They even came with us to missions.

When I first got there, I was unsure about the whole thing because I felt like God had just thrown me in. Of course, throwing me in is God's favourite means of reconciliation, it seems. I don't feel quite as lost and disconnected from God, and I'm certainly working to get closer to him. I wish I could do that like once a month (certainly not every weekend, because I seriously need sleep).

The only bad thing that happened was when we went to make a McDonalds run. There were four of us in the car and we got hit by another car on the way back. By God's grace, we managed to all be perfectly fine except a few bruises and aches. The car needs two doors replaced. But it could have been a lot worse.

I have a ton of homework to do, most of which is due today, so I'll talk to you tomorrow on #reviewsdaytuesday.


April 4, 2014

DNOW and Knitting

Today, I have to be up at the church at 5:30 for DNOW. And I won't come home until Sunday after church. Whoo. This means that I have to pack today. But I also have to wash dishes, do english and history homework, take the dog outside, get the mail, look up scriptures, wash clothes, and finish mentally preparing myself to be a fun and knowledgeable and reliable leader for a bunch of teenage girls.

During our outing yesterday, Sarah and I looked at guitars and decided that we both need 3/4 size ones in order to feel comfortable when playing. There was a $60 one that I was tempted to buy, but I'd rather save up a bit before I try and buy one and learn how to play it. I'd also like to have a place to put it. We also stopped by Wal-Mart and I picked up some knitting needles. So, I'm working on my second hat.

I finished the first one just as Sarah and I left for town. Its really cute and it was pretty easy. Its not perfect, but I plan to make future ones better. I wish I could knit all day today instead of knitting a few rows each time I sit down to take a break.


April 3, 2014

Best Friend Date

Today, Sarah and I are going on a mini Best Friend Date. Those are always really fun, no matter what we go and do. Today, I think we're supposed to be stopping by the guitar shop in our town because she needs to get her brother's guitar re-strung. We're also going to look around a little bit because I want to see what ukuleles and what smaller guitars they have. And we're supposed to be going out to eat also. Like fast food or something. Probably Sonic. I just like spending time with Sarah because she's one of the few human beings that actually considers me a friend.

I found a video that someone had shared on facebook today about siblings. So, I thought I would share it and tag my brother. But when I went to tag my brother, there was no way for him to be tagged. So I looked it up. And he deleted me from his friends on facebook. Because he's a little jerkface. Why, I don't know, but I sent him a friend request because I like the ability to see what he's doing when he's on the internet. And its not like I tag him in EVERYTHING or post on his wall all the time or send him game requests. Like, we barely interact online. And I'm not nearly as annoying with my posts as some of the people he's friends with. I don't know what his deal is.

In other news, yesterday I started teaching myself how to knit. With pencils though, because I don't have any knitting needles. I might be able to get some while we're out and about today. Maybe not. Anyway, I'm making a red beanie type hat. Its not going to be perfect, so I'll probably not sell it. Just keep it for myself like I have with some of my other "first" projects. I would like to make some socks at some point, but that will take some learning before I can do that.


April 2, 2014

DNOW and Being Shamed

I found out yesterday that I am going to spend this weekend at DNOW. Its a weekend retreat type thing that our church does for kids in the youth group. They stay at the homes of people in the church and spend time doing service projects and learning about being more Christ-like. Its like a mini church camp thing. I'm supposed to be a group leader, which means I get to be kind of like a mentor and friend and role model for these teenage girls that will be in my group. I've never really done anything like this, so I'm kinda scared.

God knows what he's doing though. Maybe I'll learn something or affect someone in a positive way. I feel a bit like Moses being told to go talk to Pharoah. I don't know how to speak well or relate to my audience. I wasn't a normal kid and I'm not perfect. But I'll go if he tells me to go.

My mom did the whole shaming thing yesterday. You know, the one where she asks me what homework I have due today and then segways into how she "wonders when I'll start actually cleaning the house". I hate it. Its not like I don't do anything while I'm at home. I wash clothes every day. Yesterday I spent a long time getting rid of clothes and folding clothes. And I've been washing dishes and cleaning house pretty much every other day. She's never satisfied. And no one else in the house helps except maybe washing a single load of clothes when they need a specific clothing item or taking out the trash once in a while. Heck, I'm practically the only one who takes the dog out. And she always does this right before I'll be going away or doing something that will prevent me from being at home all the time. GAH. I love my mother, she just drives me crazy sometimes.

I have to go rush through homework so that I can wash the sink full of dishes and sweep the floors and clean up the living room and fold all the clothes and shove them into the tiny closets and put up things that have no place to go in the tiny house that we live in . I hate life sometimes.


April 1, 2014

#ReviewsdayTuesday "This Star Won't Go Out"

One of the last youtube videos posted by the vlogbrothers talked about them starting this reviewsday tuesday thing where everyone reviews a book on tuesday and tags it with "reviewsdaytuesday" on whatever platform they use. I figure that now is a good of a time as any to do this, so today I'm reviewing "This Star Won't Go Out".

I bought this book basically the day that it came out thanks to my kindle. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have read it yet since I don't get the chance to go to a bookstore very often. There was a lot of built up hype around this because it is a very unique book about/by a person who is very special to the Nerdfighter community, Esther Earl. I don't want to tell all of her story because you should totally read the book, plus you can visit tswgo.org for more information.

I know that I've talked about this book and Esther before, so I won't go into an extreme amount of detail. Esther was a teenage girl who had cancer and passed away several years ago. TSWGO started out as an organization in her memory/honor that helps families of sick children be able to afford to be with their kids. A few months ago, they released a book of the same name that tells the story of Esther.

The book is uniquely compiled in that it contains an introduction by her friend and favourite author (and my favourite author too), John Green. Then, her friends and family wrote/answered questions about Esther and their part in the whole thing. These various segments are scattered throughout the book in between journal entries and poems and drawings and pictures of Esther. It really was a beautiful book to read.

The only things that I didn't like were kind of things that couldn't be fixed. I really wished that it was longer. But there is only so much about someone's life that you can know. I also think that it could have been designed better for the kindle. There were times that I really hated reading on the kindle because the pictures were hard to see and I couldn't really zoom in. Lastly, I wish that I could have met Esther. Like, I just feel like she would be someone that I look up to, and in a way, she is.

If you do read this book, which you totally should, prepare to cry. There were times that I felt myself tearing up and I don't hardly cry at books and movies. Also, prepare to be ready to conquer the world and make a difference as soon as you set it down. Like, that was the first thing that I wanted to do. I felt like because Esther was such a great person and I could relate to her in so many ways, I could suddenly do anything. Or, almost like I needed to do something to change the way the world was. So, for starters, I put up some products on my online store that I will donate part of the proceeds to TSWGO (lizardbreath.storenvy.com).