April 16, 2014


I keep forgetting to do #reviewsdaytuesday. Dang it.

This morning, I have been watching youtube videos. I really enjoy Mike Falzone's videos because I think they're funny. Mike Falzone reminds me of my brother to some extent.

My brother has always been funny and quick witted, and at one point in time he wanted to be a comedian. He even talked about and worked on a routine of jokes and stories for a talent show type thing at the church, but never went through with it. I pick on my brothers, particularly James for his lame jokes and annoying trumpet music, but I think they're pretty great.

I think James could easily work up some jokes and be a comedian like Mike Falzone. I like the way he posts a couple of videos a week, and I'm tempted to talk to James to see if he would like to do the same thing. He wouldn't even have to do any editing or uploading if he didn't want to. I could easily just add his channel to my account and upload it myself after I edited it if he wanted to.

I think I might talk to him about it when he gets home today, because I think it would be really cool. It wouldn't have to be that often, maybe just once a week or something. I wish he would keep a notebook of joke ideas. He's currently more obsessed with being a trumpet player than anything else.

In other news, the weather is freaking cold again, and I thought up an idea for a music video last night. Whoo! No more creative block!